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01/11/2021 10:06 PM 


A bit late, but happy 2021 friends :]

*✿❀ yssa ❀✿*

01/12/2021 08:39 PM 

Current mood:  blank

sometimes when i see people who are attractive and have the perfect body and especially when they have talents(ex. drawing, sports, etc.) i dont have(i doubt i even have 1) i just feel so inferior? if i had to describe it they would be a giant or somthing and im just a tiny person and they're laughing and stomping on me(sorry this is weird this is just how i would describe it) but at the same time i just want to be better than everyone else i want other people to envy me and wish they were me like i just want to be the best in the whole entire world that no one can beat and worship me you know?? idk this is weird but this is just how i always feel about other people


01/11/2021 06:37 PM 


hello, im not new to this website but my old account had gotten deleted so whoops. happy to be back though lol.


01/11/2021 07:17 PM 

Had to go to back to the office in the middle of a panoramic
Current mood:  vibrant

Went back to the office today and if my coworkers didnt want me to talk about my depression they shouldve just quit because me being there is THEIR problem not mineeee 


01/11/2021 05:23 PM 

New post haiii xD
Current mood:  drained

I'm still depressed af BUT on the bright side I might get a flip phone ~ !!! :D I don't want a smartphone anymoar idc if it's "better" all I ever need is google and yt 


bnanalvrr 🤍

01/11/2021 04:01 PM 

Current mood:  indifferent

first blog post ig lmao. i wanna look back at these and cringe, or look back and feel nostalgic theres no in between. hopefully i can tell stories if life gets interesting. this is like forbidden twitter.

mimi zzz

01/11/2021 01:01 PM 



mimi zzz

01/11/2021 11:30 PM 


maybe one day i'll post picz of myself if im not feeling self conscious >_<in the meantime i can make an album for comfort charaz!!

mimi zzz

01/11/2021 11:22 PM 

mad father

waaaaa a friend made another one of my friends and i play mad father and its so good T_T dio my beloved ily

mimi zzz

01/11/2021 11:19 PM 


tw s*ic*dei keep on wondering how people would react if i killed myself. with others feel sorrow? will the ones who hurt me feel regret? or will they not care? my questions will be left unanswered and it distresses me.


01/11/2021 09:09 AM 

Current mood:  tired

I have not slept in 20 hours. In a Google Meet with the audio muted because I do not care. I just need to do stupid sh*t to stay awake for the rest of the day so I do not get flagellated by the court mage in charge of my school. I will probably fall asleep in like 2 hours though. I should drink some God Damn C*ffee so I am NOT tired. That would be cool and great.Besides complaining I have recently acquired a copy of Soulcalibur III for the PS2 from a pal and I have been enjoying the game like it's 2006. Fun game, annoying but not too bad for a fighting game. I don't particularly like fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken or Mortal Kombat or basically and highly competitive combo-based games. But Soulcalibur is awesome because you can create f***ed up silly characters and kick some ass or get your ass handed to you on a meathook (some custom characters will just f***ing Suck). Raphael and Mitsurugi are my favorites and "mains." They are cool!

tired, video games

mimi zzz

01/11/2021 10:10 PM 

school zz

my french teacher is so mean, i hate her x_xshe made me hate the french language and i could care less about not paying attention to my class. when she said she felt as if i didnt care abt my class, i wish i could've said 'yea i dont!!!!' T_T


01/11/2021 07:52 PM 

Current mood:  awake

currently 4:54a.m. No idea where my life is going, probably gonna sleep in till 3p.m. for the 3rd week in a row. Hahahaha I hate it here edit: it’s 7:20 a.m. what the f*** 


