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May 12th, 2020

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Gender: Female
Status: Married
Age: 25
Country: United States

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September 11, 2018


06/03/2019 01:10 PM 

pls stop me from doing these

What have you done so far today?
Woke up, cleaned, napped, tumblr, minecraft, the usual nothing

Are your nails painted any colors right now?

 no but reading this makes me feel like i should


Do you think kittens are cute?

there are people who dont? 

What color are the sheets on your bed?
i dont have a bed but the futon mattress on the floor is black

Is there someone you wish to call your boyfriend/girlfriend right now?
i have a husband so no not rlly

Garlic knots or garlic bread?
I will get that bread

Name someone you know who has dyed their hair.
most of my friends. and me

Do you like the smell of Sharpie markers?

What’s your favorite eye color?

Rent a movie or go see one in theaters?
rent unless its a close to empty theater like for detective pikachu : ]

Is there anyone else with you right now?
my man and my pets

What’s your biggest physical turn off for a potential partner?

i feel like some people will hate this but 9 times out of 10 im not into bigger people. no hate just not for me, which is pretty f***in funny since im a tub of lard but there you go i guess

What’s the biggest personality trait turn off for a potential partner?
entitlement or treating one small (probably common) thing about yourself as a personality. not saying you cant mention things you like/do/are but liking food or music isnt a personality trait. you can bring that up a lot if youre a cook or musician or something but other than that stoppit

Would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?
not really

Chocolate or vanilla?
vanilla only exist to intensify peoples' appreciation of chocolate

What color is the shirt you’re wearing?

How many times have your changed your clothes today?

What’s the closest blue object to you?
cat squishy :3 its attached to my phone =]

When’s the last time you washed your hands?
couple hours ago

Have you ever been accused of cheating?
yeah, later turned out he was cheating becaus ofc he was

Is your bed made?
again, no bed

Where’s your cell phone?
to my right

Do you get decent reception where you are right now?
good enough for the middle of nowhere

Are you wearing any body sprays/perfumes/colognes?

Who was the last person you drove in a car with?

Does your keyboard need cleaning?
not really, there's some cat hair on it but with my hair cats there will be cat hair everywhere until the earth ends in this apt  

Do you know anyone outside of your country?
No :/ I know no people

Are you in love with anyone right now?


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