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03/12/2024 04:16 PM 


i'll scrub myself until i bleed to be clean for you


03/12/2024 08:39 PM 

fashion inspos (ongoing)

talena atfield - kittie fallon bowman - kittie  (honestly everyone in kittie) amy lee - evanescence tiffy - raw time kim royer - hey punk! lose the funk rose tyler - doctor who (ik shes not alternative i just love her style) raven madison - vampire kisses flatline - dc  comics pandora peroxide  alicia simmons zoetica ebb   meegs rascon - coal chamber (00s) mikey way - my chemical romance (90s) wes borland - limp bizkit eric griffin - murderdolls robert smith - the cure jeff hardy - wwe (early 00s) bam margera - jackass/viva la bam/cky

fashion, mall goth, goth, emo


03/12/2024 02:33 AM 

Pillars / home (writing)
Current mood:  gloomy

I'm leaving nowPlease, drive a pillar into the ground so there is at least something to return toFor as long as I call it home,Its roots will always call me backEven if not all roads lead West,the most important of them is oneOne in which she could not pass -- darker than storm clouds,blacker than a thousand nights,but More alive than all living things, and full of anger. The hope that did not come trueRemained a caustic muddy puddle in the desert of expectationsTime passed through our fingers like water,leaving only scars and sand in dry cuts.You're used to burying your face in empty palms: look what happened to themThe opportunities you missedThe words that had to be exchanged for the silence of a stonewhich is now quietly drowning in your sleepygrey harbour      that anchors the end."if it's not about You, let it be broken on the insideand crushed on the outside.All I need to know is that you won't let me down or follow me into any bottomwith no hope of returning.There are things that are better left unexplainedAnd there are rapids that won't turn you over. For those who left home so young, leaving notes in the windowsIt will be easier to understand all of this. We're all crashingand time is running out. The stone pillars are just crosses at our doorsteps.What remains, is the desire to merge into the family we tore ourselves from... and under the soft leaves of November,in these Godforsaken places,remains the desire to become earth, and the wind that, in rage, tears apart the cloudsThe tops of the trees torn to shreds."As if she wants to return to her very youthand relive those yearswith teeth, clawsSobbing so as to not let go of what will come off at the roots.Hammering nails into your earsso that at least now they will hear the sound of your heart.Only words can remain, only memories can remainAnd missed callsmark the stories of mistakes in youth .

poem, sad


03/11/2024 04:47 PM 

Background Details
Current mood:  accomplished

3 - 11 - 24Hi guys! I am starting this blog to track my music career and maybe other things, but mainly music.                                                                Okay so lets back up to my childhood where I wanted to be a singer or an actor or whatever, I don'r really remember for I have a really bad memory. Flashforward 6 years later in about September I had started experimenting with songwriting, I used my piano skills to make short pieces, but I threw them out cause they were horrible. Now in the new year my songwriting went way up in Febuary when I had my fallout of a situanship (Which was horrible so don't ever try to get in one) I bawlled my eyes out, and started to write every day.      Most of my songs are about this guy, but some are about being a bad bitch. The sound I am going for is an Avril Lavigne style with more mello songs as well. If you are reading this blog you will have very early acces to this, and if I ever get famous, be like "I saw their blog on a myspace dupe website" and if I can tell you are amazing. I need input on many things for this so please let me know if the lyrics are bad or not.  That's all for now                      Veronica, signing offSocials: PintrestTikTokInstagram                     

