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December 1st, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 14
Country: United States

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May 13, 2020


10/31/2020 12:48 PM 

another survey? really?

Female or male? Gender is a social construct
Age? 14
Religion? Agnostic
Tattoos? I have a bunch of sh*tty stick and pokes that I regret
Piercings? Used to have one ear pierced, not anymore
Do you like cheese? Yes
Really? Yes really
What movie have you seen thats really scared you? Mullholland Drive (the diner scene)
Oh you chicken! Thats not scary at all! Hmmm okay then.
Whats your most favorite movie of all time ? Probably The Crow
Cool movie huh? Yes indeed
Do you have a crush? Yes
Speaking of guys/girls, who do you get along with better? Neither, I hate both of them in different ways.
Really? Why's that? I just told you!
Seriously now...if you could change one thing about the last five years of your life, what would it be? Way too many things to count. I only have regrets
Have you ever been seriously ill? No
Ever had any mental health problems? Why yes...would I be me otherwise?
Know anyone who has? yep
What music are you listening to right now? Street Sects
Ever sung in public? Yep
Really? Did you enjoy yourself if so? Not really
Ever been in a play ? only school plays
Cool isn`t it. No
Do people think you`re weird ? Does that bother you ? Yes, and it does
Do you think you are messed up ? yea
Got any brothers or sisters ? No
Pain aren`t they? -
Would you ever bungee jump naked for charity? No
Really? No
What counties have you visted ? none outside of the US
What did you like best ? N/A
Do you dream a lot? No
Why? shut up
Anything you wanna add? Nah



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