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December 17th, 2019

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Gender: Male
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Age: 22
Country: Andorra

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November 30, 2019


12/03/2019 05:07 PM 

Oh yeah
Current mood:  amused

The twenty nine scene thing is really funny to me bc ppl born like. After 2003 are like. ZOMG br1ng b4ck l33t!! DJ S3RL♥333 and it's like. Aren't u in like 9th grade bro live you life but you can't bring back something u didn't grow up with?? Bring back idfk Skrillex or something. And even that's still a little too old. Not actually mad or anything it's just funny to me bc I feel like I'm starting to reach the point where kids now are being like "I was born in the wrong generation..." Like we did when we were kids but like abt the 80s but now it's abt the early 2000s.


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