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Janice Frisch

06/20/2012 05:23 PM 

new songs!!!
Current mood:  creative

writing and recording new songs... very excited to put them up here! STAY TUNED or go to for more! Have a super gr8 day all ~ janice xo

Bj Lynn;

05/16/2012 08:24 PM 


Layout Request:What font(s) you want.What colour(s) you want.What background/images you want. What you want it to say.Are you straight or gay?I guess you could call me Pansexual (someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender)Can we text/sext/skype/IM?I don't give out my number, I don't 'sext' anyone I'm not seriously dating, I don't use skype, and if you want to IM let me know if you have aim/msn/yahoo/etc; and I'll give you the correct username.Send me noodz/Can I send you noodz?No, and no.I'll add to this later.

Mostafa Majd's ✔Verified AccountŠ

03/22/2012 11:48 PM 

Why birds sings?


03/11/2012 08:31 PM 

Top Friends .

Add them now, they are all really sweet! Kati, Annu, Kittie, Veselina

it's jazz.

02/11/2012 02:01 PM 

About Me
Current mood:  adored

Removed; Old shit, ya digg? Something coming soon.


02/03/2012 03:29 PM 

Introducing the New FP Stream
Current mood:  adored

First and foremost, If you do NOT like the new stream you have the option to switch back to the older version. You can do that by clicking here. Just uncheck "Use the new Stream".New Stream Features: - The ability to comment someones update.- The ability to share photos (which is stored in your "Stream photos" album.)- The ability to show videos.New Stream Options:- You can hide a range of updates from specific friends.- You can unhide hidden friends under "Stream Settings".- You can allow/disallow your friends to comment your updates.I know some of you have suggested similar features. We may consider updating this more in the future. 

new, friendproject, status, stream

Stephanie Thornton

01/24/2012 07: PM 


personal photos herephotos of me heremy photography here

Vampire Heart

01/03/2012 02: AM 

Total Bullshit

I hate how the people around me that claim they know me very well don't even have a clue about me or anything about my life. Why do those people expect me to be their little princess or angel ? Can't they see that I am all grown up ? A lot of things have changed  about me and my life since my childhood. They all just assume that I will go back to being the same girl I once was. Well they are wrong !!! I know that I'm a beautiful and smart girl. So I'm just going to keep on living my life how I want to live it. No longer will I put up with how others expect me to be because that is in fact TOTAL BULLSHIT !!!!! I love my life just the way it is and wouldn't change anything about it for anything in the world !!!


04/20/2013 02:54 PM 

Frequently Asked Questions
Current mood:  pessimistic

Frequently  Asked  QuestionsWhat is your name?I have an eternal hatred for my given name and have never gne by it. My brother called me "Tay" when I was a baby because he couldn't say my whole name, so that is what everyone called me. However, I do not like it at all. So, please, call me Adaleigh. How old are you? My age is irrelevant, don't bother asking.What is your gender?I am female. What is your sexual orientation?I am human.What is your relationship status?I am single but in love. What is your religion?I am Wiccan. Where are you from? Australia.Compliments.Thank you, it means a lot, honestly.Insults.Grow up.-Will you promote me?Sure, as long as you promote me, unless I do so as a favor to you.Do you do PC4PC?Yes I do, just ask.What is the song on your page?River Flows In You by Yiruma. Where can I download it?Here. What is your theme/layout? Custom made by me. ---------------------------NOTE: If you ask me anything that is already answered in my FAQ I will either be rude embarrass you.



