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01/22/2024 10:01 PM 

JTK x Reader (Part 1)

Pine trees that seem to pierce the sky engulf you in a loose, woodsy labyrinth of trunk and pine needles. Moss enlevoped the left side of the trees, following their old traditions of following the North Star. But even with the thick blanket of snow draped and secured over all the stout shrubs and burrowed little critters, you can't help but feel as if you're not truly alone. Your pounding heart in the frozen peaks of the town, warm and flush as ever. Your blood runs like antifreeze; every instinct tells you that you're not alone.  "Hey?"A familiar, amateur-sounding voice cuts through your train of thought. It's delivered in a soft whisper, but it doesn't matter. You whip around as soon as you hear it. You push the figure away violently, as much as your arms will allow.The company.Your lips curl into a snarl. "Jeff! It's freezing outside, and you decide to be 15 minutes late!" You barked. Jeff put out two pallid hands to prevent you from coming any further. His mouth twitched into a grin against his will. Even his expressions fell victim to his sheer insanity."Hey, hey, hey.. to be fair, I told you it was gonna be a little cold.""This is record snow! It-""Shhhhhh!"He pushes a finger to your lips. His dulled eyes seemed to spark to life, darting around at the environment around them. One of his crazed-driven giggles laced his words."Are you crazy? Stop being so loud. If anyone hears, if the rangers hear, they'll put me back in that hellhole of an institute, and you.. probably to jail for trespassing!" His words were pressured whispers through clenched teeth. The lips that encased it were chafed, a blood-red smudge upturning into a scarred smile carved permanently into the meat of his face.Even when in a bed of soft, unintentional laughter, his words still carried that same edge.You promptly purse your lips beneath his finger, and turn your head away. You only have enough dignity to look at the snow beneath you as of now. Arms cross against your chest, in both embarrasment and coldness."I just want to know why you called me here. "He opened his mouth to say something, but only let out a sigh with a hearty plume of fog. The laughter died out, as if it were a small flame crushed by the bottom of a shoe.".. It's about, well," he mumbled, "you know.""No, Jeffrey, I don't know." You huffed, annoyed."Slender man. You know? You know his proxies?"You nodded promptly."yeah, what about them?"Another fit of spontateous giggles filled his mouth. They came spilling out, and overflowed him to the point of doubling over. His scarred hand cupped his mouth, and tried to force any sound right back inside."Jeff? Jeff, tell me!"You took a step forward with a crunch in the snow, and grabbed his shoulders. His long, uneven hair caught between your fingers. Weaved, in and out, tangled, as he trembled in faux elatement."You-," he wheezed, "you'll be-," a cough, "one of them."

fanfic, jeff the killer, fangirl, fanboy

🍊 # RiESE / REN !!

01/22/2024 05:20 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

Hi everyoneee I'm basically new here so I'm not really shre how things work to be really honest but I moved from Spacehey!! Had to move because of harassment and the mods wouldn't do SH*T about it LMFAOAnyways hello!! 

Jay :3

01/22/2024 06:05 PM 

DNI (pls read)

if ur gonna add me or u have added me pls make sure this doesnt apply to u  DNI: obviously if ur racist, homophobic, transphobic, abelist, etc people who use tone tags unsrs (i actually need them to understand if ur srs or not pls 😭😭😭) ppl who r judgemental for no reason i dont like u (e.g. judging someone's style, interests, haircut, music taste, etc) people who talk abt negative things a lot especially politics im here to be happy for once people who force their beliefs onto others   things to keep in mind if u add me: i am 16, idm being friends w people who are older or younger than me but pls dont be weird  i dont rlly like nsfw jokes directed at me cause im asexual, it makes me uncomfy (unless ik u irl and ive told u idm if u do it) pls use tone tags where u can cause i can and will misunderstand u and it will get awkward lol pls dont use fem terms referring to me, im FTM i dont like it



01/22/2024 10:32 PM 

vent tw/srs

today my friend edged tomorrow to the georgie cooper because when michael saw missy gerogies copper i saw red when chloe told the teacher that colin had bathed and that happens when missy sings when geroge dies in the upcomng season but he almost dies in season 1 and georgie steals meemaws car cuz he and the others wanted to see pastor rob cuz church and in sesen six they get kicked out of church cuz gorgie and my best fried sumar had a red car but its black now so my life is so hard cuz my friends always hard and never can play roblox cuz its too cold and it red ouside but also purple but my friend used to like patd but now he loveds bing tang berory breaking bad womp womp womp womp.

