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10/16/2021 11:03 PM 

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and

The Future or death cannot be changed though can deadstars use fiber optics to communicate,and morph.Wish my all my pets were walking distance a very short walking distance.


10/15/2021 04:29 PM 

What does love mean to me?

Love to me means the soft hand-holding for comfort. It also means never to have a distrust in your partner's loyalty. It means never to feel any anxiety during intimate moments. It means that I  can always be comfortable. Also never to feel like too much.  Like I don't have to hold back and I don't wonder if I made them upset over something trivial. 


10/15/2021 05:05 PM 

Current mood:  amused



10/16/2021 01:13 AM 

10-16-21 01:13AM

i am the metronome always one beat off, seeming like i've got it until i don't. stare, focus, and gaze intently. you'll miss it. blink and you'll hear slivers of slurred speech, rough and haunting and sharp, but never clear enough to be made out. and it's not like anyone would want to listen to the tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock pounding inside my head threatening to be let out and released through discreet fury. there are many who beat in the same way i do.


10/14/2021 06:21 PM 

public school 😍

i might be getting suspended for telling someone he was racist for calling the black kids in my class the n word because he called the f***ing cops on me for saying that


10/14/2021 12:03 AM 

replace Groups section

go to Edit Profile and paste this code in Like To Meet, above </style> (scroll to the bottom) #Groups td .lightbluetext8{ font-size:0pt;}#Groups td .lightbluetext8::before { content:"whatever you want"; font-family: choose; padding: 0px; line-height: 12px color: choose; font-size:12pt;}#ProfileHeroes::after {content:"description";font-family: choose;color: choose;font-size: choose;}change all the "choose" to the same font-family and colors (and maybe font-size if you need to) the other sections use, change "whatever you want" to your title, and change "description" to the description! note: since css doesnt use <br>, paste a bunch of &nbsp; (html spaces) after the thing until it goes to the next line on the live version of your profile.example: videogame&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; anothervideogame (make sure theres a space before the next thing, or else it will see both things as one word and not break the line)!!!!then click Save Changes, go back to Edit Profile, and press Save Changes again. for some reason the &nbsp; doesnt register as spaces if you only save it might have to do this a couple times to get the exact amount of spaces needed (make sure to erase the previous attempts spaces before adding them again)comment if you have any questions!!!!! [: (read everything before asking please!!!)


10/13/2021 09:39 PM 

ahhhasudauduuyqafuvqaeufv >x3
Current mood:  romantic

yall dont hate me but..... im dating michael now ^///^!!!!!!!!!! 


