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Ur Dreamgirl

12/04/2022 10:39 PM 

Online Games 2 add me on

Ur Dreamgirl

12/04/2022 10:28 PM 

Teenage Fever

Teenage Fever - drake .. Got me feeling some typa way 

Ur Dreamgirl

12/04/2022 10:02 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Fack Fack Fack 



12/04/2022 09:21 PM 

Social Media
Current mood:  happy

If any of you guys have a twitch add me! I stream COD zombies 🧟‍♀️ & Modern Warfare II! @ badtingcmarie my instagram is badtingcmarie My snapchat & tiktok are: celesemarie much love to whoever sees this! β€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‡

gamer girl, twitch, social media, snapchat, instagram, tiktok, BADDIE


12/04/2022 07:28 PM 


meow tbh


12/03/2022 09:04 PM 


i luv weed


12/03/2022 10:12 PM 

Current mood:  bored

im normally happy for the weekend to come but ive been so bored. me and my boyfriend broke up 3 weeks ago today i was hoping for atext back by now because were on again off again but i think we fr this time. ik we werent meant to broken up but it hurt bc we been together for 9 months and it come down over something so stupid. 


12/02/2022 03:24 PM 

Stolen survey from bath5alt

{--Basics--}Name: BellaNickname(s): BellaAge: 15Birthday: 12/27/2006Hometown: NewtonCurrent Location: Same f***ing placeEye Colour: blueHair Colour: blondeHeight: 5'5Lefty or Righty: RightZodiac: CapricornEnneagram: idkScreenname: dolliekissxWhat do you like to wear?: Pink and black cute clothes, band tees, skirts, leggings, jacketsWho did you last speak with on the phone?: MomWhat do you currently smell like?: perfume{--Do You--}Have any siblings: noHave a license: noHave any pets: dogHave a job: yesHave a cell phone: yesHave any special skills: writing, logicHave any fears: dying, small spaces, being buried aliveHave a bedtime: dependsSing in the shower: yes Want to go to college: yesGet along with your parents: yesHave any piercings: soonHave any tattoos: soonSwear: yesSmoke: noDrink: rarelyDo drugs: noParty: sometimesSing: noPlay an instrument: used toThink you are attractive: yesGet motion sickness: yesWear glasses/contacts: noGet good grades: decentGet along with teachers: depends on who they areWatch cartoons: yesDrink milk: strawberry milkWrite poems/stories: yesHave any allergies: noPlay an MMO: liv: noRead magazines: noRead comics: noStore things under your bed: noHave a good luck charm: noCollect anything: CD's, dolls, stuffed animals{--Favourites--}Colour: pinkNumber: 7Band: the birthday massacre, jack off jill, tatuMusic Genre: industrial metal, punkTV Show: south parkMovie: rampage trilogy especially 1Movie Genre: horror or crimeBook: the catcher in the ryeCartoon: south parkSport: horseback ridingFast Food Restaurant: mcdonaldsFood: italian foodIce Cream Flavour: cookie doughCereal: lucky charmsCandy: m&msDessert: chocolate cakeDrink: strawberry lemonadeAlcoholic Beverage: champagneQuote: N/APlace: arizonaDay of the week: fridayMonth: decemberCity: new orleansCountry: North americaAnimal: cat, panda, monkeysSmell: cleaning supplies Season: winter Holiday: christmasArticle of clothing: sweaters or skirtsVideo Game: bully{--Worst--}Drink: milk or orange juiceFood: cooked tomatoes, peppersHoliday: valentines dayDay of the week: mondayMusic genre: folk{--Last--}Time you cried: IDKMovie you watched: rampage 2Magazine you read: idkBook you read: catcher in the ryeTV Show you watched: idkPerson you texted: momSong you listened to: bombastic loveThing you ate: goldfishTime you got drunk: neverEmail you got: dropbox confirmation emailPerson you fought: teacherTime you hugged someone: yesterdayTime you met someone new: i meet new people online everyday!Thing you bought: journal from claire's{--Have You Ever--}Danced in public: yesSmiled for no reason: yesLaughed so hard you cried: yesDrank alcohol: yesDone drugs: noPartied all night: noBeen so drunk you can’t remember: noGotten a ticket: noBeen arrested: noBeen out of the country: yesBeen on TV: yes Been on stage: yesPassed out: no Had surgery: yesHad teeth pulled: yesBroken a bone: yesCheated on a test: yes Stolen anything: yes{--Luhv--}Ever been in love: noEver cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend: noAre you single: yesAre you in a relationship: nahDo you have a crush on someone: noEver been dumped: noEver dumped someone: noDo you believe in love at first sight: noHair: black or brownEyes: dark brownClothing style: classy nerdy like sweaters and jeans, or goth like trenchcoatsPersonality or Looks?:  personality obviously{--Do you believe in--}God/Heaven: noSatan/Hell: noAliens: yesGhosts: yesThe Afterlife: id like toAstrology: noKarma: yesMagic: yesBig Foot/Sasquatch/etc: noGlobal Warming: yesPast lives: no{--This or That--}Fruit or Vegetable: vegetableLights On or Lights Off: lights offTV or Movie: movieCar or Truck: truckCash or Check: cashRock or Rap: rockChocolate or Vanilla: vanilla French Toast or French Fries: french friesStrawberries or Blueberries: strawberriesCookies or Muffins: cookiesWinter Break or Spring Break: winterHugs or Kisses: hugsPepsi or Coke: cokeCats or Dogs: catsLakes or Ocean: lakesNight or Day: nightHalf Full or Half Empty: depends if its emptied or filledHamburgers or Hot Dogs: hot dogDesktop or Laptop: laptopPlaystation or Xbox: xboxSummer or Winter: winterSpring or Autumn: autumnCold or Warm: cold{--Random--}Ever TP'd someone's house: noWho do you wanna slap?: teachersWho do you wanna kill?: celebritiesDo you want to get married?:  yes Do you like to drive fast?: yesDo you like thunderstorms?: yesDo you eat the stems of broccoli?: yesIf you could have any job, what would it be?: pediatricanDo you wish on stars?: noIf you were a crayon, what color would you be?: hot pinkDo you really know all the words to your national anthem?: no Do you like to play in the rain?: noAre you a risk taker?: yesBiggest pet peeve?: annoying voicesDo you sleep with the TV on?: noDo you have a TV in your bedroom?: noAre you good at keeping secrets?: noParents still together?: yesCan you handle the truth?: dependsNumber of keys on your keyring?: don't have oneWhat are you listening to right now?: britney spearsHow is the weather right now?: coldHave you ever fired a gun?: no sadlyHow many pillows do you sleep with?: 1 huge oneDo you drink alot of water?: noWhat is the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?: peppersEver egged someone's house: noHow many languages do you speak: 1Do you like being tickled: noAre your fingers tired: no Are you tired of this survey: kind ofAre you happy: sure 



