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November 9th, 2021

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May 29, 2020


11/10/2020 02:27 PM 

how to add music/embed playlists !!

theres multiple ways to do this, but this is just how i did it.

1. make a dropbox account. its free and pretty easy to navigate.
2. go to youtube and find what song you want. copy the link and paste it into 
https://ytmp3.cc/en13/ and download it as an mp3 file. (you could also dowload it from spotify or soundcloud if you'd like)
3. upload the song file to your dropbox site, click on share, copy the link and paste it in the code below where it says "link" and change that little 0 at the end to a 1

<p><strong>Song Name Here</strong></p> <audio controls autoplay>      <source src="link" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio><br><br>

now, all you need to do is put the song title where it says "song name here" and you're all set ! :)

you could also use 
www.pimp-my-profile, its pretty much the same steps, just paste the song url where it says to and chose the controls/options you want.

now for spotify playlists.

all you need to do is go to the playlist and click the little 3 dots. select "share" and click "copy embed link." after you paste it where you want, change that word at the beginning and end of the code (it gets censored for some reason, but you'll see what im talking about) to "embed" and it should show up on your profile !!

hope this helped !!


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