#vent #emotional


01/22/2024 04:21 PM 

hiiii!! my first post
Current mood:  drained

feeling mad sleepy and i love to love a lot but i be feeling lonely a lot and that is really sadi have a lot of people in my life but i feel like my brain just makes me feel like i will fully connect with them  cuz i deal with such schizo esque abstract thought processes that lead me towards the molding of myself and my brainits the lead poisoning

love, emo, esotericism, chaos magick, schizotypal


01/22/2024 01:57 AM 

We need to talk about monkeys.
Current mood:  aggravated

Anybody else notice how the word monkey is often used to refer to apes as well as monkeys? Is nobody else aware that monkeys and apes are not the same animal? I don't understand why this mistake is so prevalent when the differences between monkeys are quite clear. The easiest way to tell the difference is that apes do not have tails. Always remember before you call an ape a monkey you gotta check that ass. If you don't see a tail that is not a monkey!

ape, monkey, nature

Jay :3

01/21/2024 11:06 PM 

Current mood:  exhausted


my chemical romance, stardew valley, mcr, sleeping with sirens, minecraft, adventure time,


01/21/2024 02:36 PM 

I need help finding this song

I've had lyrics to a song in my head for about 13 years now and I cannot for the life of me find this song anywhere. It's a really weird one by a band named Gregory's Funhouse or a band with previous members of GF. I believe the song's name is Burn Victim but I'm not sure. The lyrics I remember are "I'm a burn victim, my skin stinks, the way I look is really bad." (like I said, it's a weird ass song) I first heard it in 2007/2008 when a friend of mine showed it to me at lunch time in high school. I distinctly remember him asking me, "have you ever heard of the band Gregory's Funhouse?" So I'm almost certain this song is from them because he showed it to me right after asking. He said his uncle was either in the band or worked on recording the album for the band but I can't remember. I've since tried contacting him to see if he could give me more info on the song but no response. He transferred schools in 2009 and I haven't heard from him since. I've also posted this on Reddit in 3 different lost media subreddits and got nowhere. So I'm posting it here in hopes that someone who knows wtf I'm talking about will recognize it and let me know how to find it. I've spent so long hunting it down so any info would be much appreciated! It's frustrating because the one person who knows exactly what I'm talking about and could end this decade long mystery won't respond to my messages 😩   (I'll update this part periodically when I find new clues)    Clues I've found: The band was based on NYC (I believe Brooklyn or Manhattan specifically) and was led by Gregory Ambrose Pittman. It was his Funhouse.    I found a CD on Ebay with 4 songs on it with 2 songs that I also can't find anywhere called "Name" and "Corruption" and they were recorded in Dover, NJ at Showplace Studios. There's no date on the back of this CD unfortunately and the email on the back is a dead AOL email. I emailed it and got an error message back. The fact it had an email leads me to believe it was recorded in the late 90s to 2000s, around the time I believe this mystery album was recorded.    There's a segment on a very old TV show called Manhattan Cable that has a short segment featuring the band and this is how the vocals in the specific song I'm looking for sound like (    The only other song I remember anything about from the album I'm looking for had a weird song about Bigfoot. 

Music, lost media, obscure media, lost song


01/21/2024 01:54 PM 


im a minor im non religious  im unlabeled (click here for my pronouns page)im very anticapitalist im critical of all my interests  i use a fair amount of acronyms, slang, and i curse + i also misspell a lot i make kys/kms+nsfw jokes sometimes if you're uncomfortable definitely tell mei may seem rude/dry sometimes and its not my intention sorry :( i use masculine and feminine terms gender neutrally so if you feel uncomfortable tell memessage first please because i most likely will never message first


01/21/2024 12:54 PM 

DNI/BYF read before sending req??

𖤐𖤐 ok so quick blog about me 𖤐𖤐 ⛧ My full names anastasia but you can just call me alex⛧ I go by any pronouns and I am bisexual⛧ Im mall goth𖤐 DNI: bigots, tcc, a**holes, you know the drill𖤐 Please dont send a req or anything if we dont have anything in common⛧ I prob won't accept your req if your profile is private unless like ik you and/or it's an alternate acc or something 𖤐 I'm married to Dave Mustaine (100% real no joke)𖤐 I love metal and goth music𖤐 I play guitar, viola and drums𖤐 My favorite bands are Slipknot, Kittie, Murderdolls, My Ruin, Jack Off Jill, Coal Chamber, Type O Negative, Evanescence, London After Midnight, White Zombie, Diva Destruction, Genitorturers, Rosetta Stone, Powerman 5000, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Megadeth and a LOT more (ik it already says on my profile but why not just type up my fav bands again)𖤐 My "heros": Joey Jordison, Jim Root, Fallon Bowman, Talena Atfield, Wednesday 13, Tairrie B𖤐 I try to separate art from the artist as much as I can so please no hate I most likely just like the music not the person if they are a sh*tty person, you wont see me f***ing worshipping them if they are an ass 𖤐𖤐Thanks for reading this?!𖤐𖤐  


01/21/2024 01:32 AM 

1:32 am post hehehaww
Current mood:  high

mac and cheese on a saturday night at 1:32 am is so f***ing good. no one will ever change my mind because i ate a whole pot of it. 


