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rabi <3

05/01/2022 07:14 PM 

to be loved - papa roach
Current mood:  headphones

its jus sum abt that song that make me wanna get down a bust a move                                   


05/01/2022 11:22 PM 


I saw my ex crush hanging out with whores in my dream and he sent me a photo with them. I replied "I didn't expect this from you."Then I woke up. 


04/30/2022 02:48 PM 


What's the point of posting if no one's gonna comment(no one will comment on this either) 


04/29/2022 08:25 PM 

Friends ^^
Current mood:  sleepy

Hey!! Hi Hello :> I'm Lisa, and I've recently been lurking and I finally joined!I wanted to ask if anyone here wants 2 be friends.I Like danganronpa (mostly fanganronpas.) Art, and other stuffs!Do not be afraid to friend me haha.


04/29/2022 04:44 PM 

It's not my cache Status Stream not working

Status Stream not working. @POTUS blue green alage at #Naturalgrocers 60 dollars for blue green algae have to chew them my throat not big enough to swallow tablet warm hot water the world is an Ocean my Mom said they come from an ocean. Wow thanks Dad. I can feel the neurogenic properties. Dominic HomanFor lgBT though against modernslavery @PresidentsOfTUS · 12m @NaturalGrocers can't can every state whats so special about klamath green algae whats so special not many peoples what if you were hiding your bottles back stage not Biden fault not Joe fault @Joebiden axcess to natural health care in Colorado; greed


04/28/2022 10:06 PM 

American Horror Story Review!!! (Murder House)

copy/pasted from a discord rant I went on a while ago (with most of the commentary from my friends cut out lol)So American horror story murder house sucks and here's whyHonestly it started off pretty strong, I love the aesthetics of the dumb old house and I like the spooky neighborhood with weird neighbors that bother you but as it goes on everything just gets more and more confusing. Like, I tried my damned best to keep up with it and by the mid to halfway mark I was so f***ing confused about what was a flashback and what wasn't, what had actually happened and what hadn't, all that sh*t, and I can't tell if it's an issue with the writing or the editing or me or all of the above it could very well be all of the aboveHonestly not knowing what the f*** is going on is usually an editing problem, and in this case the editing is just so fast paced and choppy it disorients your and that could work like really well if you know what you're doing, but I don't think the producers knew what they were doingThen there's the horror part of it. I really like horror with weird choppy editing and weird blurry timelines because it disturbs me, but this just confused me. Then as soon as you realize you're confused as sh*t and this show sucks BAM something unnecessarily disturbing happens and all of it is shown and I'm wondering why the f*** this show has so many seasons.The namesake of the season, the f***ing murder house, doesn't even really feel like an important part of the show.It just kinda is. There's supposed to be rules relating to death on the property and sh*t but they're broken so many times it just gets drowned out by, I dunno the romance???The romance sucks too. Usually the saving grace for shows like this is the character relationships but I can't bring myself to enjoy the drama when the main sexyman, Tate, is f***ing horrible.I fee no sympathy for this man. The actor who plays him plays him really f***ing well, and I bought his character immediately even if I hate the "edgy teen psychopath" trope, but he did so much TERRIBLE sh*t in 4 f***ing k and we're supposed to like him??? Violet ran away screaming for her mom because he's a creepy weirdo who tried to kill her and we're supposed to feel sympathy for him????????And her finally telling him to go f*** himself is f***ing retconned two seconds later because they get back together and it's weird and confusing and it hurts to watch and I hate itFriend- I’m not allowed to watch most of it bc it’s just horny sh*tThat's incredibly fair. there's a character who's only trait is that she tries to seduce the dad and makes him think he's crazyLike it's so horny for no god damn reason!She's probably the best part of the show tho, cause she's reliable. She shows up and something horny is gonna happen that's gonna strain the family's relationship further and there's no terrible wrenches shoved in there that make me hate her storyline more then I already do by default2-3/10 stars just cause the actors actually kill it and make an otherwise terrible show actually enjoyable enough to binge at 2 am while eating an entire box of Captain Crunch cereal.For a show with such cool looking poster art it's not even a stuck-up artsy film and I love stuck-up artsy films The House That Jack Built and Midsommar are two of my favorite things everI've been told it gets worse then this???? For that reason alone I don't think I can physically bear to watch the remaining 376 seasonsposting this in honor of me suddenly wanting to watch the second season because I have no life and am incredibly bored of rewatching shows I actually like rn 


04/27/2022 11:27 AM 

Niandras thoughts
Current mood:  indescribable

tired of you. so tired of you and your bullsh*t. you made your bed now lie in it, im sick of hearing his name.


04/27/2022 05:53 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

So. I am trying to prepare myself for cali. I am flying for the first time. I'm so scared. I'm hoping the 5hr flight goes QUICK. I have no idea what to expect my Fiance has not been on a plane in so long but his dumbass wanna give me advise... LIKE STFU you don't even remember. He told me I wasn't aloud my phone the plane... WELL THAT'S NOT TRUE lol I feel like he tries to make me more scared. TYPICAL MAN. Get's his jollys off smh Soo.. I guess that's all for now. 13 days till cali though. Whew Hew  


04/27/2003 12:20 PM 

Current mood:  lonely

dont u just love it when ur 3 friend group splits and ur the one to have to go somewhere else while ur friend talks to they're other  friend who they like more than you, cuz yeah thats me rn.


