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07/01/2015 01:47 AM 

My First Friendproject Blog Entry | Joe Winko
Category: Blogging

Not exactly sure how to start this out, but I've just became interested in the blogging feature on friendproject. I know that myspace use to have it too so I figured I should give it a shot :)

 To start with, my name is Joe Winko. I was born on December 5th 1995 (proud Sagittarius) which means I'm 19 years old right now. I am also of native Hawaiian descent, although I have never stepped foot on any of the Hawaiian islands. Instead, I was born in Wisconsin, a cold ass state in the Midwest. 

Some random facts about me are that I love horror movies & video games. I am also a horror movie director for YouTube! But all of my videos are made with the Sims 2 & Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I've been making videos since year 2005. I also post a lot of other stuff on YouTube too, like my talkshow videos: "Joe Winko Talk" and a whole bunch of gaming videos. It turns out that I actually have more than 500 videos uploaded on YouTube. (I know, I was shocked about that too). 

This may seem weird but I even have my own "distinct" look on YouTube too. In my live videos that I appear in, I wear no shirt (mostly because my bedroom gets SUPER HOT because it's right over the furnace in my house). But because of that, I'm still always shirtless in all of my videos, because I know for a fact, that the moment I don a shirt in ANY of my Joe Winko Talk videos, my subscribers would flood the video with comments saying "Omg! Joe Winko is wearing a shirt!" and it would annoy the living HELL out of me! But the most distinct thing I wear is a red bandanna. DON'T BE ALARMED! it's nothing gang-related. I don't even wear it the same way gangsters do! Instead, it's rolled up at the bottom and tied around my head with the point sticking straight up. (It's hard to explain exactly how I wear it but it's almost like a garden gnome hat). A lot of people think it looks strange and that it makes me look "stupid" #HatersGonnaHate 

BUT I think it's very unique. No one EVER wears a bandanna that way, except me. It also gives me an extremely distinct look! Whenever someone sees a skinny shirtless boy with a red pointed bandanna tied around his head, they will automatically think "Hey! That's Joe Winko!" unless they never heard or seen me before, which most of the time they haven't as of now :( but oh well :P Later on, I added a red collared cape to my distinct "Joe Winko" look and soon after a pair of black leather spiked wristbands, which causes some people to mistake me as a 'biker' until they see my cape (because it'd be very dangerous to ride a motorcycle while wearing one!). 

This last fact about me may be very personal but I am also autistic. It causes me to think differently and see the world from a very obscure perspective (compared to normal thinking people). But in a way I'm proud of it because it enables me to have a vibrant imagination. I'm quite sure that if I wasn't autistic, I would have never been creative enough to conjure up the red bandanna and red cape look! 

Lastly, I want to close this blog entry with saying this... This may seem really cheesy but there's a reason why I always post so much stuff on YouTube and why I post so much stuff online and even why I'm posting this blog. I always know that I won't be alive forever. One day I will be dead and gone like all people eventually end up (I know that sounds extremely morbid, eerie, and depressing but it's true). I'm not afraid of dying at all (besides the pain) but one aspect of it does disturb me quite a bit... being forgotten. The thought of having my whole life over forever and no one remembering who I am or what I've done while I was alive sends CHILLS up my spine! BUT I know for a fact that won't ever happen ;) because I'll keep posting over and over as much as I can until my time is up, which hopefully won't be until a really long time but you truly never know. I know people may not agree with me on this, but in my opinion memories will keep any spirit/soul alive FOREVER. No matter how long they have been gone for. I hope that one day, 150 years from now, some stranger of the future will read this, find all of my YouTube videos and will see that I was alive and that I was out there and that I was someone, a boy named Joe Winko a.k.a you're favorite hawaiian man. ^I know that closing paragraph was a little bit lame but it was best I could come up with. Please comment & share your thoughts :) ♥


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