music , newartist , smallartist

richie :3

03/11/2024 09:33 AM 

lil introduction :3
Current mood:  sleepy

  ☆ - introduction !!-☆┊ ┊ ⋆˚ me !   ✧ call me ryan or richie !                                                           ✧ pronouns : he / they✧ age : minor !✧ birthday : 30th october✧ nationality : french   ┊ ┊ ⋆˚ ꒰ ꒱   ♫ Big old p!atd fan ( ryan ross my bbg/ hj ) ofc the young veins too & Ryan ross solo career!! ♫ Feldup ♫ Mcr ♫ Fob ♫ Ptv ♫ Sws ♫ The Used ♫ Brokencyde ♫ Millionaires ♫ Cobra Starship ♫ Paramore ♫ coconut recordsthe smashing pumpkins ♫ The Cure & scene / techno/emo music fan (cuz there's too many groups/artists that i like) !!! super cool playlist !!! 35H and 19 mins of my fav artists and albums :p(i have more on my account!!)waning cresent ( main playlist) :3  ◫  goodnight punpun ( inio asano work is amazing ) , i like junji ito a lot especially his version of no longer human n spiral n yeah , Stephen king books & Hemingway   ► south park , MLP, Yo-kai watch (the games too rahhh ), Bored to death, inside job, IT 1&2 , The goldfinch, Scott pilgrim vs the world                                                          fantastic mr. fox ( basically every movie w jason schwartzman in it )  ┊ ┊ ⋆˚ ꒰DNI꒱ ngl basic dni, homophobia, racism,transphobia, proshiper and everything like that or ur getting blocked !!my dms are always open but pls dont start being weird or things like that pls.  ┊ ┊ ⋆˚ ≡;- ꒰ °extra꒱ full intro + my socials :Richie!! - Instabio | Link in bio   * . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . *

introduction, meow


03/11/2024 07:23 PM 

i promise i'll stay

with blood in your mouth and tears in your eye always I’ll go to you, lay down and die I’ll sleep next to you in grass and watch the sky while your scars heal, I’ll never ask you why  


03/11/2024 12:34 PM 

come home

i can't sleep and it's been years since you said you loved me


03/11/2024 12:33 PM 

i miss you

i can see the moon through my window and i think i'm in love with you


03/11/2024 12:22 PM 

Current mood:  betrayed

shawty aint gone slide through how the f*** im gonna die for her?


03/11/2024 12:31 PM 

Current mood:  melancholy

ok remember that teacher i posted about last time? sorry for the late update btwlast week, x wasn't at school. i think her email has been deleted or closed. there's nothing else to say, so i'll update laterupdate 2 (15th march 2024): x hasn't been at school for ages. both her and her daughter who goes there have not been seen since the email.update 3 (31st march 2024): x still isn't back :( but her daughter is, and right now we have the most annoying substitute teacherupdate 4: x has not been at school since the email. i rlly miss her tbh. someone says she MIGHT be coming back to teach only the year 13s, but im in year 8 so i will never have a class with her again :/


03/11/2024 12:27 PM 


i will not under any circumstances interact with anyone under 13. It makes me look like a creep and I talk about stuff that no one under 13 should be hearing or seeing. (nothing sexual, but i do talk about recreational pot and alcohol use) I also use strong and potentially offensive language. If you start hitting on me(like, seriously, not joking) no matter what age, I *will* block you. I am not here to e-date, just here for friends. homophobia, racism, sexism, and the pushing of religious beliefs will also get you blocked. with all of this in mind, feel free to send me a friend rq and I hope you have a good dayALSO if you support:isrealDSMPJehovah Witnessesand pedophillia you will also be blocked


03/10/2024 07:12 PM 

When the song and the wallpaper takes you back

Now and then I catch myself missing my dear friend Aaron Carter who sadly passed away two years ago and I get in my feels playing his music to honor his memory and remember the talent he was and his golden eras where he was on top and had success in his career. I came across this video today that combined his song "Dance With Me" and a fanmade wallpaper someone made that I used to rock on my computer back in the day and it all totally took me back to those days when I was a devoted fan, the wallpaper and song are from the 2008-2009 period and that is among one of his best as an artist. So I wanted to put it up here to again honor his memory.Aaron Carter feat. Flo Rida - Dance With Me  


03/09/2024 10:40 PM 

states I’ve been to so far :D

Create Your Own Visited States Map


03/09/2024 05:58 PM 

Current mood:  blah

I'm looking for friends and shii hit me up if you want

Friends, friend, bmf, lonley


03/09/2024 05:24 PM 

I need help lol
Current mood:  ashamed

I copied everything on my page from spacehey pls help my layout is ass

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