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10/01/2020 11:44 PM 


Yoo spooky month!! my birthday is in 13 days woo


10/01/2020 11:36 PM 

Current mood:  awake

my hobby is taking five minute naps in between online classes that leave me twice as tired as I was before



10/01/2020 10:55 PM 


i sick of my family all they do is bitch about everything 


10/01/2020 10:33 PM 

going through it
Current mood:  miserable

man i feel like all i do is make my friends mad at me!!! this is the only website where they won't see me talk about them and that's rlly frustrating! i got into an argument with one of my friends bc she was talking about how she misses being on campus and i started talking about how yeah, im lonely too, and like. trying to comiserate with her. and she starts saying about how i do that too much!! and ive been trying to not do that because we've gone through this like three times!!! but like!!! is it anything at all?! is that too much for her?! any upsetness at all?!?!?!?! and then this morning i try to be sad with my other friend and he's like "i can't do this right now" and its like!!! i dont know i GET THAT ITS IMPORTANT to know your boundaries but itsl ike i dont know how to stop crossing peoples!!! i dont know what the boundary is!!! im just too much all the time i guess!!! and i feel like im not being too much because i only show these people a sliver of how upset i am! bc i only have like four people i can talk to when im upset and one of them is my MOM!!! i dont want to miserable!!! im trying so hard to not be miserable!!! and i think the worst part is likei know they're rightbecause like i know it's important to set boundaries and you can't just take someone's pain all the timeand i know that i'm too muchit just sucksi dunno how to not be too much


10/01/2020 10:14 PM 

Pop Socket
Current mood:  amused

I very badly attempted to paint hello kitty on my pop socket. It looks demonic but i love it that way ♥♥♥


10/01/2020 09:48 PM 

Current mood:  tired

the lovely tension between me and the other people who actually try to pass in this class. 



10/01/2020 09:33 PM 

random memory

does anybody remember MSPARP?? i remember being like,,, 12 roleplaying as homestuck characters on there and a john egbert told me 'patience is a virtue' and now every time i hear that quote or i get impatient i remember the john ebgert on MSPARP. 


10/01/2020 03:42 PM 

Spooky Season
Current mood:  ecstatic

It’s Spooky Season Witches It’s the perfect time of the year to learn a little bit about witchcraft. With Halloween 2020’s moon being a harvest moon, it’s the perfect year for a Samhain ritual. Let’s start with intent. You can’t really practice witchcraft and be successful unless you put your intent behind it. You want to always make sure your intent is clear. Willing, goes hand in hand with intent. You have to WILL your work to be successful. Meditation is a great way to focus your intent! Below is a great link for more info on this topic, please feel free to message me and get more info! I’m here to help all the baby witches! 

witchcraft, halloween, witch, pagan, magic, spooky, autumn


10/01/2020 01:45 PM 

the end of september
Current mood:  adored

today took a change for the better, it wasnt the same as the typical wake up do school do chores go to bed repeat, i actually was productive and practiced guitar, and got an "early christmas gift" of air jordan ones so thats pretty cool. hopefully it doesnt rain tonight, because there was a storm yesteday so i couldnt go skate, but it should be dried up by then. this blog already sounds like a fiction of my dream self i'd write in the 3rd grade or something LMFAOO but i just want to share how my day was with those who come across it. depending on how dedicated i am i'll be on here daily but during the night, because i'm restless and i never want to go to bed so i just stay up on my computer. this month wasn't all bad as i make it seem to be, i got alot done and im pretty proud of myself besides the school thing, i couldn't care less about schoolwork lmaoo. i hope that this changes soon because im sure im not doing well and its not gonna be good in the long run. but anyway i really look forward to this time of year because its my second favorite besides summer. goodnight for whoever sees this, stay hydrated and get some outside time, go for a walk it'll change your mood, visit a shop and get your favorite snack and just enjoy the air.-spoon


10/01/2020 12:35 AM 

Current mood:  adored

if you want something  so badly from me you can always just beg for it ... i'm seriously not that hard to sway♥i'm tired, sleep well you two ♥if you have nightmares i can sing you lullabies until you're drowsy again  


10/01/2020 12:01 PM 


its officially October first, spooky season is here :)


09/30/2020 11:36 PM 

Give my profile a little bit of red for the new month.