*✿❀ yssa ❀✿*

01/11/2021 07:54 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

(this is how i feel about the anime community on TIK TOK based from experience) i literally hate the anime community so much i can see why the "normies"(why do we even call them that?) hate us so much  where do i even start... 1 they always hate on the "normies" btw its such a weird term to call someone who doesnt watch anime that anywho they hate on them when they use anime audios or start watching anime bcuz its a "trend" like they literally hate on them for just having fun let them live jeez also why cant you just appreciate the fact that more people are starting to watch anime, is it really that bad if you didnt start watching anime when you were 8??? and they think they're funny by saying "LeVi YoU MiSsEd OnE" or "WhAtS yOuR nAMe AgAiN*notebook emoji*" UGGHHH IT GETS ON MY NERVES  2 they invalidate other peoples top anime list and call it mid and say that its mainstream stuff like that, ITS LITERALLY MAINSTREAM FOR A REASON BCUZ MANY PEOPLE ENJOY IT also its THEIR list and THEIR opinion and what THEY like.. its called MY top list for a reason!!!! 3 they think they are funny for spamming japanese words with emojis in between and think its top tier comedy?! espicially the one in late last year when they copypaste the ybc op w emojis AND THEY STILL DO, that sh*t is literally overused and just not funny at all :[ 4 they compare anime characters to any asian person they see on tik tok and say "OmG hE lOoKs JuSt LiKe KeNmA" when they just literally have blonde hair?! they dont even look alike?! one time i even saw a volleyball game on youtube and the comments were "iRl HiNaTa" instead of comparing them to 2D characters, can you just appreciate their actual talent instead? back to tik tok, there are even times when they comment "OmG aNiMe GiRl" CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME?? BCUZ I DONT UNDERSTAND they just sound stupid af commenting stuf lik that also they always say "i want to go and live in japan someday" i mean i understand that japan seem like a cool place to visit but you HAVE TO STOP glamourizing japan, just because they have anime doesnt mean that its some magical wonderland thats perfect but its NOT, japan also has its flaws and problems just like any other country 5 i literally HATE WITH ALL MY HEART THE MEN IN THE ANIME COMMUNITY(not all but the ones who act like this) they want a gf who watches anime but they bash the women who make content about anime(or watch anime in general) JUST LIKE THEM and they hate on them FOR NO REASON AT A L L and then go and cry about how sad bunny girl senpai and keep saying zerotwo is their waifu or whatever bland sh*t content they make but i mean they hate us cuz they ain't us  6 i literally saw a person on tik tok CRYING bcuz there was a theory that our comfort characters were our friends in a past life and thats why they're our comforct characters or WHATEVER THIS STUPID SH*T YA'LL MAKE UP sweetheart.. THEY ARE 2D DRAWINGS THEY CAN NEVER BE REAL SO STOP CRYING OVER SH*T!! also i hate the people who age up characters just so they can LEWD THEM?! THEY ARE MINORS FOR PETE'S SAKE AND YOU AGE THEM UP JUST SO YOU COULD LEWD THEM THAT IS SO DISGUSTING I- I CANT EVEN 7 this is probably the last one i want to talk about so here goes.. i hate it when i see manga or manwha recs and i see comments like "im sorry but i only read yaoi" or "i would read it if only it was yaoi" OR EVEN "im sorry i dont read straight mangas/manwhas" LIKE WHAATTTT?! there a lot of good straight mangas/manwhas as well you know like MARS, Last Quarter, Our Happy Hours(btw go read them if you see this) and MANY MORE!! AS WELL AS GL! there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with reading bl but i think there is a problem when you strictly only read bl and nothing else. AND ITS ALWAYS COMING FROM THE STRAIGHT GIRLS, just say you fetishize mlm and go. that's all i have to say for this rant and i hope you enjoyed it to whoever reads this. i also want to say NOT EVERYONE in the anime community is like this on tik tok(i say tik tok bcuz thats the only platform ive been in the fandom) but there are A LOT like as in majority are like this and i know there are probably people who would say that im not a "weeb"(btw also hate that term you can research on google about the history behind it) and whatever but idgaf anwho thats all for now, goodbye </3


01/11/2021 06:04 PM 

Here I stare at the endless abyss of space
Current mood:  disappointed

I am so tired of school, especially since its post apocalyptic. Like damn the stress is affecting literally everyone and I just want to return to a bit of normalcy for once. Can the agony just end? I was planning to go skate or have a semi romantic picnic afterwards but day after day it is just the same. Also for skating I mean roller bladeing cuz my parents don't let me have a skate board even tho that is literally portable transportation. Like my mom let me, and me and my friend used to practice skating when I was like eleven or so, but my dad who is the most senseless brainless sack of poo (whose genetics made me the dumbass i am today lul) said I no longer could and I was furious!!! He literally wouldn't let me do anything at all >:/ atleast he let me get my ears pierced. But I had to beg my mom to get me to get a second pair since she also had a second pair. I want more but I don't plan on getting any nose rings cuz I have breathing problems and it kinda makes u talk funny. I definitely wanted snake bites but people say that if u straightened your teeth then it would interfere with your retainers so I don't know if I would want to risk that, and also tooth chippings :(like I know that nose rings dont interfere that much with breathing but they do modify the area inside the nose channel so I dont want risk it. Also my anatomy is not suited for surface piercings either since Im so thin :( I can't w8 till im 18, then Id finally be free from my dad, maybe ill buy my mom a dog to replace me with lul

School, skating, friends, parents, piercings, problems

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