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11/26/2011 03: PM 

WWE RAW House Show In Philly On 2-14-2010 (written on Feb 16, 2010 )

Wrestlers and Divas at the show:
1) Triple H
2) Shawn Michaels
3) Cody Rhodes
4) Ted Dibiase Jr.
5) Randy Orton
6) Kofi Kingston
7) Jack Swagger
8) Mark Henry
9) Chavo Guerrero
10) Evan Bourne
11) Carlito
12) MVP
13) The Miz
14) Hornswoggle
15) Chris Masters
16) John Cena
17) Sheamus
18) Kelly Kelly
19) Gail Kim
20) Nikki Bella
21) Brie Bella
22) Alicia Fox
23) Maryse
24) Eve Torres
25) Jillian Hall
26) Yoshi Tatsu
27) William Regal
28) Santino Marella
Matches at the show:
1) Tag team Match: DX ( Triple H, Shawn Michaels ) VS. Legacy ( Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr. )
winners: DX, By pinfall
2) Randy Orton VS. Kofi Kingston
winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall
3) Jack Swagger VS. Mark Henry
winner: Mark Henry, By pinfall
4) Chavo Guerrero VS, Evan Bourne
winner: Evan Bourne, by pinfall
5) Carlito VS, Chris Masters
winner Chris Masters, with the use of the master lock
6) United States Championship Match: The Miz VS. MVP
winner and still champion: The Miz, by pinfall
7) WWE Championship Match: Sheamus VS. John Cena
winner: John Cena, by disqualification - Sheamus still WWE Champion
8) William Regal VS. Yoshi Tatsu
winner: Yoshi Tatsu, by pinfall
9) 6-Diva Tag team match: Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella  VS. Alicia Fox, Maryse, Jillian Hall
winners: Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella - Gail Kim got the pinfall on Jillian Hall.
What happened and my thoughts on the show:
The Show Started off of course with the National Anthem. The first two people to come out were Triple H and Shawn Michaels (DgenerationX) for their match against Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. (Legacy). Both Triple H and Shawn Michaels threw green glow sticks to the crowd but unfortunately I haven't caught one. Before their match started DX as always did their promo which is better in person! Now comes out Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.The Match starts off with Triple H and Cody Rhodes. This match was good, there was a point during the match where there was a little too much revealed on Cody and Ted which has all of the fans in shock. before the match ended Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and kicked Cody i his knee. The Winners of this match was DX, Triple H got the pinfall on Cody Rhodes. The next match was for the United States Championship, first person to come out was The Miz. Of course he was bragging about himself saying how awesome he is. Then MVP came out. Again anoher great match. The Miz got the pinfall on MVP. Then Kelly Kelly came out to greet the fans with William Regal and Yoshi Tatsu. The first person to come out was William Regal. Of course he was talking about himself and asking the fans if we have anything better to shout at him than USA! Then Yoshi Tatsu came out, This Match was ok...Yoshi Tatsu got the pinfall on William Regal, next match to happen was Chavo Guerrero VS.Evan Bourne. Chavo Guerrero came out first and then Evan Bourne came out. This match was so awesome, Evan won he got the pinfall on Chavo. The Match that came up next was the one with Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Jack Swagger came out first followed by Mark Henry. This match was alright, Mark Henry got the pinfall over Jack Swagger. After the match the show took a short intermission. so my uncle Steve and I left to get funnel cake and the line was pretty long so we had missed the first minute or so of the next match which was the 6-Diva Tag team match with Gail Kim, Nikki Bella,and Brie Bella against Alicia Fox, Maryse, and Jillian Hall. Santino Marella was the special guest referee for this match.This was also a good match. The winners were Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, and Brie Bella.Gail Kim got the pinfall on Jillian Hall. after the match Kelly Kelly came out again to help the ring announcer throw tshirts and a few other WWE merchendise into the audience once again I didn't catch anything. After Kelly Kelly left, the next match that happened was Carlito VS. Chris Masters. Chris Masters came out first with Eve Torres and then Carlito came out. Another good match ! Chris Masters won with the use of the master lock. The Match that came up next was the one with Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. Randy Orton was the first one to come out. After a minute Kofi Kingston came out. Another awesome match! Randy Orton hit the RKO on Kofi twice. Randy Orton won, he got the pinfall on Kofi Kingston. The final match for the night was the main event for the WWE Championship. The first person to come out for this match was Sheamus. Of course Sheamus was mouthing off to the fans claiming how he used to be like us, he dissed on us a little bit, After that, John Cena came out, Cena got the most loudest cheers of the night ! Once John got to the ring, he grabbed the microphone and said to Sheamus that he ( John Cena ) was going to be damned if Sheamus was going to come to this city and talk to these people like that with disrespect. Before the match started John threw his shirt into the audience of course I didn't catch it. Now this match was awesome ! during the match Sheamus pushed the referre down after that happened John Cena got Sheamus into the STFU, Sheamus Tapped out. But because Sheamus pushed the referre down, John Cena won by disqualification. After Sheamus kind of gloated, he turned around and this time John Cena connected Sheamus to the FU, Oh and Cena did hit Sheamus with the 5-knuckle shuffle.After the match once again John Cena got a really loud cheer, he stayed for a little bit longer so the fans could get more pics , John Cena really loves and respects his fans 100% ! This was a really awesome show and I can't wait to go to another WWE show and hopefully sometime soon !


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