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October 31st, 2020

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October 05, 2020


10/17/2020 02:57 AM 

debbie downer
Current mood:  warm

today was a really nice day. i woke up in an amazing mood because i had a really nice dream about walking in the rain with maggie and then holding her close and kissing her :') i listened to "laughter in the rain" for a while and that was nice. we talked for a long time today! it was so much fun. we did a ton of fun stuff all day. i got to see a bunch of cool pictures from when she was younger, and got to hear some stories behind them. maggies stories are always so much fun to listen to. i love her stories, and her voice. i got distracted by thinking about her and i dropped a full drink on my floor lol. we talked about some social issues and stuff, which is cool to talk about tbh, and i got to learn more about her friend alex. she seems nice. maggie photoshopped a busted picture of me from last year in a bunch of different ways and it was f***ing hilarious. oh and! she signed back up for school, which is so f***ing awesome!! im proud of her, and really excited for her too. we ate ceral together, which was really nice! it made me smile. we watched tons of really funny snl videos too! then she taught me all about myspace and emos, which is a really interesting topic. we watched a super cringe video together called "the 8 types of emos" and we had to turn it off because it was f***ing awful lol. i might be a retard, but i really like maggie as a pillow. 
right now were listening to music together and shes sleeping. ill probably go to bed soon, but idk if ill be able to. 
"thank you for your service maggie" i love you

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m̸A̸g̵g̴ï̸3̵ ̸m̴A̷g̷g̵Ö̸t̶


Posted on Oct 21st 2020 - 12:26 AM

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