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June 30, 2020


08/01/2020 10:48 PM 

3 days off... in a matter of hours!!!
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  blissful

I normally only see 1 day off each week. But, due to covid and voting, I will get 3 days off. I work at a library that is a voting location! People have been inside an otherwise closed library for 2.5 weeks. So, after today, they are doing a major deep cleaning. So, I will not be needed for those 3 days. Yay! 

Things on my list of stuff to do during my days off are:
1. Give Dominic a bathroom! Dominic is my car!
2. Give Dominic an oil change!
3. Sew the hole up in my work pants. The doggies nails are sharp!
4. Do my video game themed makeup challenge! I am doing a Sonic the Hedgehog themed look as well as a Mario themed look!
5. Monday starts a new makeup theme competition, so do whatever the theme is once it is announced!
6. Shop for lunch food for work.
7. Make sure my bills are paid!
8. Binge watch Big Brother.
9. If I feel good enough, do some TikTok videos!
10. Trim my hair up!
11.  Finally get my blog layout to look amazing!

That's about it! I am hoping to get the major stuff done tomorrow!


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