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01/12/2021 05:35 PM 

thinking for asking for something....
Current mood:  bouncy

Hi all! Yesterday I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday, and, I really want a pair of Demonia Creepers. Ive been seeing these shoes on tiktok, and youtube. So, normally, I asked my mom to see what she said and she seemed...interested? Well, hell yea she was! She said she was going to think about it. I really hope I do get them tho.

scene kid, 2000s, daily post, blogging, bouncy


01/12/2021 04:28 PM 



Hair, purple, grr

mimi zzz

01/12/2021 01:23 PM 


might make my own layout one day if im not lazy


01/12/2021 12:33 PM 

new music stuffs !!!!! :33
Current mood:  accomplished

i know i do music a loooooot and stuff but i started a hexd alias and im super-duper happy with it !!!! :3its called "wlfgrl2002" and its musics are at https://wlfgrl2002.bandcamp.comi hope u all like it >:3 im hoping to get physicals for the first ep out soon and thatll be super-duper rad but idk when ill get that out lolpls tell me what yall think of the music (if u wanna listen to it i mean) that would be rly nice

hexd, music, trance, announcement


01/12/2021 10:48 AM 

Current mood:  pensive

IDK why, but i'm in a class about law and safety even though i'm ACAB, so all year i've been holding back on talking about how sh*tty the police force is. I have talked about some of the issues which have been brought up as valid points though. At least i can learn some loopholes in the law and know who in my school is a bootlicker LOL


01/12/2021 09:29 AM 

Current mood:  impatient

I just had coffee ,and now i want school to end so i can run around the house screaming 


01/12/2021 08:58 PM 

Current mood:  ecstatic

ok have no fear guys!!!! chrom is back this time (and hes not broken!!! ^^)that means i haves two chroms now..... hehe


01/12/2021 07:51 PM 

i am so confused by this website
Current mood:  weird

i just wanna make some friends that like the dreamsmp /lh

dreamsmp, dream, tommyinnit, wilbursoot, wilby, georgenotfound, quackity, technoblade


01/12/2021 05:21 PM 

padan muka

aku tak tau la kenapa.. tapi aku puas hati sgt bila ada org lain cakap dia bangang.. aku rasa dia macam bajet mulia.. dah la marah marah aku dulu kat myspace nak amik boyfriend org... tapi sekarang bajet bajet bahagia tunjuk kat semua org.. serius aku tgk dorang satu family ni muka macam tak malu..pastu konon konon nak hide siapa yg ckp dia bangang.. walhal ko pon mcm satu taraf je dgn dia sebab ko dah aib kan coversation ko dgn dia.. kalau ko mulia sgt ko tak kan letak kat sosial media apa yg berlaku.. at least aku tau la bukan aku je yg tak suka dia dan family dia.. dah darurat ni.. buat la baby byk byk.. laki ko tu gatal.. aku hairan gak dpt tau anak ko tu sorang je.. aku ingt ada 18 dah anak ko.. and sampai sekarang aku tak paham kenapa ko tak mintak maaf dgn aku apa yg ko dah buat.. and why aku yg kena mintak maaf bukan aku yg amik kekaseh org... sampai bila bila aku tak kan maaf kan apa yg ko dah buat kat aku.. aku trauma kot..   

izzy <3

01/12/2021 05:28 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

where am i



01/12/2021 04:45 PM 


Its calm here lol, enjoy your stay, feel free to comment and start a convo!


01/12/2021 10:02 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

for the first time in awhile, blogging just felt like the thing to do. i'm pmsing loli've been working on making a mini skirt and it's been going really well and i just have to do like 2 things and it'll be done but i've lost my motivation for a few days and just feel insecure like mAyBe I wOn'T bE AbLe To SeW tHinGs cOrreCtly 0_0that's where i'm at. been feeling anxious about a million things. i get so insecure about being able to do the same thing right twice. i always overthink the 2nd time around. song writing has been difficult and my mind has been reverting to having this dreadful idea that maybe i won't be able to write a good song EVER or at least for a long time. in the meantime, i can just have a ton of fun thinking really poorly of my skills and trying hopelessly to come up with something stupid.not that i feel absolutely horrific about everything. i've actually been pretty good lately. it's just that the anxiety is kind a background noise. it's there. it won't overtake conversation but it definitely detracts from my overall well being.then there's the guilt of having so many interests and hobbies that i constantly feel like i'm neglecting the most important things. for every time i succeed at making cool outfits, there's the part of me that feels it's a waste of time and i should be songwriting. i never get around to studying foreign languages. exercise is a struggle. been trying to eat well and succeeded for a few days and then went absolutely bonkers one day and felt like it would be better for me to just stick to eating relatively well and exercising more. i hardly read anymore. haven't been able to record much which will hopefully change soon. doing normal stuff is difficult - just keeping up on laundry, dishes, cleaning, getting rid of stuff or re organizing, decorating...i am never on top of all of it. hardly any social interactions. constantly feeling like i can't keep up with social media. the odd bullying incidents. everything in combo, just makes me feel overall guilty, behind, failing, pathetic, hopeless.that sounds so dramatic. again, i feel that i have to emphasize that i don't feel like this all the time. when i do, it sucks. when i don't, it's like living in sepia tone...everything's a little more muted. not great, but not awful. just a bit concerning. funny thing. i still haven't mentioned this account on insta. just enjoying the silence. enjoying talking in a room by myself. 

rant, anxiety, self help, confession


01/12/2021 12:51 PM 

Update (TW)

A few weeks ago I had a full blown breakdown, I lost my mind and now I'm sorta recovering. I keep having thoughts I do not wish to have, I wish life were perfect but it just isn't. Everything is great and yet I'm still feeling awful.


01/11/2021 10:31 PM 

Aesthetic I guess
Current mood:  confused

I literally can't pick an aesthetic. Like one moment I want to be an emo. Then another I want to be cottagecore. Then another moment I want to be vintage. Then pastel kawaii. Like come on I just wish I could pick TwT

*✿❀ yssa ❀✿*

01/12/2021 11:21 PM 

Current mood:  blah

from now on im gonna write what i want to write in my blogs i keep thinking about non-existent people judging me with what i write and no one probably even reads my blogs so this was useless  

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