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October 23rd, 2020

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June 27, 2020


10/18/2020 03:34 PM 

31 days of horror: day 1

alright so maybe im 17 days late but time is bullsh*t im doing 18 reviews in one day. im gonna try to do less known ones incase anyones looking 4 a new flick (excluding this one we just watched it in film class) 

day 1: silence of the lambs
dir. johnathan demme 
available free at

not much to say abt this that hasnt already been said!! clarice is the only f***ing cop ill ever like, hannibal is a big d*ck cannibal f***, and buffalo bill is one of the best murderers on screen. masterfully done, super tense, and insanely well written! 


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