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Jed Undead

10/03/2021 11:38 PM 

Well sh*t then. (Or: my private holy war)
Current mood:  unhappy

I love my mom and she’s trying so hard and I’m really grateful but …how long is it gonna take for her to be fully accepting of my queerness? It’s been nearly 2 years since I came out to her, which isn’t that long I know, but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. She draws her line in the sand and I draw mine. We both refuse to budge because to each of us that line is the boundary of our most basic principles. She doesn’t support me going to the school’s GSA. Some bs about not wanting me to “nurture” this part of me. Some bs about if I turn towards this I’ll turn away from religion. She sees it as two opposing sides. Sometimes I do too. Her, the mighty yet loving general of the religious forces, and them, the army of queer disbelievers. And I’m caught in the crossfire. A casualty of the war both inside and outside my head. Why can’t I have both? That’s the way I’ve been trying to see it. Trying to make peace between the two. Be queer and Muslim. Impossible, I know. Revolutionary, I know. I’ll find a way. I really want to. Need to. I’m going to go to the GSA meeting tomorrow, but before that I’m going to pray one of my 5 daily prayers. Is that so hard for her, for them, to wrap their heads around? Am I that much of a paradox? Does my existence have to mean war? Sure seems like it right now. -Jed


10/03/2021 10:16 PM 

Current mood:  chill

imma go showerz and figure out how to log in with my phone c: I'm so cold rn I hate it here anywayz have a pic of a qyute kitty 

kitty, cute, goodnight


10/03/2021 08:44 PM 

I broke my nail

I just broke a nail y'all 😭


10/03/2021 07:15 PM 

Current mood:  cookywacky

hello cutiez im fnally posting on here again lolz  school hz been terrible...i rlly got into bookz now which iz good, kinda in herez 2 b myself agin an be annoying n stuff lollllll I rlly don't want 2 go tomorrow n I'm lowkey hating everyone therez



10/03/2021 07:14 PM 

why school

My school said that to pass my Math class that I need to get a certain amount of points on IXL by December, and I'm super stubborn and super petty and I'm planning on getting all of the points by the middle of this month. ~ L0n3ly_m0th_g1rl ♥


10/03/2021 07:13 PM 

watched the first episode of the squid game
Current mood:  chill

just watched the first episode of the squid game!! it was really good but omg the first episode shocked me so much. the main character (i think his name is Gi-Hun) kinda annoyed me, he lowkey had an attitude. i really liked the guy who saved him in the first game though (idk his name but ik hes south asian) he seems really cool. anyways gonna watch some only murders in the building, just waiting for my dad to get food (im so hungry) anyways, keep healthy !!

the squid game, only murders in the building, food, hungry, yas


10/03/2021 07:12 PM 

well i'm stupid

my mouse on friends project is a spider and I thought that it was an actual spider. lol ♥


10/03/2021 06:58 PM 

Current mood:  bored

bruh why does life have to be so boring sometimes 


10/03/2021 02:47 PM 

Current mood:  calm

making banana bread  ♡


10/03/2021 09:53 AM 

Current mood:  accomplished

It's taken me a few months, but I've finished my Howls Moving Castle replica in Minecraft 


10/03/2021 11:39 PM 

did a little computer cleaning
Current mood:  accomplished

so today i was look through my chromebook (what i am literally using to talk to yall on) and i was like oh my god my shetos is literally so messy like i cant find anything. then bam. computer cleaning insued. i made a google docs and put all the website i use daily to daily-ish, then i starred (is starred a word..) and now my chromebook looks so much better i am so happy abt this. anyways i hope you have nice day, slan!- random note but since its finally getting into october, i have to start getting ready for Samhain, the fasting starts October 20th to November 1st from sunrise to sunset ()

daily blog, october, computer, chromebook, cleaning, samhain, fasting


10/03/2021 11:11 AM 

Current mood:  blah

today felt really boring honestly, nothing too interesting! 


10/03/2021 02:57 AM 

about me!
Current mood:  nerdy

i know this is goofy but i figured it'd be cool to make a little "about me" blog for random people or just for myself to see some growth lolol:]]hi! my name is riley. i'm 18 right now and i'm in my first year of college, majoring in psychology !! i'm ass at math but i love all things psych and english. i'm not too sure if i want to put my degree to nursing or forensics quite yet but i will figure it out as time goes on.i love animals !!!1111 cats and dogs ((but mainly dogs.... :#3) i have two dogs of my own, lady and willow....they r my bbabis i type this as willow lays at my feet hehei love all sorts of music ! mainly hyperpop as a genre but my current fav is anything the fray. im going through a rough patch so i just b emooooooo sometimers...,e,,,i work at a convenience store right now and have been forrrrr..1 month???> >.. i love it so far ! i just ha8888 customers lolll..and i hate getting paid once every 2 weeks unlike my previous job but have 2 chase the bag unil it kills me TBH LOllolll..HELP IM NOT SURE WAT ELSE TO PUT...UM MSG ME !^_^ lol i put that in my lost blog PLZ when sssshses desperateriley


10/03/2021 06:06 AM 


welcome to my BLOG, you'll basically know some interesting stuff about me or some my my favourite music.. you name it! well here's a small introduction: hii i'm miku, i've recently just started my new myspace profile and i hope to meet & make new friends on this platform. 


10/03/2021 02:36 PM 


i kinda need help adding music, if yk lmk & message me 

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