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Age: 19
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December 20, 2017


09/15/2018 01:10 PM 

A letter to an old friend ( a vent)
Current mood:  blah

I was tidying up today,

And I found something from you.

We don't talk anymore,

And I didnt realize who this was from.

I thought maybe the handwriting belonged to someone who is still in my life now.

Or someone I had a falling out with due to lack of communication, but no.

I got a pit in my stomach when I realized it was from you.

Even though I know it was you, I still read it, it read

"Hey, did you know

That you are the most loving, caring, and amazing friend anyone could ask for?

And did you know

That I can always count on you to be there for me when I'm down,

and no matter how upset I am,

you some how always find a way to make me laugh

You have never failed me.

Hey, and did you know,

One if my favorite things about you is how we can speak through our favorite songs, and look at eachother and read each other's minds, it's freaky, but awesome.

I love how well you can understand me like no one else does.

I love how you're creative, and hilarious, and you are really something else.

There's no one else like you..."

There's so much more to that, but I should really just stop, it ends with a thank you, and an I love you.

It wasnt much more than a year ago

When you had completely changed your mind.

But hey, did you know,

That I had some of the best times

In my life with you?

That my first concert was magical with a best friend like you? I couldnt have imagined a better day.

And also, did you know

That when you come up in conversation, I don't think badly of you? I talked with a friend that the both of us used to be friends with, and he said he doesn't either. Today my mom said she would defend you if she had to, and I would too.

Oh yeah, and did you know,

That someone told me you wanted to hang out with our old friend

until you saw him with me.

And I know you get uncomfortable around me, when you told me that we wouldnt want it to be awkward.

The funny thing is, I still look at you, and I feel like I can read your mind. It's a freaky feeling, and it doesnt feel awesome.

Oh, and one last thing, did you know,

That it puzzles me, that apparently such a horrible, selfish person who supposedly doesnt actually care about anyone,

Smiles at her old best friend in the hallway,

even though she her tore her apart,

she wont even look her in the eyes,

and wont give her the slightest bit of respect.

I have a lot of regrets.

Our friendship wasnt one of them.

But I feel like if I let you back in, that would be one of my only regrets about you.


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