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09/16/2021 08:26 PM 

Current mood:  relaxed

idk man chillin playin dbd with my partner we ballin


09/16/2021 04:25 PM 

I Know You Guys Must Think I Need To Get A Life

I know you guys must think I need to get a life but right now typing on here on my laptop is my coping mechanism and I really don't know any other way really and I just feel that my keyboard is the best possible answer and I really need to just get what I am honestly truly feeling out I feel like if I hold all of my emotions in and bottle them up I will just get mad and take it out on everyone who is trying to help me and I am still so lost and have no idea really how to deal with it still. So that is why I said typing on my laptop on here is the best coping mechanism for me and I can't even think of anything else really. But I still think to myself why does this kind of stuff keep happening to me and it should have been me and not my Great Grandma and I wish it could have been me and not her. Maybe everyone would have a much better life if she was still a life and I was gone.  And I sometimes wish too she could've lived a little longer and not pass away so quickly and she would still be here and I just think maybe I am not needed on this earth anymore and everyone would be happy too and I know they would because I don't think my family loves me at all and I'm starting to think to myself why am I even here? Or why was I even born? I wish I wasn't even born at all and I know for sure I would be a lot better off if I wasn't born and I never existed 


09/16/2021 06:11 PM 

Current mood:  sick

ew i think im sick i cant go through this again and schools kinda goodi dont like home th0anyways

emo, blog, bored


09/16/2021 04:57 PM 

Bug's life 2
Current mood:  blissful

i just realized that the only actually nice conversation ive had with my dad has been when he was high.i rly like teh emojis on this website ^_^


09/16/2021 04:40 PM 

Bug's life nr 1
Current mood:  bored

i am rly bored rn, idrk how to make an interesting blog but rn im listening to the worst song on my playlist (rocketship to the moon)  kinda giving me tryhard emo, but its also a vibe. nvm im skipping this song goddamn,today i went to school and didnt rly do anything interesting. i skipped zumba cuz im so f***ing tired wow. but actually i talked to a popular guy today which is different for me cuz im rly not popular at all, but he was nice. this other guy also talked to me but that was awkward, hes like best friends with a popular girl and hes kinda living the popular life rn. i wonder how long it will last LMFAO. I only started knowing him 2 years ago, but he has never been popular cuz everyone thought he was weird up until this year after summer break. i was friends with him tho, but go off popular boy.  he is weird tho. i remember he msg'ed me on saying "so r u like a total lesbian?" and i was like "no, im bi u know that" (im also not a girl, but he doesnt know that cuz im not out yet) and he was like "so i might have a chance w u?" and i was like "if ur lucky" LMFAO, and then we didnt rly talk fter that.. but some more backstory, we were actually together for a day in 8th grade as well (im in 10th now) bcuz we were talking kind of a lot, and then he said he liked me and i was like "so do u wanna date?" and he was like "omfg yea!" and then he dumped me the day after  in front of all my ballet friends eaugh... either way, we talked today.something that frustrates me a bit is that when he wants to hang out with Ella (his new best friend) he wont bike to school, but when i wanna walk with him he bikes like whatever im not dependent on a f***ing highschool boy, but like why r u gonna tell me u like me and then not hang out w me ???? idk man. my friend Emily told me that he is probably just doing it for laughs, but idk.. i want to say that she is just sayin that to be mean, but i am kinda gullible idk,, i have taken some tests that say i am on the autism spectrum, but i doubt that the tests are accurate. it would make sense tho,,,  either way i should probably get that checked out..yeah, my dad told my mom i should go see a psychiatrist, but she wont take me.. i wonder what thats about i dont think my mom believes i have mental health issues, my room is rly messy rn and she thinks im just lazy :/ the only reason im even seeing the school therapist (actually i think shes just a nurse wow) is because my freaking teacher was worried abt me. i think that says something about my mom, but idk-- my dad is an ass hat, but sometimes i wish i lived with him.

