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01/14/2021 01:01 PM 

Friends 🙀
Current mood:  frustrated

Does anyone else feel jealous when sharing your best friend with a close friend and you feel like they just abandon you and take your best friend orrr.. (・・?) I feel like that a lot and it's very unnecessary. I end up feeling sad and avoid talking to them(T . T)

RayRay Riot

01/14/2021 12:34 PM 


So I basically came out to my sister and she was super chill about it I'm so happy lol. Turns out she may actually be questioning too ♥


01/14/2021 11:23 PM 

Current mood:  productive

I want fries 


01/14/2021 09:22 PM 

Have I been cursed?
Current mood:  aggravated

Aaaaaaah i just started getting into Easycore and now whenever I sing any pop-punk i put in a random breakdown ughhhhhhhhh. Like i mean who needs a BREAKDOWN in a Good Charlotte song like wtf. anyways in case you couldnt tell i need therapy for this i put breakdowns in every pop punk song i sing(also don't imagine me doing imitating an electric guitar)


01/14/2021 08:38 PM 

Hottopic Coupon!
Current mood:  crunk

Hell yes I'm crunk asf I got a Hottopic coupon for $15 off any ourchase of over $30 an you know your boi using it today

*✿❀ yssa ❀✿*

01/14/2021 07:47 PM 


i just remembered last time while me and my sister were in our room we joked about how we would leave this sh*thole and never come back but fr tho i would actually leave home bc i hate my family and they are toxic as hell anyways she asked if we would live together in the future w our younger brother as well and i said "uuhhh" bc what am i supposed to say?! when i thought i would run away from home i meant by MYSELF and i was shook bc i never really thought about us siblings living together in the future and she told me that we should and i lowkey felt guilty during that moment and i still am bc i dont think i actually would live w them and i actually thought about cutting ties with my family including them and change my name and live in another country or somethin, i mean i know she apologized to me and learned that it was wrong to have done that to me when we were younger but idk we really only talk about our trauma and talk bad about our family and she never shuts up about the fanfics of harry potter she read, thats it. as for my brother, i know i wasnt the best older sister to him but he pisses me off THEY PISS ME OFF im so f***ing jealous of them they have everything i wish i had and im so f***ing guilty bc its not their fault, its my problem for being insecure and i cant take that so i just always think that they should be grateful for it but i know they probably have their own insecurities too and i feel so messed up bc i know that and still continue to do it. i wish i was never born and i wish i could just f***ing die and i get so sick and tired of those people on the internet who say they love me and i shouldnt but they dont even know me so stop spreading LIES f***kk they just sound like my parents who say they love me but in reality i know they dont they're just saying it for the sake of it, if they did they would actually show that they cared. im sorry i  know those people dont mean harm im sorry thats my fault bc i just wished that someone would love me fr.

*✿❀ yssa ❀✿*

01/14/2021 07:03 PM 

Current mood:  blah

honestly im probably failing some of my classes and im kinda scared if my parents find out, they might yell at me and i dont want that to happen. im trying to get back to attend online classes but its kinda hard bc i have a feeling the teacher might ask questions i dont know the answers to or make me turn on my cam I F***ING HATE THAT SO MUCH i just dont want to humiliate myself you know? i signed up in tumblr today and im kinda excited to post blogs and all that sh*t but its soo hard to code i didnt even start yet but its already stressing me out i thought it was the kind of coding that i do here on friendproject but its not its very frustrating and i really want to post a lot of things there so i guess ill just have to put up w it for now. also i heard a danganronpa audio on tik tok yesterday and i relate to it so so muchh. i forgot the characters name but they were saying "its not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair not fair WHY wont you forgive me? if it was you you'd forgive yourself right AWAY! what did i do wrong?" somthing liek that and O MY GOD I HAVE NEVER RELATED TO SOMETHING MORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE i always feel like that towards my older sister bc it rly isnt fair, how come she can always give herself a pass so why cant i? but not just my sister its everyone else they can pretend they did nothing wrong but how about me? why am i not allowed to do that as well? and now that i realize it i dont think i have room to talk either i always have that mindset that you're not supposed to do it, only i can and im so sick of the fact that im such a hypocrite but isn't everyone else too? idk i feel weird now :T

⋆ ୨୧˚ mandi ˚୨୧ ⋆

01/14/2021 01:11 PM 


my recent arts!and by recent i mean like within the last yeari need to draw more

anime, kawaiicore, kawaii, animecore, angels of death, kingdom hearts, pokemon,

steph <3

01/14/2021 11:32 PM 

Current mood:  awake

i remember when i actually felt alive. now it feels like i dont deserve anything, like the world could end, but i would still be here stuck. just that.