04/27/2022 07:38 PM 


def my fav passtime is looking at old blogs and picssource also like to archive a lot of old sh*t that its almost terminaljust wanted to say that you should save anything you see that you like!you will regret it the moment its gone, nothing is really forever on the internettemporarely relying on cloud services is fine if you lack space (i do it^^)but physical beats it all so get hoarding


04/27/2022 07:16 PM 


hope bastards dont flood this website more its already bad as it isanywaysi like having this channel in the bg this yamato employee guy did was epic yeah ohive been listening to trance a lot lately been putting me in a good moodphoto of me


04/27/2022 03:46 AM 

should i be ashamed?
Current mood:  ashamed

should i be ashamed? should i feel this horrible? its only normal right? its only human. I met you about 5 months  ago. The most amazing, caring, heartfelt person ever---always putting others first. The thing is, i dont love you romantically...or i am forcing myself to, to protect you from yourself ...99% of the time you are so nice, clingy and kind to the point where it has become insufferable. sadly i never have time for myself. i forget to shower. i skip important things. i starve. neglet family. forget basic adult things i should be doing ALL TO MAKE YOU HAPPY and fit your "perfect partner" checklist youve thrown me onto just because you have zero resposibilities and nothing to do but sit in bed all day and whine over how my mental health is a hassle to you.  i NEVER wanted a relationship with you but its hard to say no when youre rushed and pestered and basically threatened with talk of suic*de if you didnt jump to be with them. you are nice until things do not go their way. i am stuck, i dont want to hurt you because God knows what youll do if i up and leave. a part of me loves you, and may be capable of loving you to my full ability one day, but, you forced me. you really did force me. And i know i should be grateful for such a sweet soul in my life but youve shown me sides of yourself that no one could EVER forgive if you showed them. My niceness is being used just so you feel something. i never wanted this, and i dont think i can ever get out because youve isolated me and controlled everything i do while putting on an "im so cute and sweet" persona. sometimes i feel the only way out is to jump in front of a damn moving train. should i be ashamed that i feel this way?

mental health , abuse , vent


04/23/2022 11:11 AM 

i've never been good at keeping journals
Current mood:  hopeful

i guess i've always been worried about whether i have anything important to say.but i suppose that doesn't really matter, this entire site is just me doing whatever the hell i want. and people even seem to like it, though i know that doesn't really support the point i'm trying to make.i think this might be a good way for me to practice articulating myself, as i feel that lately i've been struggling to find my words in daily conversation. i realised that i've become used to expressing only short, fleeting thoughts across social media or even private messaging, and my creative writing and even instrospection has suffered as a result.i know some people who journal every day, and i probably won't go so far. i'm afraid that as soon as i make that commitment my resolve will crumble, and i've actually been on a really good productive streak so far.i want to continue doing well, i want to keep's hard to keep up my motivation, but i find i'm invigorated by how kind and supportive even complete strangers have been so far. but i need to work on being okay with just doing this for me.    ~~~  [click here to return to]


