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09/14/2020 11:57 PM 

help me w/ layouts
Current mood:  confused

so idk how 2 add a layout 4 blog/profile. can sum1 help me? im lost ugh! XP

emo, goth, gothic


09/14/2020 11:52 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

if i didnt have two disgustings flabs of fat on my chest i would look much more skinnier

Lorelei Luthor

09/14/2020 11:05 PM 

F***ing Die
Current mood:  aggravated

Lessoned Learned hate evreyone and evrerthing before you die looking like an idiot.



09/14/2020 09:28 PM 

Tales of Books-A-Million Bargained Priced Yuri
Current mood:  lonely

TW:  For mentions of Depression and Tales of Bad Mental HealthExecutive Dysfunction and anxiety mixed together is the absolute worst! It's like your screaming with your body, banging from inside the walls of your skin to alert the nervous system to do something! Anything, just to make the anxiety dissipate...but nothing. You just can't seem to move, the mussels of your body unwavering and no matter how many times you try to tell yourself to get can't. Now, days like that tend to start and end with me either scrolling through Tiktok for hours on end until it triggers a massive migraine or staring at the ceiling until that triggers my dissociation and schizophrenia to have a bloody field day! But, both tend to end with me crying myself to sleep as my crippling self-worth taunts me via suicidal vocal tics into the darkness.But not today! I was able to stop the cycle before heading too far down the "staring at my ceiling" route and made my way to my local Books-A-Million(Yippie!) I was ecstatic to find that the manga selection exceeded all expectations! From a whole section dedicated to both Funko Pop! figures to actual Anime figures. They even had an area dedicated to Pusheen plushies! (There were even Animal Crossing plushies! Like how cute is that!!) They also had so much variety in manga too! From Jellyfish Princess, to Cutie Honey, To Love Ru, Dragon Slayer, even Urusei Yatsura!! Totally would have bought that last one if it wasn't $20! Same with Cutie Honey as well! But allies...I am broke :( In fact, walking in I had no intention of purchasing anything, until I came across Nagata Kabi's Manga on sale for $4!! The manga in question was her Volume 1 of the "My Solo Exchange Diary" which talks in detail about her struggles with mental health, depression, and isolation she feels is as a Lesbian Manga artist in Japan. The first book in the series, "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" struck such a chord with young Queer Qena back in 2016. She was the first person to write depression in the way I felt it and experienced it. It was like she took the words out of my mouth that had failed panic attack, after panic attack to form out of my blubbering cries for help. So to find out she wrote more and it was on sale for 4 bucks, sign me up!!  If you want to read it I'll leave the Dynasty Reader link at the end! It's a fantastic read, both depressing and kinda comforting in a bittersweet way! that's it for today! As much as I adore writing it can take a lot out of me! Thanks for reading! 

