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02/19/2024 01:15 PM 

he's real
Current mood:  calm

heeeeeeere ddddddddddddddddddddddddd 



02/19/2024 01:08 PM 

fall of democracy
Current mood:  anxious

what about the man on the street?at 1 AM making ends meetsomething is on his mindhis sister lost her smile in 1998is something on your mind?do the memories haunt you nowadays?the way you hunt them downsomething does not seem right fall of democracy in the wildcall up a mate, throw the body outfall of democracy in the wild what dynasty could ever last?who will bear the consequences of what we lost?how can someone with such pastrule over the vast land?fall of democracy in the wild. 

politics, words


02/18/2024 06:31 PM 

My Links to my website & Art posting spot
Current mood:  bored

Here's some links to places I post my art and sometimes update my website and stuff.(Just in case I'm pretty inactive on here tbh.)Portfolio Page: N0-11

Socials, heads up


02/17/2024 04:31 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

so you need to have an ogg file and if you have any other audio file type you can use to convert make the little player you use and you copy your ogg file into the thing where it says that and you delete the mpeg part.then you copy the code from the second website to your profile and done


02/17/2024 12:44 PM 

It’s been a while
Current mood:  blah

It's been a long while since I posted a blog post on here, if anyone wants to become friends with me and check out my posts, that's ok, I only accept people who are 18 or over at least, sorry. (Unless you really want to, but I just don't want any drama.)My life's pretty good this year, having fun in college and all that.That's all really, I am bummed that this site isn't booming with activity but I guess it doesn't have to tbh.Spacehey looks nice too, but I'm better off staying here, I really don't need to hear any drama online, at least not in here.

Life, update blog, blogging

Dominic Whig

02/16/2024 04:40 PM 

How can google and yahoo link this Memo by Rabbit BullHorn

          WHY DOES CHINA HAVE LUNAR NEW YEARS                       China from hunan to guandong a vehicle truck van of cats a van though the X post from twitter was hours later it probably wasnt intercepted I can't believe my eyes I saw a cat poisoned at a chinese park dragon roll would they eat dragons if it was real its a sign from their calnder year depending what years year you were born they eat rats roosters or chickens more than united states More than America. They eat Dog Pig Cat and cats dont have a lunar year sign zodiac. They all get eaten its terrible horrible Dogs I saw a tragic video online facebook meta of dogs getting sledged hammered slaughter much like cows bulls or cows get bolted by a bolt gun sliced throats compacted into machines. I'm not leaving this world without a fight russia just killed a prisoner that had national info in prison he was 47? I'm 40 I'm american was it putin vladimir? Or was it someone else within. Xi JingPing is also responside and is a mao de zong by all the animals slaughtered I couldnt raise a hammer or nail to my cat or Dog. Leon and Mr George was great friends.     Cooper and Happenin I buried Happenin I buried in a blanket the otrocities by china cruelty and inhumane alienations us from them shame on them my name is Rabbit Bullhorn.      


02/14/2024 09:43 PM 

Current mood:  blah

my valentines was good for the most part...i got this beautiful painting of one of my dolls and i by my friend Lydia, i love it sooo so so much! i gave my friends a piece of chocolate each and everyone was happy and called me very swweet, that makes me feel like a real person who people like and it makes me happy . but i cried a lot today and i have been for a few days embarassing. everyone stared and said nothing but i dont care about anything. i had two redbulls and a salad, yum yum yum ! i wore my pretty red dress and everybody complimented my figure and that made me happy because people think im pretty so im real. my lovely friend cameron gave me a rose so now i can keep it on my wall to dry, like my other one. im drinking water with lime today. instead of my usually combo, i layered new scents for valentines: Gentle Fluidity by Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris, The Pink Bedroom by Marissa Zappas, and Black Raspberry Vanilla B&BW body cream. i smell like a dream 


02/14/2024 05:28 PM 

Current mood:  drained

BYI: 1. I have Aspergers, ADHD, Intellectual disorder, Severe depression, and generalized anxiety disorder.2. I love to watch crime and hope my future job is a dectective or attonery.3. I bombard you with CoD, Transformers, and Minecraft stuff all the time.4. I have severe anger issues.5. yes I still have my V card, don't just friend me to flirt and have ERP (I do not want to RP with actually real people.)6. I love and am delusional.7. I love singing and writing.DNI: basic criteria.1. P3d0philes, Sh0t@c0n, L0l!c0n, abuse shippers, problematic shippings, Pr0shipping, people who say 'seperate fiction from reality' in order to ship adults with children, people who make P04n of children.2. people who bully others {e.g: your face is weird, your body is so skinny, etc.}3. Flirts, people who only friend to f0ck.4. average slur users {i don't give a crap if its Retard since I say that a lot.}5. people who are 13-14-15 wanting to get with me, (sorry I don't wanna date someone under my age.)6. self diagnoisers. 7. people who comment on blogs/bulletins/stream to say stupid crap to the poster. (e.g rude comments.)

byi, dni, everything.


