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evie :p

09/21/2021 11:48 PM 

i dont knowwww

hii i dont know what to put on here but yeah im starteing to get into my depression again and im trying to cope by doing unhealthiy things and im starting to not do homework anymore and not being home alot and not really talking to my dad and starting to start up again with my unhealthy eating habits but yeah everything just kidna sucks right now  

real life, depression,homework


09/21/2021 10:26 PM 

no subject
Current mood:  gloomy

it takes its time in eating me.


09/21/2021 09:31 PM 

no subject
Current mood:  frustrated

why am i like this ? i need to feel the consequences of remembering. i just need a reason. any reason. i can't stay focused. everything has hoarded itself into the 


09/21/2021 08:58 PM 

dump post
Current mood:  froggy

i yelled at someone today. this is my joker moment.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


09/21/2021 07:41 PM 


dear alice,     i wrote about the same thing twice now. i wanted to get it off of my chest yesterday. i wrote it when i was out with my sister. i liked how i wrote it and was pretty much ready to send it out but i deleted it. i didnt want to, my phone slipped out of my hand in the car and boom it was gone before i could post it. and now i wrote it again, wondering why i even had to. i feel like throwing it out there makes it feel like ik've actually told people about this but i think i've only told like 1 person but its just been eating away at me for a moment now so its just better if i get it out. maybe later once i think about it a bit more


09/21/2021 02:48 PM 

Current mood:  happy



09/21/2021 10:52 PM 

Current mood:  melancholy

it's so crazy how a year ago things were so much different and i was so much different. that's crazy too me. i'm happier now tho. i think, i just feel happier 


09/21/2021 11:16 PM 

photo showing my piercings (nostril, lip, smiley)
Current mood:  accomplished

pierced them all myself... it's always super fun lol :D i've had luck so far!

piercing, piercings, photo, emo


09/21/2021 12:45 PM 

Current mood:  silly

Can I get a rawr xD in the chat?


09/20/2021 06:30 PM 

i haven’t seen u in a long time

u got me feeling so lonelyvomit. 


09/20/2021 05:45 PM 

Current mood:  excited



09/20/2021 06:52 PM 

- untitled 9 -
Current mood:  headphones

if i romanticize my life enough, maybe something fun will happen lmao.

