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04/09/2022 05:49 PM 

no more werken
Current mood:  blah

whale then, i guess i dont have 2 worreh about werk if i gotz the fired xdxdxd


04/09/2022 03:20 PM 

Packing for my Easter vacation
Current mood:  productive

I'm taking the train to our cabin at 14:45 today so I've got a good few hours still before I have to go to the tram stop that will take me to the train station where my train will take me to our cabin at the quaint little cabin community of Ustaoset, a nice little mountain village here in Norway. I'll be staying up there with family for about 10 days and I'm looking forward to a nice and relaxing Easter. I'll try to stick to my healthy diet that I've got going now, although I usually associate Easter with indulging in candy and chocolate and lots of other good food but I'll try to find healthy snack alternatives instead. I'm close to a two digit number on my kilos (my dyscalculia doesn't help me much when remembering kilos, let alone converting those to pounds haha, but both my diet course leader and my mom have assured me I'm losing weight and I'm starting to notice it myself too) so I wanna keep that good momentum going.  Now, the packing isn't much fun but it needs to be done and I know I'd beat myself up if I forgot to bring something important, such as contact lenses, eyedrops for my left eye (for avoiding too much pressure on it), toothbrush, headphones, chargers for my phone, tablet and MacBook Air, all those are things I fear leaving behind so I always make sure to triple check if I have everything packed before I leave haha. Anyone else hate packing?

vacation, easter, packing


04/08/2022 11:15 PM 


spring break is almost here.... :D!!! which means i get to do nothing for liek 2 weeks... i've been getting my grades up again and im alllll caught up now. THANK GOD xD


04/07/2003 01:30 PM 

kys fr
Current mood:  angry

My science teacher is so annoying like my god shes always picking on me and everytime she explains what not to do she looks at me or says "right [my name]?" and then everyone laughs at me like i hate you so much this is why u fell down the stairs and broke ur leg hoe and i also manifetsed that happened ill manifest u die next ugh

goose prince???

04/07/2022 12:27 PM 

mcr quizzie :0
Current mood:  exhausted

How long have you know about them?2017/2018 i thinkzHow long have you been a fan?since 2017/2018 i thinkzWhere did you hear them first?i had heard the name before and decided "fuk it, y not?"What was your first impression of them?:0 omg emo kidzALBUMS/SONGS:Favorite album?either three cheerz or bulletzFavorite song?our lady of sorrows or the jetset life is gonna kill youFavorite artwork?all of the above :3Least Favorite album?probz conventional weapons cuz i havent listened 2 all of itLeast Favorite song?Hang 'Em HighLeast Favorite artwork?none of the aboveTHE BOYS:Who do you like better Matt or Bob?matt cuz bob should shut up 4everShould they have a keyboardist?mayhaps Which one, if any, is your hero?not really have a hero but Mikey iz my favorite Do you think they have changed since the beginning of the band?yah, theyve all grown az artistz and musicianzTHOUGHTS:Do you think that they are “emo”?aesthetically yes, genre wise noWhat’s your favorite ensemble they’ve had? (Revenge, TBP, etc.)revenge!!Did you freak out when Mikey ditched the glasses?no cuz i can totez understand ditching glassesDo you obsess over Gerard’s hair?not reallyWhat song could desribe your life at the moment perfectly?i dont love you becuz no one luvz meShould they go back to their old sound or let The Black Parade live on?i kinda wish we wud get more musicz sounding like bulletzDo you believe everything you read/hear about their personnal lives?noOTHER STUFF:Are they your favourite band?nopeCould you ever stop liking them?dependzWould you get a tattoo to show your dedication as a fan?yah definitely How many times have you seen Life on the Murder Scene?zeroHave you had to rebuy cds because you wore them out from listening to them too much?no my cd player iz broke so i havent listened in a while If you could say anything to them, what would you say?id tell Mikey he inspired me to learn bass and id tell Ray he is an underrated guitarist and id tell Frank he iz a underrated singer and id tell Gerard he iz an underrated artistHave you seen them in concert?noWhat is the most you would pay to see them in concert?probs 200$ 



