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11/04/2019 11:22 PM 

You've Got Mail (Medical Ailments)
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  electric

ruh oh im gonna talk about my health again everybody clear the funk out.

ok so. i did my sleep study like, last week. the results just came tf in and i do indeed have sleep apnea (or slapnea, as i call it bc who doesnt make jokes about their conditions??) so like....cpap city here i come!! im not 2 thrilled about it lol. its gonna be weird. 

but!!! aside from tht ive been on a fun diet for like 2 months almost and i lost like 20 pounds so far or something so thats wild. i dont feel Physically different but i dont get the urge to snack all the time no more. its magic! !! I F***ing Love Protein. and theres like low carb versions of eeeverything. its tight as hell.

oh and i have to go to the dentist this week which i am pretty excited for bc i forced myself to take better care of myself by simply hyperfixating on dental hygiene. like it worked but normally ppl dont get excited abt having tools in their mouth and drooling everywhere. oh well we been knew that im weird.

im str8 up Abnormal. thats cool with me


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