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08/01/2020 03:05 PM 

left-wing idiocy vs. right-wing idiocy

The right makes a lot of understandable mistakes. They often start out with facts, but then draw the wrong conclusions from those facts. Here's one that the religious right might make: "abstinence is the only guaranteed way to avoid pregnancy/STDs, therefore abstinence-only sex education will reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates". The first half of that statement is objectively true. But the second half is not a conclusion that you can logically draw from it. It relies on incorrect assumption that abstinence-only sex ed somehow leads to teens not having sex.

Now here's one that the alt-right might make: "black people make up 13% of the population but commit 52% of crime (or violent crime), therefore we need to gas the Jews". I checked and the first half of that statement is a slight oversimplification of a real statistic: black people committed 52% of homicides between 1980 and 2008. But "homicide" is a pretty broad and potentially misleading category, as it can include justifiable homicides, such as killing people in self-defense. And I definitely don't see what any of it has to do with the latter half of the statement, but it no doubt has something to do with George Soros, and it's definitely not word salad.

But what do you see if you look at the left? Utter bullsh*t. Not even an attempt at dealing with facts or even meaningful English phrases. Living wage? That doesn't mean anything. It's not a phrase that any economist on the planet uses. "Living wage" just means "whatever minimum wage the left is pushing for at any given moment". Or how about "assault weapon"? Again, this doesn't mean anything. An "assault weapon" is just "whatever kind of gun the left is trying to ban at any given moment". There IS such a thing as an assault RIFLE, but those are already illegal in the US and have been forever, so the left can't use them as an excuse to push their idiocy. How about microaggressions? Cultural appropriation? Or one of my favorites, "environmental justice"? Again, these don't mean anything to anyone except insane people who spend all their time making up new genders on tumblr. They're just part of the giant mountain of word salad that leftist ideology is based on.

To a huge degree, I think this is why I can tolerate right-wing idiocy more easily than I can tolerate left-wing idiocy. When I'm debunking right-wing bullsh*t, the people I'm arguing with at least speak the same version of English as the rest of the f***ing world (aside from being peppered with the occasional "cuck" or "based") and we can have an actual f***ing conversation.

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Krist Chaos


Nah. the right is usually far more annoying to me. The left, I am usually on the same page with but they still annoy me somehow. Does that make sense? Also almost any leftist I know of supports guns. And liveable wage would be a better word than living wage in my opinion. I'm also sure there's no way you would be able to tell whether an economist  has used a word like that "living wage" because I'm willing to bet you have not spoken to all of them. Those are just a few holes I see in your theory here. People are annoying on both sides just like people bitching about both sides are also annoying. You seem cool but sorry, this blog is more annoying than all of the assholes you're bitching about. We're here to bring back fucking myspace, not have political pissing contets. GET WIT IT DAWG. AND WELCOME BACK

Posted on 23 hours ago

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