10/13/2021 02:46 PM 

school = bad
Current mood:  angry

IM SO TIRED OF SCHOOL okay so basically this is probably not gonna make any sense bc im not gonna proofread and im not rly thinking about what i type before i type it, im just gonna say whats on my mind.IM SO F***ING DONE WITH THIS SH*T. i woke up today already in a bad mood because i had to go to school. my parents told me im not allowed to sit in my bed while doing school work BECAUSE I FELL ASLEEP ONE F***ING TIME OH MY GOD. i was literally so tired from pulling an all nighter BECAUSE I WAS F***ING STUDYING, TRYING TO GET MY GOD DAMN SH*TTY GRADES UP. my parents, ofc, didnt let my explain that tho bc they think they got everything figured out BUT THEY DONT. MY DAD IS ALWAYS CALLING ME LAZY AND SH*T LIKE NIGGA NO IM TIRED FROM ALL OF THIS F***ING SCHOOLWORK IVE BEEN DOING. THIS SH*T IS TAKING A FAT TOLL ON MY MENTAL HEALTH BUT ALL YOU CAN SEE IS WHAT IM NOT DOING. anyways. im already in a bad mood, but then my mom comes in my room talking about "ur teacher (math, ms. ANJULI MAINI) just texted me about u having missing work so get it done now" and ofc i was like "yeah alr mom cool yeah sure now get the f*** out of my room im working" i was actually painting in class bc yeah, but i took a break to go see what i had missing, since my grade was already at a 42. i take a break from doing all my missing work to go eat right? yeah mhm sure yeah cool. JUST AS IM WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS I HEAR THE SOUND OF MRS. ANJULI MAINI, TALKING TO MY MOTHER ABOUT MY GRADES. THIS BITCH GON READ THRU ALL OF MY 6 OF MY CLASSES AND LEMME TELL YOU WHAT SHE SAID "zaida has a 36 in math, a 56 in science, and a 14 in pe" BUT DID SHE MENTION THE 100 I HAD IN MUSIC, ELA, AND SOCIAL STUDIES THO? NO SHE DIDNT. NOW MY PARENTS OVER HERE SCREAMING AND SH*T. I GOT MY PHONE, SWITCH, IPAD, DS THAT I HAVENT EVEN USED IN LIKE 7 YEARS???, AND MY COMPUTER TAKEN with the exception of doing school work and going to class. BUT ANYWAYS. NOW I CANT TALK TO MY FRIENDS OR PLAY MINECRAFTALSO MY F***ING BIRTHDAY IS SOON the 23rd aha ;) AND I NEED TO DO GOOD OR I WONT GET SH*T ON MY BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS and that would be a big issue AND MY TEACHER ISNT REALLY HELPING ME. I DONT LIKE HER BITCH ASS ANYWAYS SHES ANNOYING WITH HER LOUD ASS DRY RASPY ASS VOICE. ALSO SHE NEVER TAKES ATTENDANCE ON TIME AND SHES ALWAYS ABSENT BC OF HER 2 YEAR OLD SON. BITCH IF YOU KNOW YOUR SON IS A LOT OF WORK, WHY DIDNT YOU GET ANOTHER JOB YOU DUMB F***. also today my mother refused to buy me gummy worms bc of my grades so anjuli maini, u can go to hell tbh.

school, rant, anger


10/14/2021 01:48 AM 

10-14-21, 01:48 AM

that one forrest gump scene. i don't know, i've never seen it. how that one guy says something about life being like a box of chocolates... i think love is too. but for other reasons.preferences... standards... always vastly changing, switching and differing faster than the time it takes for the sun and moon to take each other's places. sometimes they work out in your favor. sometimes they don't. like a box of chocolates that varies for everyone else to enjoy their fair share of the flavors that they desire most. in my perspective, with my own two naive eyes who question and intensely pore at situations every chance they get, everyone likes the milk chocolate bars with the peanuts... the ones that start off incredibly saccharine, where the sugar rushes to spread itself across your tongue. tooth-rotting and milky and creamy yet not enough to melt in your mouth. there's a slight chew, a bit of toughness, slightly sticky so they can leave marks on your molars. they stain the teeth for a while. sweep your tongue all around and the faint taste of the chocolate is there. there's also the surprise element - the peanuts. a bit of saltiness, a bit of crunch, a gritty texture most exciting and welcoming to many palates. it peppers the texture of the candy bar and your jaws, an addition in the mix never to be forgotten. the sweetness then never fades; you can taste it even at the very back of your throat, stubbornly staying in there even though you try to wash it down with more ways than one, boys have always been like chocolates with peanuts to me. frequently coming off strong, whether it's from their suave exterior or their intense body sprays that never seem to depart from their clothes and their surroundings. their personalities come with a bit of grit, somewhat complicated and alien to everyone else. and forcing myself to like boys is like forcing myself to enjoy nutty (ha) chocolate. my attraction to men is like a switch; when i feel like it i kick the voltage up a notch and let the light burn blindingly bright. but it's too tiring anyway, and i just keep it off because i really can't be bothered to pay the bills to keep the lights on. they're like dragons, fun to fantasize about but very impractical. i enjoy thinking of the warmth a hug from one of them could radiate. or how fun it would be to have my fingers get lost in their hair as i whisper sweet nothings in their ears. but when the chance comes, when heartfelt words come my way and the opportunity to get with a boy arrives... i freeze. my entire world stops and regret floods my brain. i don't want to be with one... i can't be with one. and no matter how many bites i take out of the candy bar, the fusion of cocoa and nuts really does not appeal to me.and women, non-men...they're bittersweet, and it's just right. there's a bitterness that begins at the tip of the tongue, still coming off strong yet laced with the promise of sweetness and balance. it's a taste that lingers in your mouth for days on end because your brain dares to commit such to memory. the flavors are elegant and lavish; one of a kind. delicious enough that it's almost as if you're drunk on its zest alone. they melt in your mouth just right and have a silky smooth texture that flows in the mouth just right. addictive, like you'd dish out multiple bills just to taste it seems there's a certain kind of intimacy being with them can provide that men can't. it's delicate and sickeningly saccharine yet i can't seem to get tired of it no matter how many times i experience it. the sensations hit me like a strong whiff of vanilla perfume and it's all overwhelming at the start but it always ends up being familiar, always ends up softening my heart and making it beat 500bpm. it's not awkward and forced and strange, conversations never having gaps longer than a mile. it's always known, always accepted and welcome in my train of thought, seeming so easy even when it isn't. hair that's been doused in some sort of flower scent. hands that grip mine just right. like math rock; multiple complications and questions. but it all makes for a beautiful and unique tune in the end.sorry -- i do try and test and assess myself, and have done so a million times, but i just can't be interested in guys. life would be easier by a sh*t ton if i were.  