depression, yuri, wlw, books, blog


09/14/2020 08:08 PM 

helmets n blades those are cool


09/14/2020 07:29 PM 

about meee

HE MYSPACE ABOUT ME SURVEYTELL US ABOUT YOURSELFname:: avanickname:: avhow old are you:: 13zodiac sign:: tauruscurrent location:: new jerseyeye color:: hazelhair color:: brownhair type:: wavyhieght:: 5'2your heritage:: caucasianwhat's your middle name:: graceshoe's you wore today:: flip flopsyour weakness:: mathyour fear:: being alonehave you ever ridden a mechanical bull:: no and i dont plan todo you want to:: nogoal you would like to achieve this year:: nothingfirst thought when you wake up:: sh!tbest physical feature:: eyeswho is your bestest freind:: tuliawhen is your bedtime:: 2 am on school not and 5 am on the weekendyour most cherished memory:: let me thinkpepsi or coke:: pepsimc dondalds or burgerking:: mc donaldssingel or group dates:: singlewhat is the last song you sang:: feel good inc. does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive:: it dependswhat is your biggest pet peeve:: someone chewing loudlydo you drink:: noever been drunk:: nodo you smoke:: nodo you "SMOKE":: nodo you sing:: yeahwhat color underwear do you have on:: bluedo you want to go to college:: nahhave you ever been in love:: maybedo you wnat to get married:: idkdo you believe in yourself:: rarelydo you believe inothers:: the context mattersdo you like thunderstorms:: mostlydo you play an instrument:: i used to but yes if my voice countswhat do you want to be when you grow up:: singerwhat country would you like to visit:: Japanhow many CD's do you own:: 3how many DVD's do you own:: 5how many tattoo's do you have:: 0how many piercings do yo have:: 2how many things in the past do you regeret:: a lotFAVORITESshoes:: pink etniesradio station:: WLTW-FM 106.7 Lite fmdrink:: spritecar:: lamboplace:: atlantic city and las vegassong:: all on my pagemovie:: on my page 2moment:: idk bruhcolor:: pinkmeal:: happyIN A GUY/GIRLfavorite eye color:: brownfavorite hair color:: black or brownshort or long hair:: a little above the shouldersheight:: for my age probs 5'3 or 5'4body type:: slimdoes ethnicity matter:: nopiercings:: maybetattoos:: maybeBED SIDE MANORdo you think you are attractive:: noare you attracted to someone who does not know it:: used towould you like to be someones fantasy:: it dependshunter or hunted:: hunteddo you kiss with your eyes closed or open:: closeda little or a lot of tongue:: littleolder or younger:: my age and or a little olderlights on/lights off or candle light:: lights ondo you like to cuddle after:: okdo you like to cuddle in general:: noRIGHT NOWwhat is todays date:: monday sep 14 2020what time is it:: 7:23 pmwho are you thinking of:: no onewhat are you listening to:: dare by gorillazdo you love someone:: nodo you know where your mechanical bull is:: umdoes someone love you:: idkis it raining:: nohow many myspace friends do you have:: 32 ):are you happy:: idkRIGHT NOW, YOU ARE FINISHED W/ THIS SURVEYTake this survey -> 

cool fun funny


09/14/2020 05:01 PM 

cryptid things
Current mood:  awake

update: I'm still watching ;)


09/14/2020 04:49 PM 

初恋 (Puppy Love)

I translated the song Puppy Love to Japanese (that you can sing to syllabic wise) like five months ago.初恋をと言って彼らが知らない若気を気持ち彼女を愛だ 初恋をと言って若者だから彼らがひどいで僕の夢退けて 毎晩にはあなたに涙を虚しく欲しい、願い、多分一日僕の腕へ帰える (僕の腕へ帰る) 何者かを助けて答えは空か?どうしてをと言って?初恋じゃない 何者かを助けて答えは空か?どうしてをと言って?初恋じゃない

puppy love, japanese, translation, translated


09/14/2020 04:30 PM 

Current mood:  adored

women :)


09/14/2020 04:10 PM 

I'm Back!
Current mood:  bouncy

Hey there!I don't know if anyone really missed me, but it's been a minute! I'm back though! The college semester is in full swing and I'm still working, but otherwise I'm doing alright for the most part. Not too sure if anyone really cares but, oh well. I hope everyone's been well! ♥


09/14/2020 12:06 PM 

Current mood:  aggravated

UGHHHHH!!!!!!1 $k00l 1z $0000 b0r1ng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!11111!11 3v3ryth1ng 1z s000000000 U$3l3$$!!!!!!!!! 4tl34st i cn fnt4s1z3 abt Gerard Way xxxx

scenecore, fangirl, mcr, emocore, scemo, emo, scene, Gerard Way, gerard way


09/14/2020 01:39 PM 

ahhhhhh >_<“!!!
Current mood:  drained

almost 4got about this account!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!

otherkin , kinning , danganronpa


09/14/2020 01:18 PM 

My Etsy shop!
Current mood:  creative

I have an Etsy shop where I sell clothing and accessories!  Feel free to check it out! All US orders get free shipping!i ship internationally as well. >>🖤My shop🖤<<


09/14/2020 12:39 PM 

hi hi
Current mood:  amused

omg its pansy but on laptop!!!!i h8 skool


09/14/2020 11:21 AM 

In class... ugh....
Current mood:  annoyed

Hey guys, I'm in school rn and it's a TOTAL buzzkill. I wish this day would go faster!!! This online stuff is hard!!! And I'm bored already!!! Hopefully, something cool happens, I hate some of these people... Although my friends are keeping me sane, so that's a plus. I'll see you guys later, when I have something cool to post.

Annoyed, School

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