02/14/2024 03:18 PM 

The farts a rising aries??

i am not rising. i am not aries. why does it say i'm a rising aries?? what??


02/14/2024 09:15 PM 

happy valentines!!
Current mood:  jolly

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!Happy Valentines Day! Heres a gift from me!!:cute little cat to make your day :) 

Lawrie (Explode)

02/14/2024 03:18 PM 

Sighs Short OC stories + What inspired them
Current mood:  angsty

Malwares Awakening(Earthspark)Inspo? entered the dimly lit cave, Green, Purple, and Blue crystals glowing, but something caught hi eye he saw his own reflection, but then he saw his mother. He only knew it was her because she hadnt changed since her old recordings, He saw friends that had died on this war, young ones much like cassete bots, like Rumble, All of them with fear or concern etched on their faces. He pickedd up a stone and chucked it at the crystal where 2 of his old Mentors were, that had died gruesomley saving him, Hailstorm and Succubus. Their crystal shattred into a million shards and the cave became dim again. He saw his reflection the same look of disgust many Decepticons had given him, A nix between cybertronian and human, a plague, Thats why Megatron had named him Malfunction first, He was nothing but a mistake.


02/13/2024 03:41 PM 

My socials

Discord: matthew_meowTumblr: matthewthesandwich.tumblr.comSpacehey: I'll add more in the future.


02/12/2024 04:06 PM 

I consider myself
Current mood:  bummed

I consider myself a digital archaeologist, and I firmly believe in the theory of the dead internet, at least for the most part. I choose to overlook the disappearing friends and acquaintances, as people move on, pass away, or simply switch their favorite websites – at least this used to be the case. Nowadays, it seems that most individuals restrict their online activities to less than ten sites per day, and they often limit their shopping endeavors to three locations, unless they are seeking something particularly niche. Have you ever stopped to think about it? When was the last time you stumbled upon someone's homepage by chance, without actively searching for it using specific keywords or Boolean operators? Remember how interesting and aligned with your interests it used to be?Around 2014, individuals seemed to give up on the pursuit of new websites or even creating their own. Even corporations surrendered, moving their focus to social media platforms. What used to be a means for start-up and small businesses to gain a competitive edge against the bigger players in the market soon transformed into a pay-to-play game. Now, if you want to be discovered through Google's SEO, good luck! They are constantly changing their algorithms, and only the major players can afford to maintain dedicated staff to keep up with the updates. Google has essentially become an extensive collection of favorite links, no longer supporting the use of multiple search engines as we used to. Nowadays, the search engine results usually stop at around 22 pages, so if your SEO strategy only allows you to rank up to 55, you're out of luck. I'm aware that most people don't bother scrolling past the first three pages, but some of us did, and certain search engines would allow us to determine how many links we wanted on a page, reorder indexes based on various metrics, or even explore the last 10 pages first and work our way backward.I vividly remember my days of using the internet to study for my GED. I would search for a topic across several search engines and browsers. Let's say I was looking for videos; I would receive a list of a hundred videos, many of which were not from Google. I would come across videos from personal homepages, private websites, and even YouTube competitors. And they were all relevant to me; they were exactly what I was searching for. However, these days, when you type in a search query, almost all the results point to either Google or websites approved by Google, along with some fake encyclopedias thrown into the mix. We tolerate this dominance and observe what happens when we visit a modern webpage using a search engine or browser that is not affiliated with Google. Regardless of the absence of Google branding, several Google APIs and Facebook apps load up, further reinforcing their presence.I come from the early days of computers, a time when they were exhilarating to play with. I recall the excitement I felt when stumbling upon a unique and unknown homepage, only to share my discovery with friends, sparking conversation and curiosity. The internet, as we knew it then, is dead. We are well aware of the three companies that played a significant role in its demise. Now, it persists in an underground state, a shadow of its former self. Welcome to the zombification of internet search, where the past sentimentality of the internet languishes, overshadowed by the dominant players in the industry.

internet,dead,search engine


02/12/2024 02:19 PM 

some advertisement for my favorite girlies


02/12/2024 12:05 PM 

vomiting butterflies frfr
Current mood:  flirty


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