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November 20th, 2023

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 23
Sign: Cancer
Country: New Zealand

Signup Date:
November 11, 2018


05/11/2019 05:37 PM 

Magical Girl Quiz
Current mood:  blank

1. favorite magical girl show? Cardcaptor Sakura! Close runner up is Flip Flappers

2. favorite magical girl transformation scene? Cocona and Papika's. I love the sparkles and the DINK sound effect when every piece of clothing appears so much

3. what would your magical girl self look like? aaaa she'd have lots of different forms depending on the weapon she used I think, I've dressed in mahou kei before. She'd have a short but very poofy dress or skirt

4. what kind of powers would you most like to have? A gun or wand with a similar shooting power to Chibi Usa's pink sugar heart attack

5. favorite magical girl opening? The first CCS op or Re Cutie Honey hehe

6. first magical girl series you watched? Tokyo Mew Mew!

7. what is your favorite thing about magical girls? I love the stories and everything they stand for. Their strength and the concepts of hope and overcoming adversity. Also lesbians.

8. favorite ost from a magical girl series?  Bee and Puppycat ost. it's so magical and melancholic. That series always makes me emotional 

9. favorite magical girl outfit? how do you expect me to choose one?

10. if you could create a magical girl series, what would it be like? A more battle based series, I like melee combat and with it was explored more in magical girls (tho I understand why it isn't). Apparently precure bas a lot of dbz type combat, I should rlly get onto it but hh so long. 

11. favorite magical girl friendship/relationship? URANUS AND NEPTUNE!! also papika and cocona, hobey and nat-chan and tomoyo and sakuraaaa

12. best voice acting? pff idk

13. if you could pick any familiar, which one would you have? (existing or create your own!) my puppy Hamster! I'm considering blinging a dog collar for him to match a choaker with me

14. favorite episode of a magical girl series? idkk,, probably the dementia ep of flip flappers, I cried so much

15. what magical girls do you admire and why? Sakura, she's just so strong and wonderful, I love her!! Also Bee, I relate to her a Lot and I hope one day I'll be as strong as her.


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