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10/30/2020 01:15 PM 

Where to Get Scene Clothes?

Hey peeps! I was wondering where I could get some "scene" clothes? Ive been emo for a while, and my moms goth, so most of my clothes is black. I was wondering if anybody knew brands or stores that have scene-ish style clothes? Thank u!


10/30/2020 10:03 AM 

Current mood:  okay

we talked in the morning for a little which was nice, and maggie tested the allergy theory. they just needed to wash the bottle more, so thats good. im happy that they figured it out. we played cod for a few hours which was pretty fun, but i played pretty bad again. i missed maggie a lot yesterday, and i didnt feel good so it was kinda bad timing. i really wanna try maggies cooking. i bet its really good:) and maggie showed me kitchens that they liked. they were awesome! and then, they showed me a bunch of cool stuff on pinterest! ik my future with maggie is really bright. i cant wait to see them. were gonna go to the beach for our first date. it makes me really happy to think about. i got her an adorable stuffie:) i love the one she got me. i hug it every night. 


10/30/2020 12:59 PM 


also i dont think people realize... the entire purpose of my account on here is completely FOR delusions and stuff like that. .. im not lying when i say stuff on here its all related to  my stupid brainsick fantasy i caught myself up in so i can ignore myf***ing constant abuse ok  i dont want to be connected to any of it anymore i want to be perfect forever i want to be liked i know my life is not very great and im sure you people know that by now i have a lot of f***ing mental issues just be nice or f*** off and leave me alone its good for me to stay away from people so i stop making people care about me or think im worthy of appreciation or praise by accident  thats why i gave up on trying to look okay  if you think you can still like me this way ill test the limits until you cut me off  and THINGS WILL NOT GET BETTER but the only thing that makes me feel less despicable for even being alive and being a f***ing waste of oxygen is being so awful that you all hate me like i hate myself how you really really should think of me with no other descriptor than total f***ing digust  itll never fix itself and ill never feel clean or innocent again but if i can make myself as horrible as my abusers and tormentors im just as powerful as they are yknow sometimes i want to pretend to be normal.. sometimes i want to pretend  im a normal person with morals and feelings and a person that isnt completely f***ing broken desperate to hold my pieces together thats all there is to it 


10/30/2020 12:36 PM 


you can think i'm bad... but don't lie not knowing what happened to me means i'm out of excuses for being so awful now..because when i repressed all that trauma i repressed the rest of my knowledge on my other past lives so whatever it was i did to deserve all this and i guess the constant abuse i get from my family and friends is just between me and those thoughts that wont come back to meill never know unless i remember all the sexual abuse too and i dont want to .. ive pushed enough out that i just feel perfect and i dont want to feel violated and gross once i remember all that i really dont i want to know what it was i did because if i really deserve to be half dead and bruised and bleeding all the time only for having the audacity to breathe in my parents direction or something then i deserve to know what the f*** was it i did what comes around goes around so  i guess basically if i was a horrible person in my last life right before this one i immediately get punishment for being so horrible right thats the only reason ive been suffering this entire f***ing timewhy doesnt anyone ever tell me? why doesnt anyone know  what did i do for them to follow me all this way why do they wanna hurt me so bad? i won t blame anyone for wanting to hate me this much im just desperate for an explanation what did i do why do people wanna hurt me like that sometimes i ask myself if any of it is even real.. nobody else thinks like that,so why do i think like that, why can't anyone else relate why dont any of you understand what im talking about  does anyone actually get iti know this id never hurt anyone on purpose this time especially not kitty i just want to live without hurting anymore i want to forget what bleeding and crying and getting punched feels like i want to forget what it feels like for people to do ...... all lthat sstuff to me i want to forget it all forever... there's a lasting impact i wanted to say i forgot it all and he didnt take anything from me when he did that but it still affects me and it will forever i dont wanna be remembered like this i dont want him to see me in that way forever i just wanna reset it all i wanna feel normal again like nothing know? its been too long  and im tired i want to be happy for a while i think an entire lifes worth of suffering is enough ive been miserable my whole life  doesnt it end will my next be better will i get to start over and be happy with kitty again  i can only hope  for now ......... sorry 


10/30/2020 12:09 PM 


people are finally starting to despise this form again!!!!! awesome whatever ... nothing matters because its not long until i have to switch again everything will be fine then everything is gonna be fine once i get out of here it's good... i don't want to be liked i've done a lot of bad things obviously that's what all this is for i don't even know what i did but it must have been really bad to deserve a life like this one .. repentance is what this is all about clearly otherwise none of this stupid stuff would be happening to me . it's funny i stopped caring about any of it ,i'm so ready to die every time they hurt me i'm hoping i'll kick the bucket finally so i can get on with things... i have stuff to do i'm here for a reason and i have people to take care of all the rest of you do is get in the way of that i can't die yet, though because like i said i have someone to take care of. so unless we're killing ourselves together, i can't commit suicide or anything like that. i need to get closer if i plan to do stuff like that because my current situation isn't practical at all and i won't get anything done if i can't actually be there with it things will get worse  and then they will get better

letta 𐐪♡𐑂

10/30/2020 11:01 PM 

gender is dumb

i think we've progressed past the need for gender at all, not that we ever needed it in the first place. im just part of the universe inhabiting this body to experience pain and then be reincarnated. i dont need labels i just need to exist. im not a girl, not a boy, not anything in between. im just energy in a body till the end,.

letta 𐐪♡𐑂

10/30/2020 10:15 PM 


( . )( . )mmmmmm


10/30/2020 08:16 PM 


DAILY ACTIVITY POG! Also I might have COVID >w|


09/11/2020 04:46 PM 

chew, inhale, spit, swallow, and blow
Current mood:  awake

gum wrapper in my ashtray a bubble blown a jolting pop you liked that poem you burn through me gum wrapper in my ashtray where did you come from? cleaning my mouth that should be sealed caulking bird gum wrapper in my ashtray maybe it was me i dont really recall im happy i dont want a refill though you wouldnt want another relapse

shitty, poem, that, i, wrote, when, i was, really, sad, the, one, night


10/30/2020 03:27 AM 

Late Nite Mindfuccs
Current mood:  sick

For somebody who fuked me up pretty badly, You sure are on my mind often. Get out of my head, you loser. You make me want to vomit for you used to give me butterflies in my stomach but now it feels like maggots and flies. Still fluttery but now, it is more sickening. Watch who you break.



10/30/2020 02:12 AM 

o hello
Current mood:  blank

i forgot friendproject exists tbh Dx umz follow my twitter if youd like its @vqmpyre


10/29/2020 10:25 PM 

hi hi

nice 2 meet u, i hope i get to make sum friends here ;n; okur bye


10/29/2020 11:51 PM 


watching marie antoinette dir sofia coppola 


10/29/2020 09:50 PM 

F*** this life
Current mood:  betrayed

Everything has seemed/seems to have gone to sh*t, everything is sh*t, im sh*t, what the f*** is this f***ing bullsh*t...F***.

Darcy Nicole

10/29/2020 09:01 PM 


I cut my bangs and i look like the chick from 50 shades of gray can someone literally kill me? 


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