Fossa the Ram Ꮚ^ꈊ^Ꮚ

04/26/2022 09:57 PM 

CD Collection

I have a decent collection of CDs for a bit so I figured it might be cool to make a blog post for them with little blurbs abt them!No particular order ^-^ALBUM:ARTIST:YEAR:WHEN DID I GET THIS?:FAVORITE SONG:LITTLE BLURB:ALBUM: May Death Never Stop YouARTIST: My Chemical RomanceYEAR: 2014WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2014/2015FAVORITE SONG: Skylines and Turnstiles (DEMO)LITTLE BLURB: this was the first or second CD I ever got on my own! My favorite memories from middle school were just me laying in my room, listening to this on the Sony stereo my mom gave to me. The booklet makes me emotional. It has pictures of coffins with each member's names and the dates they were active, along with info about the songs with little blurbs from someone under each song. At the end, it says "THANK YOU FOR THE VENOM".ALBUM: Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous KilljoysARTIST: My Chemical RomanceYEAR: 2010WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back - S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/WLITTLE BLURB: GORGEOUS CD design. I love it so much. No other real comments besides the booklet is really cool and has a picture of Ray I hadn't seen before!ALBUM: The Black ParadeARTIST: My Chemical RomanceYEAR: 2006WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2020/2021 (cant remember)FAVORITE SONG: I Don't Love YouLITTLE BLURB: Another gorgeous CD! The case is beautiful as well and has beautiful interior artwork. The booklet is actually just a double-sided paper, one side has all the lyrics to each song on one half and this is the other, and the other is thisALBUM: Three Cheers for Sweet RevengeARTIST: My Cheimical RomanceYEAR: 2004WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a DeathwishLITTLE BLURB: More beautiful art from Gerard on the interior! The booklet is simple but very fitting. It's another single sheet, one side has all the lyrics, and the other is the album cover, a page of thank yous, and a credits page with mugshot-like pictures of the guys. Simple, but perfect! This CD is one of 6 I keep in my CD changer as CD number 2.ALBUM: I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your LoveARTIST: My Chemical RomanceYEAR: 2002WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: Drowning Lessons - Demolition LoverLITTLE BLURB: Cool interior, it's an image of a bat with thank yous from each member and credits (cool fact: Pencey Prep is thanked/credited for "starting us"! idk, thought it was neat!). Booklet is.....interesting to say the least. It's all black and white pictures with the same stages of a bat taking off superimposed on every spread. Each picture is unsettling, but fitting, and there's one for every song. In order as they appear: Gerard - Mikey - Ray - Matt - Frank - groupshot - jack o lanterns - ventriloquist dummy - porcelain Virgin Mary (??) - roses and blood in a bathtub/sink (my personal favorite, very fitting for the Demo Lovers page). The back of the booklet also says "MERCI POUR LE VENIN" (thank you for the venom in french). Definatley my favorite booklet! Another I keep in my CD changer, and CD number one.ALBUM: Brand New EyesARTIST: ParamoreYEAR: 2009WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2014/2015FAVORITE SONG: Turn It OffLITTLE BLURB: The case for it broke when I moved :( but another gorgeous CD, and a gorgeous booklet to match! The booklet has a very coheasive them and it's just beautiful. I got this CD around the same time I got MDNSY, so this has been with me for a long time. I've kept this in my CD changer ever since I got my car, sitting at CD number 3 of 6ALBUM: DookieARTIST: Green DayYEAR: 1994WHEN DID I GET THIS?: ???FAVORITE SONG: Pulling TeethLITTLE BLURB: No case, no book! My mom used to have a HUGE CD collection, and when I got my MCR and Paramore CDs, she told me she had a few things I might like and she handed me this and a Smash Mouth CD I'm not sure I have anymore. This is another CD I keep in my CD changer, at CD number 4 of 6ALBUM: AfterburnerARTIST: Dance Gavin DanceYEAR: 2020WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2020FAVORITE SONG: Not sure!LITTLE BLURB: Not much to say. No booklet, but cool case! And it came with an instrumental CD!ALBUM: Father Of All...ARTIST: Green DayYEAR: 2020WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: Stab You In The Heart - GraffitiaLITTLE BLURB: Cool case, cool black/white/pink themed booklet with lyrics and pictures of the members included in it. My absoulte FAVORITE CD! I think it's just SO pretty and I love looking at it! Used to be in my CD changer, but I switched it in favor of an MCR CD.ALBUM: ICONARTIST: Fall Out BoyYEAR: 2012WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2020/2021FAVORITE SONG: A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"LITTLE BLURB: I got this from VintageStock, and it was unfortunatley the only FOB CD they had, so I got it. I really wanted to start listening to them again but I never did and this seemed like a good solution for. Some reason. But it worked! Kinda, I basically only listen to them in my car with this. Case is simple, and so is the booklet, only one page with credits and what album each song is from. CD changer, number 5 of 6ALBUM: Twilight SoundtrackARTIST: MULTIYEAR: 2008WHEN DID I GET THIS?: ???FAVORITE SONG: I Caught Myself (Paramore) - Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)LITTLE BLURB: No case, no book, another CD I got from my mom. Pretty sure this soundtrack is the reason I turned out so emo!ALBUM: From Under The Cork TreeARTIST: Fall Out BoyYEAR: 2005WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: N/ALITTLE BLURB: 2nd time I went looking for a Fall Out Boy CD at VintageStock, I found this! I do have the case and book, but I'm not sure where it is...>.< haven't listened to this one all the way through yet, so not much else to comment on. Maybe one day I'll get around to it.....lolALBUM: Humanz (deluxe)ARTIST: GorillazYEAR: 2017WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: Andromeda - The ApprenticeLITTLE BLURB: Cool case, folds out with 3 sections. When fully extended, the outside features Noodle and Murdoc, with the middle being a shot of all the members in New York. The inside has 2D and Russel, with the middle saying "Those who fear music are dangerous". Booklet has song titles with their credits, and various candid-like pictures of the members, my favorite of with is of Murdoc and Noodle smoking in a car. One of my all time favorite albums, and the main CD is my final CD in the changer. I also occasionally have the bonus track CD in my extra CD reader.ALBUM: The Black Parade / Living With GhostsARTIST: My Chemical RomanceYEAR: 2016WHEN DID I GET THIS?: 2021FAVORITE SONG: I Don't Love You / EmilyLITTLE BLURB: Pretty case, another fold out. Really cool b/w imagery on the inside. Booklet is basic, just a fold out with each song, and "MCRX" superimposed, one letter on each page. Nothing more to comment on!


04/25/2022 03:36 AM 


Should I clean my room?

shouldicleanmyroom, should i clean my room?, Mars Argo

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