In a mood for a Red October.

LUNA <3333

09/30/2020 11:02 PM 


first OFFICIAL blog i guess ummm... im gonna do these every day just to talk about how i feel i guessits like 11pm and i have school tomorrow and im dreading it so muhc -_-; ive been so tired and depressed i cant thikn straight an d this is just.. kind of making it worse LOLi dont sleep at night its really hard for me to fall asleep without panicking but last night i dreamt one of my dogs died and i cried so so so hardi broke off my best friend.... i dont even know why. ive jst been having such a hard time talking to him he makes me so nervous and i knew he was judging all of my interests and everything about me and he was ignoring me and i was getting too codependent then he said somethingthat made me mad bc he knows i have sexual trauma with women and i just. blocked him. i havent spoken to him since. i feel really bad im sorry reiTW SUICIDE / SELF HARM //im soooo tired i wanna sleep so bad but i have work ive been so tired im so f***ing depressed i cant even get out of bed i realy just wanna f***ing die i feel so bad ive been cutting myself all day every blooddrop is for him but hell never know what hes gone i messed up and i just cant accept thative been getting kind of annoyed bcoz all my friends r transmasc so their parents let them liek traditionally girly medias and even tho im not transfem or transmasc (its complicated im intersed) it bothers me so much bc my moms always percieved me as male im not allowed to like mlp or the color pink or talk a certain way because its all to feminine and it makes me so upsetive been playing animal jam a bit more i really like trading im trying to get a party hat but i dont think i have anything worth even 1 black long i have 8 spikes though i thinkthats all 4 today, will write mote tommorrow hopefully

LUNA <3333

09/30/2020 10:43 PM 

i am not recovering

i left my best friend out of impulse and now i feel bad bc ik he wont talk to me again knowing him and i wanna say im sorry but hell never talk to me again who am i f***ing kidding ughhhfh im so f***ing depressed dear god kill me lynxie if you somehow see this im so sorry im sorry

Depresso Espresso

09/30/2020 09:21 PM 

my mom is a living contradiction

lowkey i think my mom is a living, breathing contradiction.  she's pretty smart imo and she's pretty good with people, but she's also the densest, least friendly person on the planet.  idk it could be because she judges situations and people way too quickly, but sometimes, she'll just never get what boundaries are and force me to talk about my problems even if i'm not ready to.  she'll give advice, but she won't actually help me do those things when i need help.  she'll act like she knows everything abt adhd and sh*t when she never asked my doctors about anything and i'm literally the only one researching it.  she says everything i do is a waste of time, whether it's the stuff i watch, read, or research.  she'll say "youtube is gonna rot your brain.  do u know how much sh*t content is on it?" and fair enough, but it's not as if i didn't know that already since i was raised on the internet.  she'll tell me to read more, but then judge what i read?  she told me to read and i liked poetry so that's what i'd read.  she then told me it "wasn't good enough" because it's "outdated" so i stopped reading again.  i picked some books that were recommended to me from fp and she says, "why don't you ever read good books?"  i tried reading manga, harry potter, etc. but it always either "wasn't real literature" or was somehow just an awful choice to read.  when it comes to what i research and talk abt, she always says it's a waste of time and that it's not that big of a deal.  once she told me that she's sick of hearing me talk about the lgbtq community and then wondered why i didn't want to come out to her (i told her i like girls bc she sees me as one, but not that i'm genderfluid).  idk.  honestly, this got really off topic, but hey,  it's a rand and eet eez what eet eez.


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