DeciSpark 🍉

01/20/2024 07:33 PM 

Strike for Gaza January 21-28

Palestine is calling for a global strike from the 21st - 28th of January 2024. Here's a helpful guide on what you can do to participate in the strike. Even if you can't do it all, do the most that you can. 1. No Work Don't go to work. Don't go to classes. Call out. Talk to your colleagues, organise it together. If you cannot strike the whole time, do an hour together in solidarity. Walk out. Put up signs on your desks and anywhere visible, let people know about it. 2. Be Visible Wear clothes and bags in support of Palestine. Make signs, banners and similar eye-catching gear. Walk around with them, position them in your window, on your desk, anywhere it's visible. Hand out stickers and flyers and infographics. 3. Don't Buy Stuff Prepare and buy what is needed beforehand. Avoid going to stores, don't buy anything online. If something is needed, stay visible (see #2) and avoid companies profiting from Israel's crimes (follow the BDS boycott and check out Do not buy luxury items or anything not urgently needed for survival. 4. Let the World Know Talk to media about the strike. Post about it online, on social media and anywhere you can. Talk to people in your life about it. Invite people to strike with you. Spread the word as far as possible. Take part in local action. 5. Avoid Leisure Activities Don't go to watch a movie or eat in a restaurant. Skip the drinks after work and don't try a new class right now. The goal is to be disruptive, hit the economy and be noticeably absent. If you cannot, follow the above: stay visible, stay loud, keep talking about Palestine. 6. Help Each Other Ask unions for help. Cover for somebody, engage in mutual aid. Plan for disruptions. Don't try to be perfect - it makes you more likely to give up altogether. Do what you can and help others do what they can. We're stronger together. 7. Shut Social Media Down Use social media only to spread posts about Palestine. Scroll past the rest, don't engage. Don't post anything else. Don't use apps otherwise. Let Palestinian content flood the online world during strike days. 8. Whatever You Do, It Counts You can't do it all? That's ok. Find ways you can take part in it. Post on social media, use common hashtags (#StrikeForPalestine #FreePalestine #CeasefireNow). Write a song, make art. Turn your knowledge into informative posts that can be shared. Be the voice of the silenced. The more you can do, the better.

strike for gaza, free palestine, free gaza, ceasefire now


02/12/2024 09:32 AM 

List of all my web social media profile's;
Current mood:  working

Change DOT 2 a . THEN backspace THEN copy & paste the weblink in2 a NEW web window's TOP search address bar - My internet-web social media profiles: instagram DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , twitter DOT com/lonehuman4jesus , gab DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , gettr DOT com/user/lonehuman123 , mewe DOT com/i/self_denied_holy_warrior_for_jesus , minds DOT com/lone_corpse_123 , friendproject DOT net/lone_human_123 , pocketnet DOT app/lonehuman123 , friendser DOT com/profile-6969 , sovren DOT media/u/lonehuman , palscity DOT com/lonehuman , buzzbii DOT com/lonehuman , usa DOT life/lonehuman , orbys DOT net/lonehuman , plurk DOT com/lonehuman , wimkin DOT com/lonehuman , twellit DOT com/lonehuman , inlinx DOT com/about/862600594_0  


01/19/2024 09:06 AM 

Global extermination by 2025;
Current mood:  working

What's ANY 1 think it's past-2 date been = It's SLOW & STEADY NON voluntary, NON optional & enforceable GENOCIDE = It's gonna be literal, incomprehensible CAN DO focused priorities, misc CRYSTAL CLEAR, meticulous (showing great attention to detail; very careful & precise) & keen, Russian roulette, ALL out across the USA - global board murder - suicide, purging weed's of a garden (being dying non human innocent Earth), sanitizing, annihilation, genocidal, bloodbath, massacre, eradicating, extermination by 2025 & not even the word nightmare nor Crime's against humanity can scratch the surface. & USA government had hand in 9/11/2001 JUST A TEST 2 see how the public civilian masses would react, dead 13 soldiers in Afghanistan (2021), like DARPA-HARPA agencies had hand in (Covid, misc) vaccines in lab's cooking it all up & like history, worse Coming!


01/19/2024 11:01 PM 

introduction! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

intro post hello!! this is my intro post ^_^ my name is ayán or kan!! Kan means "blood" in turkish but it also comes from thr name of the mongol empeor!! Im fluent in both english and spanish and i also speak japanese and turkish! I like a lot of medias but im particularly into Ensemble Stars! and Hypnosis Microphone. and im quite a nerd! i like speaking sophistically... I give random fun facts to people! i know a lot of stuff,,, (¬ ■ ‿ ■ ) im seen as an encyclopedia wwIm really really fond of Narumika and they make me believe love actually exists... I also really adore Matenrou and Badass Temple. im tremendously passionate about languages, so if you see anything in the languages I speak dont be hesitant and ask me for a translation... I love translating!! :3 I like soft rock as Jrock and symphonic rock! but i also inherited linking 80s rock from my dad lol Im neurodivergent hence perhaps socializing can be rather hard considering that im furthermore kinda shy ,,, but im friendly according to me.. you can see more abt me on my profile! its not a verbiage but you can get a better picture of me thats it bye

hypmic, enstars, jrock, vkei, harajuku fashion, rock, jpop, matenrou, badass temple, intro post

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