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November 21st, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Divorced
Age: 17
Country: Canada

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June 27, 2020


10/31/2020 01:34 PM 

31 days of horror: day 19

day 19: sucker punch
dir zack snyder
avail on netflix 

yeah ik its not horror but im going as blondie for halloween so f*** off

we open on a fem cover of sweet dreams on an old americana set where a young early 00s starlet in pigtails weeps over a dead woman’s body and (spoilers) child murder . best movie best F***ING MOVIE. the visuals. the costumes. the sets. the layers. oh? a group of traumatised women escaping their reality by inventing a world in which they have more and more agency as well as physical power? and they got cute leather corsets and big ass guns?  and it’s about sacrifice and pain and learning to live and learn from trauma?  i want to melt this movie in a spoon and shoot up.  

tw SA


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