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09/12/2020 02:42 AM 

Current mood:  confused

Have you ever just felt sad and happy all at once along with other emotions that nobody has a name for? For me, being sad and happy at the same time isn't really a good combonation of emotions for me. You see, I don't really ever feel happy, maybe for like at the longest 5 days but overall, I'm not really that much of a happy person most of the time so, when ever I feel happy I'm just like "What the f***?" Along with being happy and depressed at the same time, I now have confusion added to the mix.


09/11/2020 08:08 PM 

Rambling Introduction
Current mood:  inspired

Hello all! My girlfriend recommended this site to me and I'm glad I joined. So many cool profiles and so many scene teens! The scene teens are such a throwback, and I'm glad there is a safe haven for that endangered species. Profiles are a rather strange thing. I usually only spend less than a minute on any one profile and I am far more interested in seeing what people write and talking with them, but I still appreciate that short amount of time taking in the atmosphere. For some reason, I also want to work more on my profile so that people can also take less than a minute to look at it; first impressions are a strange thing. Although we are told not to judge a book by its cover, it is true that many people wear their heart on their sleeve, whether they know it or not, in their appearance, manner of speech, dress, etc. Maybe "don't judge a book by its cover" was originally just a cautionary phrase to warn against sociopaths... or maybe it was literally about books. Anyways, I'm glad to be here. Although the site feels somewhat inactive, especially in the groups department, I think it hits that sweet spot between enough people for a varied experience, and few enough people to feel like a cozy community. Speaking of communities, it seems that most people here would probably heavily disagree with me about many things socially and politically, which doesn't surprise me because the "webcore" crowd tends to center around a more liberal demographic; but still I hope we can get along! I enjoy discussing all sorts of things with people and hope to make some meaningful connections through writing and expressing myself to others... or maybe nobody will read these! We'll see. I'll have to work on my blog layout too eventually. Lots of things to do. If anyone reads this, comment whatever! I'd love to get some responses.God bless you all,-Augie 


09/11/2020 07:15 PM 

sad boi hrs
Current mood:  sad

im home alone for once after rehab and no 1 is tryna link (;人;)but da cute boi from da psych is actually txting me and we talked abt robotripping which omg 1 day him and i r gonna robotrip 2gether(´â™¡â€¿â™¡`)

scene, robotrip, drug, lonely, bored


09/11/2020 06:56 PM 

Current mood:  happy

i just got out of the hospital monday and i got my snake bites done today


09/11/2020 05:55 PM 

first day!

hey since nobody uses this site why not use it as an actual blog?my day today was fine i guess. i had an online meeting with my ib1 class and i almost had a nervous breakdown before going on the call even though i was mic off camera off. thank god my gf was around because i would have freaked without her. kim has been getting on my case about watching owari no seraph and FOR F***'S SAKE edward cullen is a better vampire than mikaela i'm sorry. also finished demon slayer today! and read half a book that was on my summer read list lol. i'm not planning to read the rest of it so i just looked up the plot on wikipedia and am officially good to go. i also got some piano practice in which was great cuz i missed playing it. i still have to read 1984 but guess what i read 50 pages and i damn near fell asleep. f*** georgie whats his name.i am starting to slow down on my p3p playing but it's fine. i'm a week away from november in-game but i just have no motivation to continue playing it. everyone who goes on about p3 being the best persona game is bLUFFING. the voice acting is TRAGIC. persona 4 just improved it in every single way sorry not sorryalso hey here's a gif of chuuya cuz i think he's pretty neat

gay rights, gay, lgbt, persona, bsd


09/11/2020 05:09 PM 

coolkid talk
Current mood:  tired

the way that i was about to go take a nap and then my dad called me downstairs (゚∀゚) anywho my frenxh teaxhwr DMed me on insta cuz i posted scene pics, she said "nooo this was from my era please child stop" so i went to school today all decora in scene ^_^ h3h3 from the hair to the platforms alllll scenekid clothezneedless to say she looked scared she even said it in french lolol she couldnt look at me it wuz funny!!!but she said she was proud of me for taking so much time just for her to terrify her lolbut she said i looked cool X3

grace ♡

09/11/2020 03:53 PM 

Current mood:  thirsty

yall i want a boyfriend. (NOT SOMEONE FROM HERE) like a real life one. that'd be so cray cray if that happened for me. 


