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September 25th, 2020

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April 14, 2020


09/15/2020 04:51 PM 


HELLO HELLO! So the last few dayz ive been getting TONS of stuff in da mail that I ordered over the last few weeks and I just wanna share it with all of you because, well, idk, mail is just so exciting and it's made me vvv happy :p

here is a general picture of most everything x3 

  • Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice from Thriftbooks, ive been reading so much more these last two weeks, it feels so good to hold a book again.
  • Loudmouth Zine by Maddy which you can get here if it's not sold out yet, it's a monthly riot grrl zine by this girl in my neighborhood. I was introduced to her through her best friend, Sully, who I've known for a while. Anyways, haven't gotten deep into reading it yet but I love zines and I wanted to support a local artist :3
  • LOOSE LEAF ROSE BLACK TEA FROM BOBA GUYS, BEEN HAVING A CUP OF IT EVERY MORNING SINCE SATURDAY AND MY DAYZ HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER WITH IT!! This is what I used to order all the time from the Boba Guys shop across the street from my dorms when i was living in san francisco, def my favorite tea of all time!!!
  • MY STICKERS FROM STICKII CLUB!! This is my third month getting the subscription now, the stickers are so so cute, and of course this month was halloween theme and i absolutely died from the cuteness
  • MY KANDI TRADE!!!! Kei Club on instagram did a big kandi trade event to help save the USPS and i got my partner's package last night and omg i feel so lucky and spoiled, they filled a whole back of stuff for me ;;---;;
    •  im so so happy to have these a part of my collection ANDDD i have a keychain collection, a patch collection, and a sticker collection and have been wanting some cute hair clips like that so its super fuking cool that they threw that stuff in, it's like they knew!! 0-0
  • MY FALL OUT BOY MAGAZINES!!! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THESE EXACT ONES FOR SOOO LONG and someone on depop was selling them for only $5 each!!
  • Some highlights:
    •   this god awful photoshoot
    •  okay literally wut does this even mean....????
    •   peepee wentz
    •  these mcr tour pages make me sob, okay

eee okay well that's it for now x3 i hope you guys enjoyed! idk, is this interesting??? lol or like let me know if you wanna see more of any of this stuff. uhh i wasn't sponsered by anyone XD but all the sites and people ive added links to i reccommend checking them out and buying from them/supporting them, theyre all great companies and people with great products :3

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those magazinesss! theyre such time capsules now omg (and yes those mcr tour dates hurt my soul too ugghhh)...
and thx 4 sharing stickii! those stickers are so cool and im always looking 4 more places to buy them :DD

Posted on Sep 18th 2020 - 1:58 PM

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