12/02/2022 12:24 PM 

Current mood:  apathetic

I had a pretty rough night of sleeping last night but overall it was fine. I went to ant's house and had one beer (while I was there...I had a few beforehand and some wine), and I wanted to stay but I also really wanted to go home and eat and get drunk for once. On Wednesday night, I got pretty drunk because I drank so much beforehand. I just felt incredibly tired. Maybe tonight and I'll go and try to be normal and not drink a sh*t ton beforehand. Several days ago, Jen asked if we could talk. I was sure she was going to talk to me about my drinking or the fact that I am quite a lousy girlfriend. I don't even know how to be a good one. It was the latter, but everything went VERY WELL! I am so glad she talked to me. She was upset I didn't get her anything for her birthday, but she was in Korea and I hadn't thought too much about it. I lied and told her I did buy her a gift but didn't even remember to give it to her. I explained that if she hadn't gotten me anything I wouldn't have cared at all, but it's understandable that she cares. I am going to go out and buy her something today and maybe see her tomorrow if she's free. OH MY GOSH. A week or so or something ago I don't remember... my mom found my empty beer cans and bottles and didn't flip out. She just seemed concerned. She always asks me if I'm out drinking or not (which she kinda did before). She also found my vapes! My empty pods! Oh my gosh! She really wasn't mad at all. I wasn't even home, I was out with Jana. I avoided going home bc I was so panicked. I read a bit at Barnes and Noble (and drank) and came home and everything was fine! Now my room is nice and clean and I'm taking out my beer cans the day after I drink them. I wonder if she thinks I quit vaping...or maybe she's just leaving the choice to me. I got some stuff to do for school to do tonight. I guess if I do go to ant's I got to bring my laptop and work. Maybe if Jen and I go out tomorrow, we can go somewhere and do work. Well, that's kinda all I guess. I really need to work on my book...