never shout never, anxiety, lost at sea


01/13/2021 11:12 PM 

Current mood:  bored

honestly i have no idea what to type but yea u an add me on snapchat at aolin42


01/13/2021 10:56 PM 

Current mood:  talkative

every day i wanna post on this blog but have no clue what to say...... /nm /srs

idk , what do i say uhhh


01/13/2021 10:13 PM 


i kinda spooked maggie this morning lol. they didnt know they were still in the call so they said wtf when i started talking lol. i showed maggie the smoothie i made for breakfast:) it was good but kinda thick. after a bit we watched a bunch of yt together, and some of it was pretty creepy lol. like dogs and cats that could talk to their humans using buttons kinda like the staples ones that say stuff. we watched some kinda funny bobby lee videos. we watched some madtv clips, and they were alright. then we watched some fanta commercials that id never seen, and some other commercials like one for "bod" which was a deodorant with super weird ads, and then some cute cat videos:) then we watched a super sweet video about long lost horse husband and wife:') after that we watched some cool music videos, like the one that came out last year for a redbone song. maggie showed me this awesome group called elo, or electric light orchestra. we cooked again today:)) we made chili rellenos(that were supposed to be for lunch), and it was hard lol. it took like 4 hours, and i finished by dinner time haha. it was so much fun to cook with them, and joke around. its amazing honestly. they turned out pretty well i think:) maggie showed me some really cool stuff tonight about the beasts and about the end of times and stuff which was really cool! i like talking about that kinda stuff with them. i took some cute pictures/videos of pixie:) maggie really likes seeing them. we listened to some old rap songs, like ciara and nate dogg, which was really fun, and maggie made me sing lil jons part in a song lol. that was really fun:) we talked more about my brother lol. hes an interesting guy. we listened to a bunch of new bands tonight:) they were all really good, and maggie laughed at me cus i got mad that a comment called nirvana the male box of toys lol. they said it was cute. my favorite band we listened to was jack off jill. theyre honestly amazing! maggie listens to so much good music its kinda crazy. i fell asleep though:/ it was really fun though, and im jusut super happy rn 


01/12/2021 09:58 PM 


i was gonna help maggie electronically sign some conservatorship documents this morning, but we ended up putting it off til tomorrow when we can talk while we do it. i like that ill be able to help maggie with more stuff:) we played cod together for a while, which was really nice, but maggie couldnt talk so it was hard for them to concentrate. we decided to watch more shows together:) maggie showed me one of their favorite shows, freaks and geeks. its actually a hilarious show! i see why maggie likes it so much. they were laughing at me cus i didnt know a bunch of actors and references lol. after we were done we did a bunch of "which character from x am i" quizzes. that was super fun:) then they left for a bit to make dinner  and stuff, and when they got back we talked about corona for a bit, and then we were gonna play but maggie got kinda mad at me cus i was drinking a soda. its understandable, because they dont like when i feel bad and they feel like i should do more. and i agree, so afterwards we read all about stuff i should avoid and thiings that would help me. even at vitamins that i could take. im thinking about buying them cus they seem super useful. after that, maggie showed me their super cool wallpaper from the simpsons, and we watched the episode its from. its from the homers mom episode, and its a super good one:)) we talked more about the civil war that might start lol, and we went on citizen and looked at stuff that was heppening around them. maggie showed me all the places theyve lived and their school:) that was so cool! and i got stories about each one, and it was cool. maggie was gonna show us this house theyve liked since they were in elementary school but google maps wasnt showing it :/ i bet it was awesome. i showed maggie where i lived in bakersfield, and a bunch of bakersfield:) after that maggie showed me the hospitals theyve stayed in, and told me sucky stories about checks, and really terrible blood draws in the middle of the night. the first place looked kinda nice, but the second one looked bad and the reviews were terrible lol. it sounds really tough, and im sorry maggies had to go through all that. i hope they dont have to again. they said theyre starting to feel sick today :/ once maggie got tired i read them the little prince, which is a super good book, and they went to bed:) 


01/13/2021 10:02 PM 

2021 so far

very very s       e    p     l    e     y(◞≼⓪≽◟⋌⋚⋛⋋◞≼⓪≽)


01/13/2021 10:04 PM 

ve st

why tf is making battle vests so damn hardlike so much harder than patch pants bro

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