04/05/2022 11:29 PM 

A tragedy has occurred...
Current mood:  distraught

today, cate's vape died. i looked at it with pure disgust for the fact that it was able to give itself away so easily. A single hit from the big chiefer and it was gone, destroyed in a matter of seconds. Cate wept and it broke my heart, but a beautiful man came and solved all our problems, curing me of my sickening, dehabilitating, gut wrenching sadness in with only 20 words. He said "cate... you may hit my vape but only if you hit all five of these at once... do you accept the challenge". and thus she did but then the controversy really began when she blinked out ALL FIVE VAPES! A MONSTER SHE IS! A DEMON! SHE SHOULD BE CAST OUT BY SOCIETY AND EATEN BY WOLVES, STONED IN THE SQUARE, AND BURNED AT THE STAKE FOR HER VILE ACTS AGAINST HUMANITY! I once felt sympathy for this creature but now the only emotion that leaks from my pores is pure unadulterated wrath towards her small elflike frame that is able to drain any substance from its core. I am in disbelief... but now I ask you dear reader, who is the villian? From my short little tale of jaw-dropping horror who would you conclude is the antagonist of this retelling of events? Please... comment and tell me. 

#cate is a fucking bitch #i hate her #bape


04/07/2022 06:36 PM 

Current mood:  blessed


profile customization,customization,html,coding


04/06/2022 03:39 PM 

cards 4/6/22

life is so weird tower mooon high prestsis 


04/05/2022 03:49 PM 

I hate andu nvr agan x47
Current mood:  angsty

Stupid big muscular scene dood hope he get cancer


04/05/2022 11:06 PM 

y2k edit inspired drawings
Current mood:  accomplished

new series of drawings inspired by y2k aesthetic edits!!!

art, drawing, graphic design, digital art


04/05/2022 03:18 PM 

1st post
Current mood:  tired

hi guys! im just looking 4 some new friends :) anyone around my age who just wants to chat & share interests ! i love any & all ppl & i luv texting ! ☆

friends, music, message

Vomit Boy

04/05/2022 12:41 PM 

not a girl.

gettting this new job has been a blessing and a curse. pros: great hours, fairly great co-workers, easy commute, 60% free time i can just hang out/talk to coworkers/read, i'm making money, i'm not cooped up in the house with my parents all day, i get to be downtown, i can see free broadway musicals. cons: everyone thinks i'm a girl. today was probably the worst day of misgendering yet. the first part being that some of my coworkers who had the hang of using "they/them" last week seem to have forgotten all over again over the weekend. then i had one customer at the window call me "ma'am" and "young lady" at the end and beginning of almost every sentence (i really wish i was exaggerating, im not), and i'll be honest it really shook my to my core. i could feel myself diassociating and trying to reimagine myself as a different person who was a girl to try and make it easier. I sometimes try to imagine i'm just playing a character and everyone is in on the game, that they really do know i'm not a woman but we're playing store and i'm playing a nice young lady named Rolinda or something. I should just go in full drag to work...maybe that would balance it all out. i'm so f***ing tired of being seen a girl. i hate the sound of my own voice now, i know that's the biggest tell. i hate how soft my face looks and how flamboyant my movements are. i hate how i can't get myself to wear any of my fun "girly" clothes anymore because it just hurts to see me in them right now. it just feels so f***ing wrong to hear myself be refered to as anything but "them." i cut my hair recently and it had given me so much gender euphoria, made me feel good enough to wear and do whatever i wanted again. now i feel like it's tainted. i try so hard to look more masculine, hoping to at least cause some kind of confusion. every "she" taints it. is that horrible of me to say? to think? i'm really sorry, i really wish i didn't feel that way. it's like getting a beautiful new outfit and people just keep splattering paint on it throughout the day and you can never really wash it out. "well that one didn't work... nope, that one neither..."there's 3 groups of coworkers: one has the pronouns down-packed and it's no problem. another tries really hard and cares to get them right, but can't always get out of old habits. and the last doesn't seem to try to matter how many times I try to correct them. luckily the last group is very small, only one person i think, maybe two. i can't stand being in this body right now. i'm currently working more hours at work than i usually do since the next couple weeks are Show Weeks, so i think that's making it worse. before, i'd only work a couple hours, only 3 days a week, so i'd have a good chunk of time to recuperate. now i only have 2 days off a week, even though the shifts on some of my days are short, i still feel like im in work mode all day. my whole body feels off and i want to tear it apart and put it in the wash. and just hope it doesn't shrink too much in the dryer this time. i have tomorrow and wednesday off. and wednesday i have therapy. so hopefully i'll be able to feel a bit better then. i just learned that one of my coworkers has a family member who's in her 70's who just came out as trans and the family no longer invites her to family get togethers because they think "the children won't understand, they're too young to be exposed to that kind of thing," and this coworker agrees with this. i'm glad i'll rarely be working with her, but rarely is still too much. i think maybe if i work with her again i'll try to come out to her and if she gives me any troubles then i'll talk to one of my managers about making sure i dont work any shifts with her. At one of my box office shifts, an old principal of mine came to the window with her daughters to buy tickets to the show that night. This was the same principal that had tried to stop our GSA from being formed, trying to use an excuse that no one would be allowed to make clubs, but then happened to change her mind when a group of kids wanted to make a bible club... i gave her the best customer service but hoped her seats would be in horrible condition. it felt weird to be called "she" by her. i hate that there are people out there who knew me for what i was before. i wish i was unrecognizable. You make me hate myself when i should just be hating You. 