11/30/2022 10:24 PM 

november survey
Current mood:  bored

NOVEMBER 2006Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving? i live in canada so i had thanksgiving in october but i went to my grandmasWhat are you thankful for? mcrDo you love stuffing? noAnything exciting happen this month? no


12/01/2022 07:33 PM 

favorite survey
Current mood:  tired

Place: USAPerson: Jessicka AddamsColor: pinkFood: Italian or cakeSmell: Cleaning supplies Book: catcher in the ryeMovie: rampage triologyMusic artist: the birthday massacreGenre of music: industrial metalGenre of literature: historical fictionMagazine: N/ATexture: silkTime of day: eveningDay of the week: fridayTumblr: animatedglittergraphics-n-moreThing to do when bored: codingCelebrity: vanessa carltonClass in school: historyWebsite other than friendproject: neocitiesDrink: fruit punchPrecious stone: diamondAnimal: pandasFlower: daisiesTime in history: 2000sFont: comic sansVideo game: bullyTV show: south parkPlay: N/ASound: musicFruit: kiwiVegetable: cauliflowerStore/shop: hot topicArticle of clothing you own: sweatersFashion/style: casual, alt, cute, girlyPattern: polka dotsWorkout: horseback ridingQuote: not gonna say it hereHistorical figure: lesley goreBoy’s name: WinstonGirl’s name: LucyPotato chip flavor: salt & vinegarMeal of the day: dinnerIce cream flavor: cookie doughSoda: mountain dewPopcorn flavor: N/ASeason: winterMonth of the year: DecemberWord: N/ADisney princess: tianaInsult: shut the f*** up or shove it up your ass bitchJoke: N/ACussword: cuntLetter: MYouTube channel: Todd in the shadowsEye color: blackMemory: arizonaDessert: cakeCandy: m&msRestaurant: mcdonaldsLifehack: suicideLanguage: russianThing to learn about: politics and true crimeThing about yourself: I'm smart and original



12/01/2022 07:02 PM 

David Callahan Joe Kubert should be ashamed LAWSUIT VS THEM hollywood

David Callahan did not create MUTOS and they do not kill Godzillas and they do not lay eggs inside their corpses like aliens or nothing like then in bodys they weren't ancient enemies of Godzilla Dominic Anthony Homan created the Godzilla MUTOS they were mentioned in 3 movies.  Dominic Homan created the MUTOS not legendary pictures nor callahan david nor hollywood nor toho Dominic Darrk wasnt in 2001 or before then he wasnt tall he was created for a contest in 2014 Dominic Darrk was from 2006


12/01/2022 02:36 PM 


did you ask to take a roadtripdown the pathways of my mind? i mean, sure, but,they haven't been paved in quite some don't mind the potholes in my memoriesthat the government couldn't afford to fix,or the blemishes of existential dread.where my dreams turn to roadkill,like the crows splattered on the asphalt,leaving gifts of survivor's guilt and falling to masses of feathers, disgust and regrets. i'll let you slip beneath the tangle in my mind,just don't stare too long at what's shy.