Angii <3

09/20/2021 08:16 PM 

Just thoughts, and things doesnt happens in real life.. but in my mind it does

 In my mind, like 2 years ago, someone called me "love" in a YT comment, and in my mind, everyone would see it, and say "oh, this girl has an internet bf, lets bully her, she maybe has a lot of bfs, she is a whore", I didnt even know the man who wrote iit! and it could be only a way to refer to someone like "hey love", but in my mind everyone was callying me a whore for that "love" and i deleted my channel kjsabd I think my mom wants me to act like an adult when im 14 f***in years old, she called me toxic, we were watching a motivation video, and the person said "Stay away from the toxic persons" and she said "i have to stay away from you" and i was like "whyy?" and she said "Your negativity, you are always saying you tried, you strived, but you never do it" and its like, yeah... its not easy for me to make things when i have someone telling me im useless always and that i cant do anything... Tuesday 22 September 2021/ Martes 22 de Septiembre de 2021 Why does people think more deep things, like, i dont understand teories like we live in a simulation, i dont really care, in my mind its more simple, in my mind im lije a bug, im a little person in a huuuge rock, in a huge floating rock, in de middle of a space, a spinning rock made of water and dirt spinning around other rock, bugger, and made of fire, im actually not very worrie about future, or things people i know worry about, i am very impulsive and i like to just make things like an experiment, even people say like "its a bad idea" well, life its an experiment, noone has instructions abt how live correctly, actually, i´ll make another point abt my opinion of lifeLIIFE: life, life has a point  and meaning to me, and another for other people, everyone has a different perception of life, "life is money" "life is love", well, i will explain whats life for me, but i can say it in just one word, EXPERIMENTAs i said, no one has instructions abt how to live, noone knows what will happen, you just experiment, life is a mistake and acerted test, you will fail a lot, but you will learn, or just fail again, its okaay, life is just to guess what will happen, well, in my mind, when i grow up, i wanna make a looot of things, just to know what would happen (if i grow up, and dont kill myself)Well, people will tell "noo, dont fall in love, dont do that, dont try that, dont eat that" well, shut up, im not afraid to failing, actually; yeah, i can fall in love with the wrong person, it can hurt, i can suffer, yeah, it can be horrible, I can fall in love with the wrong personI can eat that and get stomachacheI can do that and break my armI can try it and failITS OKAAAY, becouse that means im alive, im not afraid to make new sh*t, that doesnt mean i will always be happy and "oh, my bf cheated on me, but it was an experiment" i will suffer and feel pain, but at the end of the day, when i feel better i´ll say, "Hey, that sucked as f***, but, that means im alive heh, i wasnt afraid to fail and i recibed damage, but now i feel better"You know, see everything like an experiment, say "LOOL, i made a mistake, thats funny"I also want to watch things like funny things, not be like "DAMMN, MY CAR CRASHED, NOW I HAVE TO WALK", be like "Lmao, im an idiot and crached my car, well, that was a sh*t, never do that again, at least i can walk and see the sky"Look, life is not a sh*t, situations are sh*t, but, maybe what you decide to do with that situation its the experimentLiving, for me, is DONT BE AFRAID, be able to make everything, yeah, life for me is being impulsive, so whaat, Life is funny, in my opinion, its weird and unexpected, you can say "lool, didnt expect that sh*t happen to me" "never expected i would marry that mf of there" If you make something wrong, its funny, "OOoh, it wasnt like this, i messed it up", then laugh, dear, you f***ed up your car bc you dont know a sh*t about cars, then count it like something funny dont "I hate everything, i tried to arreglar the car, but i messed it up and i tond have money for mechanicals" NAAAH, "LOL, IM AN IDIOT AND JUST F***ED UP DA F***IN CAR HAHA" I dont know, just, im not afraid of almost anything, i wanna make parachute, go to high buildsOOOH, WHEN I GROW UP, I DONT WANNA HAVE ONLY ONE JOB, like, Im actually not worried about what to study, i wanna make a band, i know, cliché, but actually i really love the idea, but also wanna work in little things you know, like a pizza deliver, a waitress, dancer, EXPERIMENTTT ALL JOBSSS, Im not worried abt grades too, as i said, i think the point of life is just live, i dont care about the money, about love maybe, but im only worried abt not feeling alive, and not feeling im not enjoying my life, money can burn, love can end, but life can be enjoyed, I wanna learn climbing trees, learn to swim in lakes or pools, watch the sky, and just lay in the floor with someone, and giving a f*** about the whole world


09/20/2021 08:06 PM 

i feel like absolute sh*t
Current mood:  blah

i feel like sh*t so to make myself feel better, (or worse probably) im going to talk about everything thats been making me feel like sh*t lately, or not lately idfk:i miss my bf who was never rly my bf. we were just friends lol but now we cant talk bc of his stupid bitch ass mother and i also never got to tell him how i felt in full and now i cant and idk if ill ever be able to live that down.speaking of ex bfs and sh*t, my ex bf who actually was my bf lmao, kinda miss him too. we were still cool after we broke up and now he hates me for reasons idk and i hate that. i dont want to be friends with him bc he sucks ass, i just kinda want him to not hate me?my parents. thats it. their expectations r too high and theyre too strict and i cant take it. i just feel like as i get older they try their hardest to make me want to f***ing kill myself. i literally cannot wait to be out of this house and away from these i hate school. its so hard, im not the gifted and talented girl everyone thought i was in elementary school. i dont understand anything and i dont have the motivation to do any work.chores. they wouldnt be so bad if i actually had a shred of motivation left, sadly i do not.i have to do things. i hate that i have to do things. i dont want to do anything. i just want to sleep. not even because im lazy and just dont want to do anything, i literally just dont feel like i can. i feel like ive lost all my talents. i cant do anything right anymore and im too much of a bitch to make a second attempt at anything. i dont even have the energy to talk to my friends thats all lmao bye


09/20/2021 02:15 PM 

Current mood:  listless

ugh i hate this period of waiting genuinely the worstonly 4 days to go but ugh!!! 

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