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05/19/2017 10:13 PM 

Labyrinth II ?
Category: Art

Umm, no.

In my humble opinion, the world doesn't need this movie to happen. Labyrinth was and is a great movie with the late David Bowie and also Jennifer Connelly ( who is still with us), created by Jim Henson who has also since passed on. I saw a question "Who could replace Bowie in Labyrinth II?" answer, MY answer is, nobody. It's a one of a kind movie in it's own right, without need for any sequel or even remake, because that'll be the next "idea" they have, rather pointless and ludicrous to say the least. Make NEW stuff, also Beetlejuice is said to have a sequel soon. When will this end, surely if these movies were meant to have a follow on then should it not have been a few years after the original? Most of the actors have aged now and I just don't think it would work. They re-made Dirty Dancing --why?! Again, another great movie (my opinion) with the late Patrick Swayze who quite frankly can't be replaced, either. I shall not be watching that one, waste of time.

 Even Star Wars is getting old now, yes out of curiosity I shall watch those because I'm a huge SW fan BUT for me it ended when Vader "died" (I put quotes there because I wouldn't put it past them to bring him back ;) )  Whilst I'm on the subject, I know most people sh*t all over the prequels but frankly, if you don't like ROTS then I reckon there's something wrong with you. The transition from "Anakin" to "Lord Vader" was superbly done, yes I know Anakin had said things like "I don't like sand" in Star Wars II but let it go.

Alien V -- I have read this movie may not materialize now, I dunno, I've read conflicting stories on this and not seen any confirmed answer either way. This is a movie I hope sees the light of day, though, we need it, well, I do anyway! After the poor attempt with Alien 3 and the Resurrection, where "Ripley" was seen hugging the creature and so on. I think it's only fair to make things right with this movie that Neill Blomkamp was rumored to make for us, but I personally don't think it will happen, although it would be nice to see "Ripley" and "Hicks" kick more alien butt and lay the movie to rest once and for all. Will I want to see Alien Covenant? Nope, probably not although I have spoken to friends who reckon it will be good, but we'll see.

~Morbid Curiosity


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