12/04/2011 09: PM 

JesseInsanity's Poetry

These poems were written by me describing what I was going through at various times of my life. Many hidden meanings are included. Feel free to try to make your own meaning out of them. Thank you.Actions RewindActions got us where we are todayThrough suffering from our mistakesThere is no one to blameWith the pain we takeOur tears will be erasedLive by our hands of fateEverything will be okay, one dayThe trace of our faith cannot be misplacedTrue and solid hope our minds containGuide yourself with your heart, not your shameLive to live, not to die and decayAlone AgainAlone AgainYou made it endYour reasoning standsAlone in my denCaged like an animalAlmost unforgivableYou're so unbelieveableAlmost nondurableIf I leave this cageLeaving all this rageWill I charge a gateThat's there to debateCan I make it on my ownLeft there to roamSitting as a droneEver so monotoneHow can I be cursedHow can I be blessedAnxious at firstThen later motionlessLost and Found Captured RealityI'm lost, I'm foundIn your eyes, against the groundEmbedded you are, in my mindTake a step, lost in timeAround you, it feels so rightWith you, in my sightIn your eyes, I see gleamingNo insecurity, I hold my breathingBeating heavy is my heartFrom the happiness you have broughtI see you as an artIntrigued, lost in thoughtI'll hold you from your fearsTell me how you feelI'll take away those tearsBecause baby you know this is realCaptured is your beautyLocked in a boxHeld up above meWith a key and a lockTake everything you've knownEvery dream you concealEvery fantasy grownI'll make it realConscience FeelingShe gleams in the darkest settingsShe cares when there is no needShe reflects you with similarityShe holds you just to be close to youShe sees you as a magnetShe can't look away without attractionYou hold her as if she's rareA cherished gem firmly with careTime holds frozenIt feels meant to beInstead of being chosenThe music continues over our breathingIs there such a thing as sadnessWhen happiness overides your conscienceYou wake up from this dreamIt seemed so realEverything I feelEmbedded in my intentionsIntentions never endingAs long as that dreamLingers forever trulyThat feeling of loveWill abide within meFeeble Lights Awake And SubsideEntertain me like a strobe lightControl me like a street lightSet me to a certain timeSpeed me up at night timeHold me as your securityTreat me with purityLook at me with curiosityLeave with me from societyEmbed me with your charmI'll protect you from harmI'll see you in my sightsAs we turn off the lightsNo darkness can hideEverything I feel insideAs my heart, it subsidesMy hopes held highNo longer will I tryTo live with liesThe world can't be appeasedWhen someone as feeble as meHolds the little things up highAnd people who don't openly cryEnemies they should beBut that's what's wrong with meTake me away from this crimePut me back in my primeMyself and my loveHeld up aboveA rope you bindIn my mindMy Heart Pulsates The lights start moving but we keep stillEven without you moving your looks could killIn my arms I imagine you hereI tell myself there's nothing to fearEven as you stand there motionlessI find myself staring in a tranceOver odds, I come over to where you standBaby won't you come and take my handMusic blares, you stand next to meMy heart pulsates vigorouslyMy hand you take ever so suprisinglyEyes lit up ever so widelyThe lights keep moving but we keep stillHolding you so gives me a thrillIn these arms you stand hereFeelings without worries nor fearEven as you stand there motionlessI find myself in your benevolenceOver odds, I'm here where you standBaby, I never want this to endMusic blares, you stand next to meMy heart pulsates vigorouslyI kiss your lips ever so surprisinglyA moment ever so divinelyA Myth: Usually Simple, Unanswered, and Hiding Behind ComplexityI feel the need to prove myselfI always ask myself whyI can't answer my own questionNo matter how much time passes byPeople question what makes my very beingLike they need proof, an answerLike I have to explain my breathingMy mind I wish I could transferA simple guy with complex thinkingA myth to the worldRumors surrounding his imageNone of them a realityOnly he can live itAbsorbed painHe watchesHe listensWho is the real betrayer?Betrayal by the witnessTo depend is to trustResponsible for your own actionsLife without lustTrue to your affectionBy the end of the dayTaken not afraidNot ashamedWithout any tradeA ghost with this shameA face with no nameA dangerous mind gameLiving in a frameComplex, nothing to explainNo words, no restA wild burning flameMy honor you contestIn my head everything is containedMisery, Mystery, Life, and a Lesson Learned Everything in this worldConstant with materialConsistent with mysteryLife with miseryGood with evilUntamed spontaneityTwisted inconsistent lawsDestiny is every flawEvery mistake a realityNone can take your obscenityNone can shape your decencyChoice with continuityA child, a flawA man, a lesson learnedSensory to the heartWithout falling apartUncharted given abilitiesGiven not without consequencesLearn from your every actionMake true your intentionsChains Of DeathChains of death, I escapeI had no choice, I could not waitWhy can't you follow, why can't you understandI'm lost tonight, In the sins of manI observe you, I can't control youI want to help you, not destroy youLove like kin, ruined by sinTwo different roads, everything we choseAn unwanted ending, two different destiniesOnce an ally, now an enemyA Burden RevealedMy burden, revealed to you with trustSimple is your answer, but yet impossible to fulfillI wasn't asking for your advice, but for your comfortYou stabbed me in the back, announcing my burdenWas I not there, as a true friendDid I ever deserve, to be betrayed like thisAnother reality turned to illusionWas I foolish to trust and careShaking with this feelingAnger inflames my beingSomeone else takes overThe opposite of my characterForbidden angels calm my angerBut the damage has been dealtNo room for apologyNo words taken backEven those said out of characterTrust and care, I'm awareGone for now, and maybe foreverWho and II has a friendHer name is WhoWhat and Why didnt know HowBut How knew Who which she knew IWhat asked why "who is who?"The asked Me "Where is I?"Me said "I is with who."Nobody knew where or why.Students MindEvery time I try to thinkThe words wont come in mindEven if i know the answerI lose my remaining timeEvery time I try to talkThe words wont come outLike I have a problemLike im spinning nowEvery time I try to hearThere's so many distractionsWhen I try to answer backThere is no reactionEvery time I try to learnIt's like I haven't a clueLike A wolf in the nightStaring at the moon

Poetry, Poems, Emotions, Love, Betrayal, Confusion

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

Life Without You

My life without you is incomplete. Ever since you have left me, I have been very depressed. Why have you been taken away from me? I miss you so much mom~mom. I love you ! My life without you is pointless. You are the first and the last person I think about everyday. You were my best friend in the world and it really hurts me that you're gone. You are the one person that meant everything in the world to me and now you're gone ! My life without you makes no sense. When you left me so suddenly, a big piece of my heart went with you. That hole in my heart is there for life and nobody will ever be able to fill it. I feel completely lost without you. My life without you is depressing. I can't stop thinking about that day when my mom told me what had happened to you. It brings tears to my eyes. I miss you so much ! My life without you is a mess. Loosing you was and still is the worst thing that ever happened to me. This is something that has scared me for life! I would give anything to have you back by my side again. My life without you is boring.I miss all of the time that we have spent together. How could this have happened to me? You were everything in this world to me ! My life without you means nothing to me. I've lost all hope and belief when you left me all those years ago. You are my heart and I miss you so much! Without you in my life, nothing makes any sense to me anymore.     _____________________________________________________________                        In Loving Memory                               Of                       Mom~Mom     November 2, 1944 - January 31 , 1996 ______________________________________________________________                          Forever in my heart !!!

