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11/23/2013 09:12 PM 

If I Share My Love with You
Category: Poems
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If I share my love with you what will you share with me?

Your heart or your soul do you feel what I see

A warm kiss deep and passionate to touch my soul

I share with you a kiss what will you unfold

Your silence isn't evidence it need to be told

Will you speak upon your feelings or do I have to lose control

I give you my soul will I have yours to hold....


I give all that I am for you to keep in your heart

Could you do the same or will you split it apart

Cherish what we have is all that I do

Is what we have the same for you

Trust, Love, and Loyalty in you I believe

Will you follow your heart or just leave....


Faith in our love so strongly I have

Do you have that faith or do you laugh

Impossible to think that we are not one

Think there is so many things that is not done

Incomplete is our life together, don't you feel it

All the passion that was shared don't you remember it....


Believe in us as I have done time and time again

Could you do that so I'll love will win

All that I remember is the smile on your face

That's all it took for my heart to race

So all that I ask is one question for you to see

If I share my love what will you share with me....


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