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08/14/2018 08:50 PM 

Where to get Graphics/ Use graphics!
Category: Resources

Hiya~  I'm Venomness! I don't know what my blog will really be about, buuut, I can promise simple tutorials on how to edit your profile,where I get graphics,etc!

Where: (These are secure sites! I may add more later.)


1. Go to either site. for this example, I'll use
2. Pick a graphic. For this example, We'll use a Blinkie. (A small box with images or text. still, or can be a GIF.)

Here's the Blinkie:

3. Edit Mr. froggy's code: This will look confusing,but trust me.
Go to this site:

It will look like a plain site with two boxes:

Erase any text in the blue box.Then, copy/paste Mr. Froggy's code from The glitter graphics website:

Make sure it's the "MySpace" code. Copy into the HTML editor. It should now display the froggy! Next.view Mr. Froggy's code. all you need to do to remove the link underneath the graphic, is remove this part of the HTML code:

This just kinda cleans up the code and makes it shorter. Make sure Mr. froggy still displays in the white box. Copy what code you now have.

4. Okay. Now, you've picked your cute graphic! But to use it, you've got to go under "Edit Profile". It should look like this:

When you get to the next screen, there should be boxes that say "Headline", "About me", "Like to meet", "Interests", "Music", "Movies", "TV", "Books", and "Heroes".

It might look confusing, but this is super easy! Just Copy/paste your froggy into any box. (except "Headline". This will make it look weird.)
It should look like this: (Yours might have different looking code,and be a different

Make sure your code is where you want it, and make 100% sure you click "Save Changes"!

Now you're done! Make sure to view your profile to see if your froggy is there and where you want it to be. If not,you can always remove the froggy and put it somewhere else!

Thank you for reading!


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Dec 1st 2018 - 2:54 AM

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Do you have an adblocker on? Also try another browser. This method works best on a pc.



Nov 29th 2018 - 4:12 AM

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Hello, sorry to bug you, but the HTML converter you provided doesn't work :(

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