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10/12/2021 01:47 PM 

Current mood:  irritated

why tf are there old ppl on here im gonna start gatekeeping omfg


10/12/2021 01:44 PM 

Current mood:  confused

How the sh*t do you edit ur profile to look cool like they did on myspace this sh*t makes no sense if theres like a tutorial on youtube drop the link lol pls


10/12/2021 01:08 PM 


WHOA I CAN MAKE POSTS ???  MUAHAHAHA I AM UNSTOPPABLE NOW WAIT I CN MAKE IT PINKhi welcome to the inside of my mind it;s a scary place

idk, having a stroke, hi,

kenz <3

10/11/2021 09:02 PM 

nobody read :p

things progressively get worse every time something gets better!!!!!!!111!!!!am i the bad guy? am i a manipulator? am i just a teenager dealin w her own sh*t and takin out on everyone.. as teens do??? i'm so confused on what to think. i hate fighting like this with my parents, it just f***s up everything. i got nobody to talk to so i'm dumpin sh*t on c which SUCKS because i just have nobody else ??? and i don't wanna dump all this sh*t on him???????????nobody gives a f*** about u but urself and then once u realize that sh*t, u get called self absorbed. like yeah? it's kinda.. my reality? just as it is yours for you??? anyway sorry guys! love u!


10/11/2021 06:46 PM 

Update: Still haven't gotten on much lol ;)
Current mood:  calm

But I'm still with this so that's cool.  Went to Halloween Horror Night a few days ago and I didn't feel a difference from the last time I went.  Other than that, just little ole me on here once again.


10/11/2021 05:58 PM 

Why I'm here.
Current mood:  bored

I mainly made an account on here just in case Insta dissapears again. That's it really.I mostly have pretty mundane days tbh with you.

kenz <3

10/11/2021 03:45 PM 

Current mood:  bored

hey guys:)very new to this but figured it was a good way to journal i suppose without anybody i know findin me 


10/11/2021 09:59 PM 

A mundane but nice day.
Current mood:  adventurous

Just wanted to hangout here, and hopefully decorate my profile completely, and yeah.I hope I have a nice time hanging out here.



10/10/2021 11:42 PM 

vent post lol
Current mood:  annoyed

the world is so loud for no reason literally f***ing shut UP.


10/10/2021 10:10 PM 

Current mood:  blah

Ok everyone, since it's spooky month, let's have some fun with some SPOOK!

#spooky, #skeletons, #halloween


10/10/2021 03:60 PM 

mmmmm im hungry
Current mood:  hungry

Here is a list of food i am craving:-Fudge-Chocolate-Popcorn-Instant rice-Nandos chickenMMMMMMM im really hungry but im on a roll with my Carrd making so AUGHHHHHHHHHH struggling tbh


10/10/2021 06:16 PM 


Snow is so kind and so pureShe shows who has been there,And how long ago they left.The grass and the leaves don't do the same,They hide their tresspassersor just blow away



10/10/2021 06:13 PM 

uh oh

I've stopped taking my medsI'm loosing weight againI yell moreI've started self-harming againAnd you're still screaming at me



10/10/2021 06:04 PM 

Doe Eyes
Current mood:  ashamed

This is a vent piece that I made last month from being told, "Your doe eyes would look lovely sucking me off" at thirteen by an eighteen year old at my therapist's office.

tw, TW, trigger warning, TW SA,

Jed Undead

10/10/2021 05:35 PM 

Status report - tech crew, long weekend, and Dracula 🧛🏽‍♂️
Current mood:  tired

Things have settled down a bit at home. All is well, or as okay or not-okay as it's ever been. All is normal.Joined tech crew, it's been absolutely exhausting, I may have bitten off more than I can chew. We're sorting out the costume closet, which is tedious, but it's fun enough. We get to watch the musical people rehearse. Glad for the 3-day weekend, I needed a break. Gonna try to use the extra time for creative stuff, every weekend I say I'm gonna work on whatever project, and every weekend I'm too tired to do anything. One downside of schooling I guess. Current creative projects include this short Halloween story for a contest at school, my ongoing battle jacket patches, and my comic which I'm too scared to start. Maybe I'll start it tomorrow. Which is what I always say. We'll see. I've got everything written and planned, I just need to put pen to paper and actually draw the first freakin' page.Been reading Dracula, great book would recommend, I'm only halfway through. I love the characters, though the diary/epistolary style does take some getting used to.That's all for now,-Jed

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