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11/19/2020 06:51 PM 

Higurashi gou #08

Spoilers Below!

this weeks episode was interesting, doing the usual sh*t to throw me off
since i cant remember well what i read from the VN
(also god i dont think id have the patience to format this decently.)


it starts off alright but then rika now ends up missing fairly early on
while k1 is seen as pretty suspicious at the moment...


i thought the ladder scene was pretty funny, i think they kind of
have a problem trying to execute these kinds of moments
cus honestly?? i was laughing the whole way through the rena
stabbing scene lmao , the old faces are still better


besides the pacing, the episode still makes me wonder who k1 is still
actually talking to even after That part happening, and honestly
im not sure if i want a rena twist but just f*** me up ig


so i guess thats it not gonna take too long writing this
just pouring some of my thoughts out, pretty interesting stuff
ooishi left with us to now wonder until the next episodes
so i guess it good you can still get the feeling of impatience
just like when reading the VN, its all fun, got my own few theories
but theyre staying with me :p



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