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12/29/2023 11:03 PM 

Dni ig
Current mood:  accomplished

DNI- Christians- People who force religion onto others- Dumb people- HomophobesINT- Ghost Stories fans- COD fans- Horror fans- Himbos/twunks



12/29/2023 09:34 PM 

Yung Lean
Current mood:  sweaty

cast a spell


12/28/2023 03:31 PM 


2nite im painting my nailz black x3


12/25/2023 08:04 PM 


UM UM UM I WANNA BLOG THIS SO I REMEMBER IT SO ERM UMEYAH1. super cool shirts2. a rat lamp :o3. GREEN DAY TICKETS4. alice +alice madness returns5. the vampire lestat AND a rlly fancy edition of queen of the damned form 19876. butterfly clips7. skincare stuff8. a crochet kit andt ehres a dino9. a bunch of other sutffHFAOVNOD IM EXPLODING


12/25/2023 02:30 AM 

appalachian anxieties

dear seventh wonder... i live down under in these blankets that we suffocate in. just soil and lumber, hidden from rain and thunder in this closet that traps me again and again. how many more times should i pretend? andagainandagain.FEELING LIKE... a neverending dead end that i should CRAWL OUT BUT... you kiss me here and you give me space, i know my place, you dig me my grave. trapped, secluded, too much to bear. cause secrecy's a solemn courage mustered... but you never even bothered to give me the time of day. oaths never uttered, our rope just stuck in an endless fray. and again, and again. how many more times should i pretend? andagainandagain.insert solorepeat chor... you kiss me here


12/24/2023 02:05 PM 

shiet ton of days after my last diary entry ig

I didn't say sh*t abt it but I was in a wrestling team for like the last 2 months and the last practice and meet was last week so woo hoo ig. Opened my presents early they were just some pants which was nice. I also got some colonge and shirts as birthday gifts a while back so ya thats it.

sage ★

12/23/2023 10:17 PM 

heaven and hell are human concepts
Current mood:  complacent

I have a strong hate for organized religion in general, but growing up Catholic has fueled this bias. I'm trying to find ways to make this not sound shallow, I have all of these thoughts so it's difficult to type so bare with me. I think Christianity targets people in rough situations, that's why people have these dramatic stories on how religion "saved" them from something. But in a way I think that says more about how harmful religion is than the benefits, everyone will look down on someone recovering from addiction until they bring a dramatic religious story into it. Because it's so widely accepted in society that it's normal and in a sense reinforcing these standards that led people into tough situations in the first place. Organized religion is able to present a new brand of capitalism to the mass population by marketing it differently, by marketting it as something that will set you above everyone else. In a world where everyone is appearing the same on the outside, being able to be "enlightened" and seen as above someone is a good deal. Everyone wants to be a minority in a way and again religion reinforces the idea that you are abover everyone else in some sort of way. It's crazy that people belive this because they literally are telling everyone that. The Bible only has power based on it's interpretation, just like anything else. Religion and politics dont go together because religion is based on personal interpretation, and politics is based on mass belief. Both aren't based on facts, but one is something easier to comprehend. 

Homeless Dan

12/23/2023 02:24 PM 

About Me!
Current mood:  sleepy

Hi, I'm Homeless Dan online, but you can just call me Dan or Danny. I'm 15 (MINOR!!) and I'm a sophmore!  I love anime! My favorite is JJBA (my myanimelist is scaredsilly) I'm watching One Piece rn (water 7 arc) I love everything aquatic!! My favorite aquatic animal and fav animal in general is a shark (I could literally gush about sharks all day) I looooove listening to and talking about music! I play guitar, bass, and ukulele I like playing roblox and enstars! I like drawing a lot I have 8 birds + 4 baby birds currently (the babies don't have names yet). Their names are Sweeca, Jolyne, Mikey, Johngalli A, Sweetpea, Cola, Squash, and Flapjack! My favorite number is 13 (no, not because of taylor swift) I love meeting new people, but I can also be very shy at first so I'm sorry if I don't message you first or am really dry or awkward when first messaging! You might have to message me first.. (;^_^A


12/20/2023 09:13 PM 

Alive in this moment

I think about all the bad things that have ever happened to me but I am alive in this moment. Every trauma, every gut wrenching moment, has lead up to this, and I'm really happy with where I am today. I truly appreciate everyone that has ever been in my life- whether they used me for their own gain, or were in my life for a literal 2 seconds. Everything has impacted me and turned me into who i am today. 