04/04/2022 09:21 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

I guess I'm switching over here now. Spacehey isn't working for me right now so I guess I'm using this as a substitute. So um, hello. :)


04/04/2022 06:21 PM 

04-04-22, 18:21 PM

the body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears.qiwu lost may on april fool's day.and i lost my senses. insanity was building up and slowly starting to spill. and like a can of sour, expired pineapple i let out the most horrible things using the acridest juices in my mind to spit out empty, venomous words.maybe i am just another can of pineapple.i did a minuscule thing i don't think anyone would consider courageous. it was a feat to me regardless; to walk around my neighborhood alone. to let my instincts take control and to get lost in familiar alleyways and streets for once. to lose myself in the crowds and the sloppily painted pavements and the smallest pieces of rubble i step on.i guess we all have our own versions of may in our own circumstances.qiwu believed that may was worth losing pennies and getting stomachaches over. that may was worth multiple calls that resulted in dead ends and crackled air.i guess my may is worth getting lost over. and nearly getting run over. and getting sh*tty car fumes spat all over my face over. and losing fluids inside my body over. am i even wording it right??? they're worth more than that, really.i wonder if they'd even let me call them mine still. i think capturing someone's heart is a myth because the closest thing to that which you can really do is intertwine the most specific moments you've had with each other. but i guess to a certain extent there will be so many canned memories shared between the two of you that, like qiwu, you'd wonder if they'd have an expiry date too. and then wish that they'd be so non-perishable the can would last for throat was dry outside but it was better than having my chest constricted while being cooped up in my room. i think i nearly got a heart attack from staying inside and rethinking one too many things that could have gone better. throwing up and losing sleep and palpitating like crazy and wasting time. my may is worth more than these things. it's just that i always thought that pain over someone was a silly sensationalized teenage stereotype you'd see in media. what would i have known? i always stuck with flings and ended them before i could even count to ten to avoid getting hurt. i always plastered smiles upon hurt feelings out of the fear that no one will ever take me seriously. i never settled and lent my time and effort to anything that would make me attached to anything or anyone. all because i always wanted to peel the bandage off first. to be the one that never feels the sticky, painful end of the plaster. and i guess in this situation it's partially covering my wound and exposing me to the harsh realities of my defense mechanism. i looked around and wondered. do you think other people have their own mays?i wonder what the definition of thirty pieces of canned pineapple is to them. do you think they'd like to join me for a jog too? do you think there are others like me who need to clear their heads? to always look forward and never towards the setting sun because then their hearts would start racing like crazy again? that they'd feel like the entirety of their chest cavity would explode if they look at familiar pink skies for even a millisecond?but i'm stubborn. to an extent. so i looked anyway.we don't have to talk.could i just sit here?and with all the strength i can muster i respect this request for rest even though it hurts. i jogged home. i sound utterly corny and stupid. my words lack the cadence and rhythm they possess. there is no skill or dexterity in these words. only regrets and too much pain my once fickle heart could ever handle. i wonder if, compared to he qiwu, i do end up getting back to room 702?and maybe i get to find out if she likes pineapple. and maybe this time i'll never keep her waiting. makes them nervous. 


04/03/2022 08:01 PM 

epic fail definition

An Epic Fail is a fail so incredibly bad that it paradoxically becomes a win. You cannot try to get an epic fail, because that would just be trying to attain a win. And then you would be trying too hard. It is important to distinguish between garden-variety fail and epic fail. For example: Fail: Driving your car into a tree. Epic Fail: this band  

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