10/13/2021 12:45 PM 

oct. 13
Current mood:  understimulated

bored in class and decided to make this account😘


zZz santi

10/13/2021 09:51 PM 

hi? :)

i don't know what is this or what i'm doing here but hiiii


10/13/2021 07:55 PM 

test post
Current mood:  bored

i dont really know what to post on here, tbh,,, maybe ill post some pokemon stuff ?



10/12/2021 10:54 PM 

This is my jam



10/13/2021 03:03 AM 

10-13-21, 03:03 AM

hands firmly grasping onto some rope. a grip so tight it burns against the skin, painting the hand's complexion with the slightest amount of red and tingling it with the lightest sensations of pain. never letting the goal break free from its grasp, pulling and grunting and putting in strength an earthquake would envy. you can't simply just do your best.because once you think you've done enough, someone pulls with vigor stronger than yours, snatching it with a single flick of their hands - you're too easy. everything always seems like they're too easy. a waltz into life accompanied by the most elegant of strings, delicate steps memorized and tapped by feet one too many times onto the floor, until you're pushed into the lake, and into the sea, and into the ocean, and into the very unknown... no one knows how to swim. and no one really cares enough to learn how to. everyone just floats. and tries. and maybe some have enough money to get on a lifeboat.voices cloud in, yells and screams and stern warnings and hushed whispers. standing at the starting line, letting the energy set alight the brightest of sparks in the body's veins. deep within the smallest crevices and surrounding the entire area. running and losing oxygen, gasping for air and subtle praises to continue to burn. all pumped up and ready to go, deciding and taking every step with reckless abandon. the surroundings blur past until they become unrecognizable... splotches of color, vibrant faces turning into strangers and easily forgotten from memory. the goal is what matters.the rush is dizzyingly satisfying. it burns until it doesn't, until it does, until it doesn't, until it does, until it doesn't, until it does... run, and if you must, take a quarter of a millisecond to look back. it's the worst thing of all; to see what you could have been, to see others becoming what you should have been, to see people becoming who they should be... eyes focused on the finish line, intensely gazing at the target and having your mind set on the goal... and you end up turning the other way. with the rest of them. what's the point of achievements if someone will always do things better?you'll never leave a footprint with an impact as great as the one on the moon. your shoe will dig into the mud lightly, harsh enough to indent the floor, yet not long enough for everyone else to keep it. everyone else is in the same race as you are, everyone else is dancing the same dance as you are, everyone else is playing the same game as you are... and all traces of your memories collapse onto land, each person taking footsteps for the first time swirling all its essences through an inept, preliminary tango. they move without grace, and dance to the song with no knowledge, ensuring the memories you've embedded onto the earth return to where you started.everyone plays the same game. until the surface we exist on continuously shrinks and explodes. or maybe until angels yell and cry, calling attention to millions of beings and carrying them upon their wings. who knows? 

kenz <3

10/12/2021 11:14 PM 

Current mood:  stressed

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