09/11/2020 10:33 PM 

Current mood:  lazy

S0 l4st n1ght 1 w4s w4tch1ng a m0v13, 4nd dur1ng th3 tr41l3rs TH3 TR41L3R PL4Y3D "Mama" BY MCR H00000MAIGAH.............s0 y3h i fr34ked 0ut 4nd my m0m y3ll3d 4t m3 

scenecore, fangirl, mcr, emocore, scemo, emo, scene, Gerard Way, gerard way


09/11/2020 01:02 AM 


This is a blog.

Vomit Boy

09/10/2020 11:22 PM 

hewwo cruel wurld :3

hello to everyone who reads these things! im sorry i haven't updated in a while, and the few updates i have have been depressing/sappy poems no one probably understands or can decode *~* I was reading Doremi's newest blog post and they have a good point, i dont need to wait to have something exciting to talk about to write, i can just write! i remember seeing old livejournals and thinking damn you're really talking into the void and no one cares 0-0 and i used to have blogs where i'd just write everything and anything and maybe overshare, but now that im like part of this community on here and i have friends on here it makes more sense, like yeah i wanna read what yall have to write and i think you want to read what i wanna write...right? anyway, that's a bunch of other news ive been going to therapy for the last two months, today was officially my 8th session. These last two sessions i've been working through more of my gender stuff, my gender/sexual identities and it's been very interesting, and has given me the chance to really hash it all out. i've been kind of raised with the mindset that it's not something that really matters, that there's more important things in life than worrying about what to label your idenity as, but now that im older and an independent adult with my own Independent thoughts and beliefs, i think my mom is wrong and that maybe sometimes labels are good. and maybe it doens't even need to be considered a label and it doesnt mean that i'm trapped in a box, but it's just me figuring myself out. i've also been working on a bunch of different art projects lately, like this last weekend i was a part of Chalk it Up and did this beautiful sunset piece:i didn't expect it to come out this good and i was super proud of myself! my art has grown so much the last 2 years and i am proud to say that lately i've been catching myself saying "this is one of the best things ive ever done" after i'm done with a project. also it's mikey way's bday and i drew this and it surprisingly got a lot of attention even tho it's just a lil sketch!I've also been working on a bunch of kandi but maybe i'll post about that another time. uhh last night i got really into redoing my neocities site again! this is what it looks like so far:i collect too many things and im going to be putting all my collection stuff on there eventually so im super excited about that. i want to make a huge archive for my music collection and probably for all my mcr/fob merch stuff. ive seen other people on neocities have a page for "shrines" which is super duper cool! alright so yeah, that's what's been going on with me, hopefully i'll post something again soon. until then, be kind to yourselves and party on ✌️ xo


09/10/2020 08:42 PM 

michael seyer
Current mood:  loved

idk if ive mentioned it here but i love michael seyer his voice ugjhjhh soo pretty soothing yess


09/10/2020 08:40 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

i like school, its pretty coolive met new people! which was pretty great ngl it makes me tired af doe 


09/10/2020 11:30 PM 


my hair kinda looks like early 2000's gerard >.<


09/10/2020 10:25 PM 

painted in scars
Current mood:  exhausted

feeling like I don't want to continue 

Lorelei Luthor

09/10/2020 10:09 PM 

Im in a cult mom
Current mood:  aggravated

According to my mom, I am now brainwashed by the "LGBT CULT" wait till she finds out, I'm not Christian. She says LGBT is "demented" she talks about committing acts of terrorism against them all the time! I'm fed up with sitting by and just nodding because I'm scared of her taking away everything and leaving me in isolation just to "fix me". I don't need to be fixed, don't fix what's not broken. 

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