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04/26/2022 04:30 PM 

calling people emo is mean

i wish there was a time i could get on stage and speak i feel like emo is derogatory to people who dont identify as emo and identify as another subculture you just have to exist and youre labeled as emo but im not emo im scene im not emo im a person im not emo im a idea maker im not emo im a worldchanger when im called emo i feel like im being called a bitch, a whore or being judged by my cover i may wear band shirts but you dont even know who i am and youre telling me what im supposed to be and you dont ask me or know how i feel you just listen to machine gun kelly and his definition of emo and go around hurting people 


04/26/2022 08:23 PM 

incase i disappear
Current mood:  happy

i'd like to thank all of my pals for being there for me ^__^ i really liked this acc and i loved talking to u guys a bunch, i hope u all have great livesi may come back once summer is over or just whenever i decide to log in on my phone, but in the mean time, i'll probably be here for the next month or two until summer starts, again love u all and i hope to see u all again soon /p -4/26/22


04/25/2022 08:44 PM 

Peolpe fear life more than death

»»————- ★ ————-««❝People fear life more than death❞ was something that a member of MCR said, and at that moment I didn't understand it, the truth is that I laughed and let it go... But living is very hard , to continue is difficult and the easiest and fastest thing is death. Yes, people are afraid of dying but it is also a tempting solution. The fear of living is a sad and desperate reality, and if you ever feel afraid to go out and talk to new people or just try something different, I want you to know that you are not alone and there is really no reason. of being scared, I know it's easy for a person to tell you "go out, laugh, enjoy" but carrying it out is terribly difficult, I've lost a lot of things because I'm scared... opportunities, concerts, answers, better options and even reaching meeting people who caught my attention and people who will never know how important they were to me because I was afraid, even to tell them how important they were to me, to stop living is an easy way out to end all fear, but I don't that it's not fair to end everything like this, when you're wrong don't worry, cry if you want one day, sink one day, but one day, I trust that you are strong enough for that...(sorry if you don't understand my english is very bad xD)»»————- ★ ————-««


04/25/2022 09:39 PM 

Crochet Stuffies!
Current mood:  artistic

follow my Instagram! @stitchybradyi make crochet stuff!

#art, #crochet, #yarn, #emo


04/24/2022 04:15 PM 

Going to Vegas to do an Adult Film for Gamma
Current mood:  weird

So for starters I stayed at the Excaliber because I saw it had the highest slot win in history at this slot called Megabucks for $30 million. While I didn't win the jackpot on max bet there (shocking), and it probably lost me the most money second to poker, I did get to walk out at the end of my trip with a bigger bankroll than I came in with. I won $300 on the I Heart Triple Diamonds Free Games slot on a second tier spin.So, the more interesting part of my trip. I got cast by the company Aziani as male talent, they are owned by Gamma Entertainment which also owns Vivid and Wicked. I walk in and meet the director and the compliance/legal agent for Gamma, they were both very nice and very cool. When it comes time to filming, I'm shocked at my performance issues. It had nothing to do with the girl she was cute and more forgiving than the director. At one point he holds his phone notes up to me that says "you have 3 minutes."Miraculously I "finish my job" and try not to ask the director how I did. Once again, the girl I worked with was very nice and so was the compliance girl for Gamma who gave me my $50 and I got out of there. Kinda feel bad that I was invited back for another scene but blew it off.What was great though was that I actually got to enjoy the rest of my trip as a vacation. Seriously Vegas flights and rooms have really affordable options and it's really like Disneyland for adults. I love how the Excaliber had a bridge to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay, and then I walked across the street to the MGM Grand.MGM Rewards has a new member. Finally back to normal life now.


04/24/2022 02:34 PM 

been getting into the aquabats ^_^

ZOMG THE AQUABATS R SO AWSOME... THEYRE TOTAL DORKS BUT THEYR SO FUN xD their show is so cool and so is their music LOL 


04/24/2022 05:20 PM 


It’s strange being on here after such a long time but I’m back, tired, and hoping to show some of my cosplays on here!


04/24/2022 05:20 PM 


It’s strange being on here after such a long time but I’m back, tired, and hoping to show some of my cosplays on here!


04/24/2022 01:12 PM 

omg new hair color!!

i dyed my bangs purple and i look so good omg! go look at my photos once i post it!!


04/23/2022 01:30 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

blasting Citizen Soldier, eating goldfish and crying.

#sad, #crying, #music


04/22/2022 10:28 PM 

a post
Current mood:  chill

right now


04/22/2022 08:32 PM 

spring break so far xD

i love it!!!!!! ive been drawing a lot moar... plus ive been getting into the aquabats and buying more stuffz ^_^ 


04/22/2022 01:32 PM 

moneymoneymoney like mr krabs

when u spend all of ur paycheck money on food, plants, and a ridiculously expensive necklace, but its earth day and u want to buy more plants but now your broke and sad


04/22/2022 01:31 PM 


I believe in EJ superiority >>>>>>>>


04/22/2022 10:54 PM 

TW: ed

i feel bad for eating again.almost a year ago i passed thru an eating desorder, i get really sick at that point i couldnt even stand by myself but im almost recovered about it, but lately ive been feeling nausious after eating again and i feel bad for eating like if i wanted to throw up after. i dont feel good with my body i feel like im gaining weith and i shouldnt worry about that anymore about calories and about everything i eat in a day but i cant just dont worry about all that.i dont want to go back to all that, but i have the same feeling of when all that sh*t started, i had another problem taking so much pills i didnt eat anything just pills and water, whenever I went out with my friends I felt really bad like I was about to pass out.i dont know how i didnt die at that time xdanyways if someone whos passing thru something like this is reading this, youre not alone you'll get out of this, I am in this process although (I thought it had already happened) so I cannot advise you very well and I write this with the purpose of letting off steam. 

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