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May 22nd, 2017

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May 01, 2017

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05/06/2017 07:55 PM 

Like it is.
Category: Blogging

For anyone thinking of adding me, please know that I accept most but never accounts with no default picture. Also, if you request me and then don't communicate in any way then I will delete you as I don't like time wasters and I don't put up with nonsense either, which leads me to my next point, if I sense something funny is going on I will also delete for this reason, my intuition is very strong and I'm not one to be made a fool of so be warned that if this is your intent, jog on.

Genuine folk may request me, I am a nice enough person and I know my worth and I don't put up with BS. End of.

~Morbid Curiosity.


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