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February 25th, 2024

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 19
Sign: Taurus
Country: United States

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March 15, 2020


05/01/2020 02:19 PM 

sum poemz 4 english
Category: Poems

just various poemz i did 4 english ig. might not actually submit sum of them but idk.


Ah, the lily, with its colors so bright. 

Comes in many shades, such as orangered, or white


Your beauty and vibrance brings me delight 

As I gaze upon your blossoms tonight. 


-Batter Up!-

Sitting outside on the second wood stair 

Was, holding a baseball, a lonely young boy. 


I decided to go over there 

With my bat, and we played ‘til he was grinning with joy. 



This dutiful object, he who tells time 

The dark wooden clock perched upon my wall 

Lets out a glorious, repetitive chime. 


I let out a sigh and write my last rhyme. 

This poem isn’t so bad, all in all. 

I set down my pen and leave, for now it is bedtime. 


-12:57 AM-

Sitting in my dark room, all alone. 

This place is starting to feel like a jail cell 

As the music I’m playing surrounds me. 


This mindless work I want to postpone 

For all I can do right now is dwell 

On the fact that I cannot yet be free. 


-If Things Don’t Go As Desired-

The corrupted king continues his reign 

Still plaguing the land he rules like mildew. 

He caused people so much struggle and pain 

Yet he was kept on the throne despite what they’ve been through. 


The people who oppose him he tries to contain. 

The results of the problems he caused he tries to skew. 

Only the highest class in the region gains 

From everything done by him and his crew. 



God, I’m so tired. 

I’m feeling uninspired. 

Lying in my bed. 

Stuck inside my head. 


Wish I could have what I desired. 

Wish this work weren’t required. 

Wish I could feel more than dread. 

Wish things could be better instead. 
(scrapped line:
Wish he'd take back the things that he said.)


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