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May 24, 2011


11/20/2014 06:50 PM 

New Message System

We are switching to a new message system. [UPDATE: We are now using the new system.]

The original email system was flawed from the very beginning. At first we were unaware of how serious the issues were. Over the past 4 years we spent countless hours shoring up the system for our members. On the front-end, most users didn't notice any problems, but on the back-end we were painfully aware of the unresolved technical issues which could not be fixed, without a fresh start. With that realization we knew that a new message system was needed.

We understand that members are very attached to their old messages. Because of the original email system flaws, these messages can't be migrated nor can they continue to be indefinitely hosted. Currently everyone has access to their old emails until we figure out what can be done with them.

It is our hope to continue to provide a reliable and fun environment for everyone to share and make friends.


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