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June 19, 2011


11/26/2011 03: PM 

Another Poem I wrote...........tell me what you all think ...........


"Precious Memories"

There is not a day that goes by
when I don't think about you
because you are always on my mind.
I love you with all my heart and
nothing will ever change that ! I'll
never let you go because you mean
everything in the world to me.

I have so many wonderful
memories about you and each
one of them is truly precious
to me. You're the reason why
I have the courage to believe
in myself despite of what others
may say or think. Without you I
would feel completely lost and

Your warm smile and loving heart is
what keeps me going each and everyday.
Although you're not physically here
with me, I know that your spirit will
always be close by. The love that you
have shown me will be close to my
heart forever !

My memories of us together are very
precious. Each one of them is a
reminder to me about how wonderful
you were. You're so beautiful in
everyway. All I want is to make
you very happy.

You are still my best friend in
the world. In both good times and
bad times, I know that you will
always be by my side no matter what.
You're my guardian angel.

You are so precious to me and each
of the memories that I have about
you I will cherish them forever !
Everything that I have been able
to accomplish is all because of
you. I would not be who I am
right now without your help.

When I think about you, I remember
all of the good times that we have
shared together. I'm truly greatful
for everything that you have done
for me. You are truly the best
grandmother that I know !

Looking at you I see the most
precious angel in this world. The
memories that I have are deep inside
my heart. Now I feel as though you
never left me at all. You're still
alive and well in my heart and memories.

There are so many things that I miss
about you. Your beautiful smile and
how you would calm me down whenever
I got scarred was truly great ! How
we acted out my favorite stories was
so much fun !

My memories of you are truly precious
to me ! I will keep them close to my
heart forever. You have been so great to
me in everyway. Thankyou so much for
everything and I promise to continue to
make you very proud !


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