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11/26/2011 03: PM 

My First HIM Concert In Philly On 3-26-2010 ( written on Mar 27, 2010 )


Before HIM came on stage, there were 3 bands
that were on before them...Bands that I never
even heard of before. The only one of those opening
acts ( Bands ) that caught my attention was the band
Dommin. It was a whole hour and a half before HIM even
came on. When HIM finally came on, I was shouting and cheering
for joy and when Ville came on stage after Gas, Mige,Linde and
Burton did, everyone including me went absolutely crazy! seeing
my #1 favorite music group of all time in concert really made me
extremely happy! They all looked so good in person, especially Ville...He
is definately a major hottie! I really enjoyed everything about the HIM
concert. It was so much fun! And Ville was so funny! HIM did take a
short break.While they were taken thier break everyone again including me
were chanting for them to come back out to sing 1 more song ( lucky us
they sang 2 more songs ). But before they came back on after thier break
Bam Margera made a small appearance which was a HUGE shock to me !
 This Concert was so AWESOME! I am so happy that I went to this concert, HIM
totally rocks and I hope to see them in person again very soon!

Songs HIM Played at the Concert
1) St.Valentine
2) Heartkiller
3) Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
4) Your Sweet 666
5) Right Here In My Arms
6) Poison Girl
7) Join Me In Death
8) Wicked Game
9) Scared To Death
10) Kiss Of Dawn
11) Disarm Me
12) Funeral Of Hearts
13) Love The Hardest Way
14) When Love And Death Embrace


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