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07/11/2020 12:52 PM 

June 2020 - Album Review for my compilation CD “Sabrina Fallah” by Ottawa Life Magazine
Category: Art
Current mood:  accomplished

With a sound that walks the line between 80s and 2000s rock, Sabrina Fallah crafts music with a grit in its bones. The heartfelt cries of her recent track “Everything” shine strongly, as they ache for what’s been lost. And the sombre energy only lets the colossal choruses ring out all the louder. There’s a fun mix of lyrical play on “Kiss is a Killer,” playing between the familiar and some truly unique metaphors amongst all the shredding. Though it’s the glowing energy of “Break Through” that gives the record a levity that many of the more frustrated tracks tend to avoid, as Fallah goes for something more inspiring.


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