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Gender: Female
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Age: 22
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February 18, 2019


03/23/2019 10:59 PM 

Skittlepawz, my main fursona
Current mood:  artistic

my skittlepawz <3 
Hello everyone~! This is my main fursona, Skittlepawz!!! She is a scenecore skitty (as chu can see) and heres some infoz about her!!!

Skittlepawz is a kitten and a smaller than average skitty at about 6 inches high at the shoulders (when on all fourz x3). She is made partially of candy, and although I havent completely figured all the deets about her composition out yet, her tail is cotton candy + skittlez and she bleeds mountain dew! Only ppl really close to her are allowed to nom on her tail and as long as she is fed, her candy will grow back!!!

Skittlez doesn't eat regular pokemon food or anything like that to grow her candy parts back, instead, she feeds on happiness, cuddles, laughs, love, and anything pawsitive!!! 

I hope you guys like this post! I'm super happy to be finalizing my fursona, and I do still have some more ocs to take care of! Also, I did this draw in MS Paint w/ a mouse, so it isn't my best work 4 sure, I did this for the old furrycore aesthetic!! In the future I will also post sum higher quality arts from meeee 


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