poem, poetry, therapy, judgmental


12/01/2022 04:04 PM 

My thoughts on NIH
Current mood:  amused

A bit of a ramble-y blogpost, mostly because it's fairly late as of writing this. Hopefully, that's okay.Many will shun the Not Invented Here mindset. It's not hard to see why. Many corporations will spend hours upon hours of creating their own implementation of something that has one or more publicly available implementations. It's often compared to reinventing the wheel. It's seen as an outdated and closed minded mindset, something that should be disposed of along with the rest of the 20th century's many interesting quirks, such as 70s retrofuturism or cathode ray tubes. Hopefully obviously, not everyone thinks this way, and there are valid criticisms towards NIH. This is just a rough generalization of remarks made towards NIH that I've found. It's also a fairly closed-minded view of NIH. Let me explain why.Perhaps the weakest argument I have is that it's sometimes necessary to go with a NIH approach. While it's nice to know we have so many libraries these days that can do everything for you, such as FLTK, Node.js, and SDL2, there are times you will come across something you need to implement, but cannot. Often times, this is because the implementation, whether it's the best or not, is copyrighted or simply not for public use. Adobe is infamous for copyrighting many of the implementations they made themselves for their products, such as Photoshop. While this is perfectly fine, and I have no problem with them profiting from their hard work, it does put you into a tricky situation when you want to implement a similar feature in your own product. Therefore, your only option is to invent it again, yourself. This, to many, doesn't qualify as NIH, however it does to me, as it fulfills the requirement of "we won't use it because it was not invented here."A stronger argument can be made for practice and training. While using someone else's implementation can be incredibly expedient, writing your own implementation not only gives you a deeper understanding of the lower levels of what you are using, but also can act as a way to teach yourself new concepts. When you go to implement something, you typically start at writing a general description of what you'd need. Once you've written this down, you go into researching what the math would be behind it. This engages you to learn the mechanics behind what you are implementing, and lets you find clever new solutions, or be Mr. Carmack and simply look up the best equations once you have a grasp of what you need. However, you still need to transfer the math to the programming language. As with most cases when looking to do something new, you will likely begin to look through the documentation of your language, and this will cause you to absorb new knowledge and have new concepts click. Doing this is especially useful during company training, as it promotes learning and understanding the language that you will be using. On a side note, many will say that it's fine to make your own things, if you don't use it in production. I'm not entirely sure what the argument is supposed to be, I suspect something with security and optimization, which are both bollocks. Computers are unreasonably powerful these days. Even if you need to optimize because your program is suffering, you likely will have to redo the implementations of anything else as is. Likewise, most security vulnerabilities are going to crop up no matter what. It's impossible to have the perfect program, even a hello world file will have some sort of security vulnerability. Even if, say, a library has perfect security, the mass majority of applications probably aren't being used on a massive scale, and if they are, on average these applications aren't seeing networked use. Additionally, many security flaws can be solved by simply sanitizing input, which is something you should probably pick up even if you are using this "perfectly secure library."Besides, destandardizing security sounds like a better idea, as it would mean hackers would have to figure out a new standard for every hack they want to do. I can see why this would be completely unrealistic however. Imagine a web browser having to support 2,800 security standards and somehow having to discern them.The only decent argument I can think of is that using a NIH library may confuse other developers who were not given good documentation, or were not introduced to the library prior. This is a fair and reasonable complaint. Though this can be mitigated, especially in corporations where little is not documented and almost everyone working on the project knows about these libraries, it can still easily come up if, say, external contractors are brought in, or a new team is assigned to the code. Finally, on the personal side of things, you may just not like the implementation of something. For example, I don't like GNU make. It just never appealed to me, and though I know it's user error, I have never successfully gotten something to compile from a makefile. So, I have a completely different implementation I like to go with, where my entire project can be compiled from starting with one file. Infact, I made a Batch specifically for this. It does the things I want it to do. I drag, I drop, it compiles after asking me a question on which compiler option, and then immediately executes it.It doesn't matter what you don't like about it, I personally think that if you don't like it, you're more than welcome to make your own replacement, no matter what it is. We arguably would not have any of Chris Sawyer's many games if someone didn't go out of their way to do their own implementation of something they didn't like.There's also a sense of accomplishment just not found if you use a premade program or library. It's indescriable to stare at something and go "I made that happen. I did all of that." Sure, getting SDL2 running is great, but knowing that EVERYTHING underneath is yours, and that you made a concerted effort to improve gives you a satisifcation unlike any other.If there's anything you can take from this, I'd take that you should go out and make your own small scale project, completely from scratch. It'll give you a lot of insight, and also help you determine if it's worth the satisfaction, or if you'd rather just stick to what's already made. There isn't a wrong answer here, so long as you try. This post devolved the moment I started writing it. I could use an servant whose sole purpose is to remind me not to do late night blogposts.

batch, bat, programming, development, tech

Sam 🌟

11/30/2022 04:33 PM 

i want friends
Current mood:  bored

Im a lil boredπŸ˜­πŸ’”


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