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December 1st, 2020

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Gender: Male

Age: 14
Country: United States

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May 13, 2020


10/30/2020 12:28 PM 

another dumb surver
Current mood:  blah

1. Done any drugs? Yea
2. Drank any alcohol? Who hasn't?
3. Had sex? Yes
4. Fallen in love? Yes, but it sucked
5. Fallen in love online? Yes :(
6. Met someone from online? No
7. Tried to set a bug on fire with a magnifying glass? No
8. Torn off a lightening bugs light and smeared it anywhere on your body? What the f*** is wrong with you
9. Made a snow angel? Yep
10. Dreamed you could fly? Nah
11. Ever had a job, if so what? Not yet
12. Bungee jumped? No
13. Felt betrayed? Yes
14. Seriously contemplated suicide? Yes, many times. I came very close, in 2019. 
15. Attempted suicide? I had a few but they were more like cries for help than serious attempts
16. Been in a car accident? Yes
17. Had a close friend die? No
18. Had a close family member die? Yes
19. Seen the eiffel tower? No
20. Seen the statue of liberty? I think so? I was born in New York so I probably saw it but I don't remember
21. Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? Yes
22. Stolen anything? Yes
23. Gone out with someone for their looks? Yes
24. Their reputation? No
25. Met anyone famous? No
26. Been on stage? Yeah
27. Intentionally hurt someone? Yes
28. Dumped someone? Nah, I'm always the one getting dumped
29. Been dumped? Yes
30. Been to Europe? No
31. Been convicted of a crime? No
32. Been in a mosh pit? Yes, but it was for a booth I held at a school carnival. It's a long story lol
33. Been asked for an autograph? No
34. Been toilet papering? No
35. Been toilet papered? No
36. Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes
37. Cried over someone of the opposite sex? Yes
38. Same sex? Yeah
39. Had toilet paper stuck to your shoe? Not that I can remember
40. Been caught with your fly unzipped? Yep
41. Had your pants fall down in public? Not yet...
42. Been in a fight? Yea, and I cant fight so I always lose them
43. Cheated on someone? It's complicated
44. Hitchhiked? Nope
45. Picked up a hitchhiker? If I could drive I probably would
46. Had your appendix and/or tonsils removed? No
47. Gone skinny dipping? No


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