DeciSpark 🍉

12/19/2023 03:55 PM 

Project Shadow fan film

I just watched the Project Shadow fan film. It's really amazing for a fan film and I enjoyed it.

project shadow, shadow the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog, sonic, fan film, fan project

⛤Cyb0rax / Insomniac⛤

12/18/2023 09:47 PM 

DNI (Do NOT interact if...)

DO NOT INTERACT:- if any kind of phobe (includes homophobic, transphobic, etc)- if nazis- if pedos (i see yall profiles and i notice the details.)- if you're 20+ (the ppl who r friends w me before they turned 20+ are obviously an expectation, also yes, it could be that i add ppl who are that age or older, but then i actually think they are okay and not a weirdo - if i add them, then i just love their vibe)- if you have a private profile- creeps all kinds- the type of christians (and any other religious ppl) that force their religion on others- if you can't stand sexual/suicidal/dark jokes etc (tell me the limit)- if racist/sexist/etc- zoo's- if you're overall mean etc- if you can't take flirting (i'll rarely do it, only in vc tbh, if so tell me the limit then again)- if you're a political account- if you only wanna vent and not having an actual convo w me (you can vent, but ask first. and dont do it too much and without actual permission, i have my own problems. Ofc i will listen, if you ask to vent however ♡ just dont use me for that)- if you can't stand me ranting about stuff/simping for specific characters etc- if you want to date me (i do not date online ppl!)- if you support DreamXD or Wilbur Soot after what they have done. Huge i use dude/bro/girl as gender neutral terms- i make suicide jokes and nsfw jokes at times, feel free to unfriend + block me any time if i make you uncomfy- i WILL probably unfriend you if you're mean to me or/and make me feel unvalid/uncomfortable.i'm a human with feelings, so please just look over what you wanted to type/send again and think ''does this hurt the other person in any way?''be respectful. please.


12/18/2023 01:35 AM 

Current mood:  ecstatic

I JUST SAW THIS VIDEO ON MCR ALBUMS AND EXPLAING ALL OF ITTT!!!Here is the link to the slide they had -->

Music, mcr, my chem

Andy Arson

12/17/2023 07:45 PM 

T shirt
Current mood:  confident

Some relative of mine bought me for my birthday a Pink Floyd T-shirt which is waaayy too big on me but I'll wear it oversized 

Fashion, music


12/17/2023 06:24 PM 

Current mood:  worried

It's already December 17th and I'm stressing, I have bought presents for a whopping grand total of: 1 person, my best friend; cause I know exactly what she likes, she's too easy to shop for. She's super into music and weird little novelty items etc etc. I've already got her one of those domo plushies in a panda suit (if u read my little delivery problem rant ((still pissed)) :3) sooo besides that I'm burning her a cd and will prob go into the city to get a little something else idk. She likes weed and Tom Kaulitz, too easy. But idk what to get other people, and I'm not asking for advice cause obv you need to know the person to kknow what to get them but ughh I'm so clueless. My other friend said that all she wants is a fuggler which is easy enough, they're like $10 - $20 and can get em really anywhere but idk I'm just stressing etc etc... I know I'll figure it out though, I do every year. (I'll add a link to a pic of the domo plushie :3)  (I hope the link works, I'm not too tech savvy when it comes 2 links)


12/15/2023 05:41 PM 

I want a Goth boyfriend (read the rest in blog description)!!!!
Current mood:  focused

I'm an an AgeRe little looking for a CG!! But my CG specifically must be a sweet and sensitive Emo & Goth-looking dude, over the age of 23 who looks just like a Ricky "Horror" Olson, from Motionless In White! Ricky's doppelgänger! My big age is 30 but my little age is just 11 months (just under a year)! Don't try to make comments here! Please just add me on SnapChat only if you are genuinely interested! NO inappropriate conversations please! My username: gothic_panther

Emo, goth, Ricky horror, Ricky Olson, miw, motionless in white, littlespace, doppelgängers, CG

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