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November 20th, 2023

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 23
Sign: Cancer
Country: New Zealand

Signup Date:
November 11, 2018


10/24/2019 01:28 PM 

🍑 25 peaches about me 🍑
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  blah

🍑 25 peaches about me 🍑
🍑 Name: Ally!!
🍑 Sexuality: straight (ig heteroromantic pansexual if you wanted to be suuper specific, i don't id as lgbt tho i just don't feel its my place to)
🍑 Birthdate: July 14!
🍑 Height: shid i don't know. I'm a tiny bit shorter than my bf
🍑 Relationship status: taken uwu
🍑 Pronouns: she/her
🍑 Eye colour: greeen
🍑 Skin colour: white but like really greeny-yellow
🍑 Hair colour: brown
🍑 Future career: uhhhhh something creative. Dream job would be designing stationary or anime figurines
🍑 Favourite colour: green or pink
🍑 Favourite food: pork buns or icecream honey toast
🍑 Favourite song(s): mmmm for baltimore by atl?
🍑 Favourite game: Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
🍑 Favourite movie: Kingsman
🍑 Favourite person(s): All my wonderful fwwiends and my boyfy and my parents too
🍑 Favourite drink: green melon mogu moguuuu,, green melon anything really, or creaming soda, or korean chupa chup soda that sh*t is AMAZING
🍑 Favourite dessert: ice cream honey toast!!
🍑 Talents: draaaaaw and sew and resin but those aren't really talents bc i used to suck at them, i just worked hard
🍑 Disorders: real neurotypical hours
🍑 Fears: death via radiation poisioning
🍑 Happiness: p*ssy
🍑 Closest friends: ahh i dont wanna put their names on here
🍑 Zodiac sign: Cancer, which is what I am
🍑 Why did you take this?:Im booooorb and i wanna put more things on my lil blog bc i luv the layout of it
🔥Now post a few pictures : succ my pp


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