life, school


09/16/2021 02:06 PM 

♡ qna cuz bored ♡
Current mood:  bored

♡ 1) whats your name and age?   - ♡ my name is angel, im 19 ^^ ♡♡ 2) Do you eat meat?    - ♡ only fish meat! im pescaterian, and haaate red meat with a passion ♡♡ 3) What's your Birthday?   - ♡ january 21~ ♡♡ 4) What starsign are you?   - ♡ aquarius! ♡♡ 5) What's your favourite colour?   - ♡ pink pink pINKKK!!!1! ♡♡ 6) What's your lucky number?   - ♡ honestly dont have one but... ive always liked one. cuz im number one- pshhh jkjk ♡♡ 7) Do you have pets?    - ♡ i have a dog and two rats! ♡♡ 8) Where are you from?    - ♡ im an angel sent from heaven~ ♡♡ 9) What's your height?   - ♡ 5'3... >.< ♡♡ 10) What's your shoe size?   - ♡ i use US size 8 in womens and 6 in mens! ♡♡ 11) What's your favorite public transport?    - ♡ hmm.. we don't have that where i live.. ♡♡ 12) What talents do you have?    - ♡ im pretty good at art! ♡♡ 13) Are you good at any skill?   - ♡ like i said, art.. but also fashion! and makeup XP ♡♡ 14) Are you a more artistic or mathematic person?   - ♡ artistic ♡♡ 15) What's your favorite animal?   - ♡ PUPPIESSSSSSSS :DDDDD !!!!111!11!! ♡

intro, qna


09/16/2021 01:59 PM 

♡ horror manga review back from hiatus ! ♡
Current mood:  bored

♡ hello friendproject! i think im gonna try to be active again >.< just to continue doing manga reviews as an attempt to find like minded ppl. :3 i can't think of any manga to review off the top of my head, but i know ill be able to find some and update you all soon :) thank you for reading, i love you all! ♡

review, manga, horror


09/15/2021 06:01 PM 


Me again. I know you guys may think I have a problem but I just feel like typing what I am feeling now since I lost my Great Grandmother and I just feel completely lost like I said before and I miss my Great Grandma so much. It has only been a month since she passed away on July 30 of this year. And I am really still trying to realize she is gone. But I can't help but think of her and when I do think of her I cry and I can't help but cry because me and her were so close and I can't deal with her being gone really and I wish she was still here with me and I wonder if she was still here if she would still love me and I can't even stop thinking about her now that she is gone and I still feel like I have nothing to live for so why am I here for if my Great Grandma is gone then why can't I go and be with her. I hate that she is gone still and I would love to really join my Great Grandma but no one will let me be with her and I hate that everyone is stoping me from being with her

𝒂𝒗𝒂 ☆

09/15/2021 08:20 PM 

hey sluts
Current mood:  pretty

how are we all doinngggg!!! i forgot about friendproject and ig all my friends i have on here did too but anyways... trying to be more active on here lolol, friend me challenge go!!!!


09/15/2021 03:21 PM 

wild heart

in 5 hours im going to be up front seeing nick rattigan perform his heart out like the hot n sexy son of a bitch he is. i hope sophmore year me is impressed. current joys are one of those bands that's always stuck with me. i don't think i can ever really shake them from my listening. im excited. he better play "naked" or else im going to scream. i should start getting ready now, just wanted to write a bit pre-concert depresssion yk? hope i take good pics/videos. peace.

current joys, nick rattigan, the troubador, concert lyfe, happy, high school moment, :')


09/15/2021 02:58 PM 

Can't Stop Typing

I apologize for just typing my heart out. But I have to deal with my own grief my own way and I just feel I have to deal with my grief in a different way. Everyone has their own way of grieving and for me it is typing on my laptop on here on my blog and I again apologize for this I am just in shock about the death of my Great Grandmother and I can't find any other way to just get my mind off of this and It's just like I said me and my Great Grandmother were really really really close and I miss her every single day and we would always watch tv together especially Simon's Cat. She was never a big fan of cats but she really loved Simon's Cat and we loved that cat and we would laugh all the time. I love my Great Grandmother more than anything 


09/15/2021 02:32 PM 

I am so Depressed Part 2

It's me again. I just wish I knew how to cope with the loss of losing my great grandmother. I sometimes wish I knew what I could do. But I really don't know what to do at all. All I know is I am so angry at why I lost my Great Grandmother. I guess I will never understand and I sometimes wonder why I am even here? Maybe I am better off dead and being with my Great Grandmother in heaven. Or better yet why did you have to take her God? I mean isn't your job to heal the sick, God? So why take away the one person who I know will always love me. And I seriously can't believe you would take her like that knowing I needed her more  


09/15/2021 12:36 PM 

sup peeps!

i dyed my hair and such plus it got longer so i might take some photos l8r! ^u^ so ya!



09/15/2021 11:34 PM 


headcanon that benrey can absolutely talk "normal", he just chooses not to. he likes the start and stop, and the drawn out bits as well as the "dudes", "bros", and "whuh?s" he throws in there lol. only time he doesn't talk like that is when he's dead serious, like when gordon's hand got cut off 

#hlvrai, #benrey,


09/15/2021 11:04 PM 

Current mood:  content

i like this website

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