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April 23rd, 2020

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Age: 18
Country: Canada

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January 11, 2018


08/15/2018 12:10 PM 

Kids & Hearts & Time & Dreams

Dark summer night dark summer night
Oh we search for redemption in three words
Always, always, always, redemption in three words
I am sorry
I love you
I miss you
Dark summer night
Hold me tight
(Don't) let me go

"I need a way away from those days
They haunt my spirit(s) and make my wine bitter
I can't afford jewels and they're hard to swallow
And you, my good sir, are just as shallow
As the glimmer of a diamond in the dawn of day
And the hearts we left behind, confused by the daze"

Dark summer night
Dark summer night
Terrible a-plight
Devoid of light
Take my might
Break it right
Lost my sight
Lost my fight
Dark summer night

"I stand alone and the world is vast
I stand alone and the shadows are long
You are no more and I miss your rust
The fight is so hard, I don't belong
'm 'fraid a dark summer night won't suffice
'fraid 'I love you' won't be the knight
in shining armor to save my life"

Fight for yourself
Get it together
Believe in yourself
Go fix yourself

Before you fix others
Sometimes all you need is to change the batteries
And it'll work again, work like a charm

So before saying "I love you",
And it was the hardest thing they ever did
They learned to say "I love me"
and I admire them for their deeds

(but not all of us have that courage
and not all of us are that strong
and some of us think it's morally wrong
to embrace such flaw)


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