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

" Loneliness "

Tears of sorrow and depression run down my face. The pain that I feel when I think about loosing you makes my heart ache. My love for you is endless !   The loneliness I'm going through is of extreme pain . I can't think of anything more worse than the day when you've left me . I have been very lonely and nothing will ever make this pain go away.   For my one true best friend in this world. Those memories that I have of you is what keeps you alive in my heart. I will cherish those memories forever.   Oh the loneliness is too much for me to deal with . My dear sweet grand mother every time I shed a tear, I think about you. It's so unfair how you have been taken away from me.   As each day goes by, I miss you more and more.You were somebody I could always count on and trust . If I could have just one wish, I would wish to have you back by my side again.   All of this loneliness is breaking my heart and destroying my soul. i am not the same girl that I use to be . When you were alive , I was so happy and full of energy.   Now that you've been taken away from me, I'm not as happy as I was before. I have less energy now too. I would give anything to be happy again for your sake.   There is too much loneliness here. I just can't stand to feel like this all of the time. But, I just can't help myself. i miss you so much. You are the first and the last person I think about every day.   Will this loneliness ever go away ? Only time will tell. Thankyou for always being there for me. I look forward to seeing you again someday.

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

" Depression "

There is only one way I feel when I think about that awful day.Not a lot of people understand the pain and sorrow that I'm going through. I don't know why but, in a way I still feel responsible for what had happened to you.   Depression has completely taken over my life. Ever since you passed away, not one day has gone by where I feel completely and totally one hundred percent happy. My life is a huge wreck !   Why did this have to happen to me ? You were so happy and full of energy. No matter how I was feeling, you always knew what to say and do to make me feel better.   Depression is a very negative source of energy. My heart is starting to ache and it's even hard for me to breathe at times because of the way I feel. Why must my life be so miserable ?   I don't like to feel like this all of the time because I feel like I'm pushing everybody I care about away from me. I want to do everything that I can to be happy for you Mom~Mom.   Depression is a cruel thing. This is something that completely detroys you until there is nothing left at all. Depression is in my opinion another way of saying " Destroyer of the heart and soul " .   I try to keep myself busy with things that I love to do but, for some reason even the things that I love can't get me out of my deep depression. There has got to be something to make me feel better.   Depression is nothing but evil that tries to control who you are and who you become. This is something that is very difficult to controll. Depression is a terrible feeling that I want to get rid of.   I feel that you were one out of many people that I could always talk to about my problems and  you would always understand. My mom and Uncle Rich are also somebody that I can always go to and they will always understand how I feel. There are a lot more people I can talk to about how I feel and they will always understand.   Depression keeps me away from the things that I love the most. I 'm really starting to worry because I feel my spirit dying and it's something that I must take care of before something very serious happens to me.   I need you Mom~Mom !After all these years, I still can't get over the fact that you're gone. To be  perfectly honest, I still don't understand why this happened. Please help me to understand this before my depression seriously hurts me.

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

Saying Goodbye To Lincoln High School ( written on Feb 24, 2008 )

When I first came to Lincoln Highschool as a freshman, I couldn't wait for my senior year because I wanted to graduate and move on to college. I still want to graduate and go to college but, now that I'm a senior in highschool, I wish that I could just start all over again as a freshman. To be honest, I never expected my time in highschool to go by as fast as it did. Looking back on the time I have spent at Lincoln, I am very proud of myself for everything that I have accomplished in order to get this far. Saying good-bye to Lincoln Highschool is going to be very hard for me to do because I have had a lot of fun there. Saying good-bye to the teachers that I've had is also going to be hard for me to do because those teachers have taught me so much and I greatly appreciate them for it. Well, as graduation day gets closer and closer all I can say is, good luck to all of my friends with everything that you do !   Class  Of 2008

Vampire Heart

11/26/2011 03: PM 

A Great Accomplishment ( written on Jun 20, 2008 )

Graduating from highschool with a diploma in my hands is my greatest accomplishment so far ! As I move on in life I look back on my four years at Lincoln High and I see everything that I had to do in order to be where I'm at right now.I just never ever thought that I would be graduating from highschool so quickly ! These past four years have certainly gone by way faster than I have expected ! I am so happy that I now have a high school diploma.To the class of 2008 : We did it ! Congratulations and good luck to all of you with everything that you do ! I hope that we can keep in touch !   Lincoln High Class Of 2008 Lots Of Memories !

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